PCA 2012: Seeing is believing

January 13, 2012


Life is good for Jason Koon. A short while ago he eliminated Pierre Neuville from the high roller to assume the chip lead, stacking up some 550,000 chips. Then, from out of nowhere, a friend brought him a drink of some kind, actually more a cup of pink gloop (later revealed to be banana and peanut butter based) which he gratefully received and began tucking into. A short while later he raised pre-flop. Everyone folded.

“I’ve lived a pretty good life,” said Koon, deadpan. “I saved a bundle of kids…”

By now he’d turned over his pocket aces. He could hardly believe it himself.

“Well played,” said Jonathan Duhamel next to him, equally sardonic.

Koon is enjoying his poker, although anyone will tell you the chip lead tends to help. And those at his table know it’s good natured so let him talk.


Jason Koon

“Last night someone gave me a shot of Hennessey on the rail. That hurt,” he said, referring to a bottle of the cognac that was making the rounds in the closing stages of the main event’s penultimate day. “I had to take it. Had to be a gentleman.”

A few minutes later and it was all change, the table broken as more players departed. This tournament is moving fast. It’s only giving us false hope for a sensible finish according to Fernando of the tournament staff. I’d been trying not to believe him.

“I’m going to be like St Thomas myself,” said Fernando. “Seeing is believing.”

It’s round about now that he we are expecting things to clam up. The money isn’t exactly close but the dark skies on the horizon are growing lighter.


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