PCA 2012: Lew ready for World Record

January 06, 2012


Randy Lew is the world’s nicest machine. His smile is the kind mothers would buy for their children if such things were available at Macy’s. His fingers work like virtuoso pianist. Instead of music, Lew makes money. Now he’s preparing to set a Guinness World Record live at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

On January 8th beginning at 1pm, Randy Lew will sit down at a computer and set the official Guinness World Record for “Most Online Poker Hands in Eight Hours.” To set the record, he must be profitable at the end of the eight hours. To do it, he’ll be getting a special pass from PokerStars to play more than 24 tables at once (a feature that may well be open to other players in the near future). Lew has chosen to play mostly lower stakes tables up to $1/$2 games.

If you happen to be at the PCA Sunday while Lew is in action, you can watch him in the Battleship Poker area of the main tournament area. If you’re not here, you have the chance to both watch and play with Lew.


Randy Lew

Here’s how it works.

In the next couple of a days, the website Nanonoko.com will pop up on the internet to keep track of Lew’s progress (it’s not live yet, so save your clicking finger). You’ll be able to see in real time how many hands Lew has played, how many tables he has open, the elapsed time of his effort, and his current profit.

Want to watch and play against Lew? It’s easy, and has some potential added value. Once you log on to the PokerStars software, you can click Control-P and click on “nanonoko” to find his tables. If you play at least 100 hands with Lew during his record-setting attempt and Lew comes out with a profit, you’ll get an entry into a $5,000 freeroll on January 15th.

We here at the PokerStars Blog will be popping in to watch Lew in action and provide reports on his effort.

Good luck to Randy Lew in his Guinness World Record attempt.


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