PCA 2012: Duhamel mauls Perkins then Wahlbeck on way to a million

January 13, 2012


Jonathan Duhamel has a lot of chips. Bill Perkins has not as much as he used to have. Duhamel’s stack is piled up neatly, a tower reaching to his face, which is smiling. Perkins’s stack is a mess, disorganised, all over the place and miserable looking.
The same could almost be said of Perkins himself.

No more chit-chat, no more energy. Perkins wobbles slightly to the waves of a massage but that’s it. He’s actually seen this coming, joking, as Duhamel arrived in the seat immediately on his left, that he wanted his money back. Now it could be he won’t get any of it back, having dropped form second in chips to below average. He’s a ruined man.


Jonathan Duhamel

For Duhamel it’s the continuation of a successful PCA which started when he won the $5,000 side event, earning $239,830. And while Perkins was concerned at the site of Duhamel taking his seat it was the opposite for Duhamel who immediately tweeted:

JonathanDuhamel: Having lots of fun on my new table with Bill Perkins on my right!”

That wouldn’t last and, with the departure of more players (among them Barry Greenstein) Duhamel was moved again, this time to a seat alongside Ville Wahlbeck. It would not be long before the pair tangled, fatally for Wahlbeck.


Ville Wahlbeck

Wahlbeck opened from the button, Duhamel three-bet from the small before Wahlbeck four-bet shoved, showing pocket kings. Duhamel showed ace-king, which matched the ace on the turn. Wahlbeck let out a noise but was able to compose himself, receiving the commiserations from Duhamel and Jen Harman.

“We’re gonna have some fun boys,” said Duhamel stacking up around 1,2 million, before adding “and girls.”


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