PCA 2012: Doing the double

January 09, 2012


There are three players among the 310 remaining who have won this event before; they are Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier (2008, $2,000,000), Harrison Gimbel (2010, $2,200,000) and Galen Hall (2011, $2,300,000).

Each faces an uphill task to repeat the monumental task of winning this year’s PCA, but all three have the quality. They’ve been there, done it and got multiple free PokerStars t-shirts on the way.

Gimbel is currently the best stacked of the three. He has close to 200,000 and appears to be active at his table despite the presence of players including Matt Marafioti and Vinny Pahuja. The latter just took out Ayaz ‘Mr Machine’ Manji after successfully flipping with Q♣Q♦ to Manji’s large three-bet shove with A♥K♠. Gimbel had min-raised to 3,200 and Manji had announced that he was all-in for 69,000. Pahuja cold-called and held to chip up to 160,000.

pca_day 2_harrison gimbel.jpg

Harrison Gimbel: 2010

A chip’s throw away on the secondary feature table is last year’s champ Hall who just a couple of days ago finished third in the $100,000 Super High Roller for $470,000, the equivalent profit of a sixth-place finish here in the main. Hall is packing a stack of 135,000, or so it looks from the nearest vantage point that we can reach before getting shooed away by a man with a clipboard and headset.

pca_day 2_galen hall.jpg

Galen Hall: 2011

ElkY is the player doing the chasing having just put his life on the line with a three-bet shove of 34,700 over Dan O’Brien’s 3,200 cut-off open. O’Brien, despite saying that he was in the ‘right zone’, decided to pass. ElkY has David Vamplew and O’Brien on his immediate right.

pca_day 2_elky.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro ElkY: 2008

Scratch that. We’ve just lost ElkY…

“Busting from PCA main event must be one of the worst day, and I run so bad I busted 10 mins after 5k late reg closed lol. #betterlucknextime” – @elkypoker

Two remain.


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