Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann powers through 4/7/15 Super Tuesday field, wins $122K

April 08, 2015

We first started writing about Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann here on the PokerStars Blog some five years ago when the young player from Bavaria began winning tournaments on PokerStars, with our German colleagues interviewing him and the European Poker Tour bloggers likewise reporting on him once he began showing up at EPT events.

His name has consistently reappeared among leaderboards during the years since, both online and live as he cashed three times at the recently completed EPT11 Malta series. And tonight it rests at the top of another one listing the payouts for this week’s Super Tuesday in which Hartmann topped a field of 649 to claim a handsome $122,012 first prize.


Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann

That field meant a prize pool of $649,000 — well over the $400K guarantee — and it would take them about five-and-a-half hours to play down to 81 and into the money, then a little over three hours more to get down to 18, at which point 3P3NIPA — who finished third in the Super Tuesday just three weeks ago — had been enjoying the chip lead for some time having built up over 420,000 while no one else had as much as 285,000.

Lauri “IMS DURNK” Pesonen (18th), Cruel_Tek (17th), and hello_totti (16th) were the next three players to be eliminated, with each earning $4,867.50 for their finishes. Former Super Tuesday winner zen_mec (15th), jliberta146 (14th), and ClintPower (13th) were the next out, taking away $6,165.50 apiece. Then Colisea (12th), Chaz D 87 (11th) and Da_Engineer (10th) were successively knocked out, picking up $7,463.50 each.

With 3P3NIPA still sitting in the top spot, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Diogo “phounderAA” Veiga (Portugal) — 259,752
Seat 2: Jandro Mura (Mexico) — 114,670
Seat 3: Russell “rdcrsn” Carson (Canada) — 664,014
Seat 4: Mikael “fuddebuf” Hansen (Denmark) — 613,835
Seat 5: Aaron “Aguskb” Gustavson (Macao) — 190,229
Seat 6: 3P3NIPA (Czech Republic) — 843,784
Seat 7: MagicMan254 (Ireland) — 212,248
Seat 8: Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann (Austria) — 158,880
Seat 9: BrightStripe (Austria) — 187,588

The very first hand of the final table saw an elimination.

It began with Russell “rdcrsn” Carson opening with an early-position raise and Mikael “fuddebuf” Hansen calling from a seat over, then MagicMan254 reraising all in for just over 210,000 (about 29 big blinds) from the cutoff. Only Hansen called, turning over Q♣Q♠ versus MagicMan254’s A♠K♥. The flop came 8♣K♣2♣ to give MagicMan254 the better pair, but after the 6♦ turn the 9♣ fell on the river to complete a flush for Hansen, and MagicMan254 vanished in ninth.

Play carried past the nine-hour break, then Diogo “phounderAA” Veiga open-pushed from the cutoff for nearly 90,000 (not quite 12 BBs) with A♠8♦, was called by fuddebuf waiting in the big blind with A♣J♥, and after a 5♥Q♣J♣3♦3♣ runout fuddebuf had claimed another victim as phounderAA foundered in eighth.


Diogo “phounderAA” Veiga

About 15 minutes passed, then two more knockouts came on successive hands.

First it was Mikael “fuddebuf” Hansen opening, Aaron “Aguskb” Gustavson three-betting all in from the next seat over for about 167,000 (not quite 19 BBs), then Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann reraising all in for more from the blinds to get Hansen to fold. Gustavson had K♠J♣ and Hartmann 8♦8♣. The board brought no king or jack, but an eight to improve Hartmann to a set, and Aguskb was cut down in seventh.


Aaron “Aguskb” Gustavson

Then on the next hand 3P3NIPA opened for the minimum with a raise to 18,000, Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann reraised to 48,000, Jandro Mura shoved from the big blind for almost 275,000, 3P3NIPA folded, and Hartmann called. This time Jandro Mura had 8♦8♥ while Hartmann showed A♠K♦, and after a king flopped and no help came, Jandro Mura moved on with a sixth-place finish.

The final five made it to the 10-hour break, with 3P3NIPA continuing to lead with nearly 1.1 million and Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann then the nearest contender with just over 630,000.

About 15 minutes later Mikael “fuddebuf” Hansen opened from under the gun for a little over 2x to 29,400, 3NP3IPA reraised to 73,400 from a seat over, and it folded back to Hansen who called. The flop came 10♠9♥9♠, and after Hansen checked, 3NP3IPA bet 64,255, Hansen shoved all in with the 348,190 he had behind, and 3NP3IPA called.

Hansen showed J♦10♦ for tens and nines, but 3NP3IPA held K♣K♥ for a better two pair. The board ran out 9♦ then 6♣, improving 3NP3IPA to a full house and fuddebuf was finished in fifth.

Play continued, then suddenly two more knockouts came in consecutive hands to set up heads-up play.

First it was 3P3NIPA opening from UTG for 2x to 28,000, Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann calling from the button, then BrightStripe three-betting to 91,000 from the small blind. It folded back to Hartmann who called, then both checked the 3♣10♦Q♣ flop. The turn was the 10♣, and this time BrightStripe check-called a bet of 97,500 from Hartmann.

The river then brought the 3♥, putting a second pair on the board. BrightStripe checked again, Hartmann shoved, and BrightStripe called with the just over 300,000 left behind. BrightStripe had 9♦9♣ for tens and nines, but Hartmann had J♥10♥ for a full house and BrightStripe was crossed out in fourth.

On the next hand Russell “rdcrsn” Carson open-shoved for 286,099 from the button, getting one caller in 3P3NIPA in the small blind. Carson had 5♦5♥, but had encountered 3P3NIPA’s K♠K♣. A 4♦7♠3♣ flop provided some hope for Carson in the form of a gutshot draw, but the Q♠ turn and 2♦ river meant the end of the road for rdcrsn in third.


Russell “rdcrsn” Carson

3P3NIPA had almost a 2-to-1 chip lead to start heads-up with almost 2.1 million versus Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann’s nearly 1.15 million. A half-hour later the pair were still battling, having reached the tournament’s 11-hour mark with Päffchen having only chipped a small bit from 3P3NIPA’s lead. Then over the next 15 minutes Päffchen whittled away further before finally pulling even.

“Chop?” typed Hartmann at that point, but 3P3NIPA wasn’t interested.

Hartmann soon took over the chip lead, then widened the gap further. Then with Hartmann up over 2.61 million and 3P3NIPA down to a little under 630,000, the final hand took place.

It started with a min-raise from the button by Hartmann to 50,000 and a call from 3P3NIPA who then checked after the flop came K♣8♥7♠. Hartmann fired a continuation bet of 51,445, and when 3P3NIPA check-raised all in for almost 575,000 total, Hartmann called right away.

3P3NIPA: J♦10♠
Päffchen: K♥4♣

3P3NIPA had a gutshot draw while Hartmann had flopped top pair. The J♠ turn paired 3P3NIPA’s hand, providing a few more ways to improve and survive. But the river was the Q♥ to give the pot and tournament title to Hartmann.


Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann

Congratulations to Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann for beating another tough Super Tuesday field and final table to earn a big payday of over $122K. And kudos also to 3P3NIPA who adds a second-place finish in the Super Tuesday to the third-place showing just last month.

4/7/15 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 649
Prize pool: $649,000.00
Places paid: 81

1. Pascal “Päffchen” Hartmann (Austria) — $122,012.00
2. 3P3NIPA (Czech Republic) — $88,913.00
3. Russell “rdcrsn” Carson (Canada) — $85,549.00
4. BrightStripe (Austria) — $49,324.00
5. Mikael “fuddebuf” Hansen (Denmark) — $34,656.60
6. Jandro Mura (Mexico) — $27,582.50
7. Aaron “Aguskb” Gustavson (Macao) — $21,092.50
8. Diogo “phounderAA” Veiga (Portugal) — $14,602.50
9. MagicMan254 (Ireland) — $9,735.00

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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