PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Final table, levels 27 and 28 (50,000-100,000)

March 25, 2010

11.10pm: Binh Nguyen wins PAGOR Chairman’s Cup and $260,700
A pre-flop all-in show-down has resulted in Binh Nguyen eliminating Scotsman Gordon Huntly to be crowned champion. The action started with a 250,000 raise from Nguyen on the button before Huntly three-bet to 600,000. Nguyen then moved all-in and after some serious consideration Huntly called all-in. Showdown:

Nguyen: 7♣7♥
Huntly: K♣Q♥

The crowd got to their feet to watch this race unfold. The board ran a safe 9♣9♠2♠6♠8♦ for Nguyen.

Nguyen was swamped by all his supporters on the rail but fought his way free to shake his opponent’s hand. Runner-up Gordon Huntly takes home $166,800 for his efforts.

A full wrap of today’s exciting play will be with you shortly.

11pm: River bet does the trick
Nguyen raised his usual 200,000 even though the blinds have gone up. Huntly called to go to the 9♦4♠8♠ flop where he check-called a 200,000 bet. Both checked the A♣ turn before the Scot check-folded to 525,000 bet.

10.56pm: LEVEL UP
We couldn’t believe it either. Anther level, this one number 28, and the blinds shift up to 50,000-100,000.

10.52pm: Nguyen more
Nguyen has taken another half a million chips of Huntly with king-high on a 6♥8♣4♠2♣2♥ board. Huntly could only muster queen-high. Nguyen up to 4.9 million.

10.45pm: Back to Nguyen
Is this the momentum swinging back towards Nguyen? He just took a pot from Huntly on a board of J♣Q♠10♣3♥5♣, showing queen-seven to Huntly’s seven-eight. That gives Nguyen the chip lead again, 4,900,000 against Huntly 3,600,000.

10.35pm: Gets some back
Nguyen raised his usual 200,000 from the button and Huntly called. The flop was Q♣5♠8♥ where Nguyen c-bet for 200,000 and was called. The turn brought 9♠ and this time Nguyen bet 500,000 and was called again. Pot getting really big as the river came J♥. Huntly checked again to face an all-in bet from Nguyen, totaling 1,050,000. It did the trick as Huntly folded. Nguyen back up to three million.

10.31pm: Chips
The chip counts are now almost the opposite of when they started the heads-up. Huntly has 6,500,000 to Nguyen’s 1,900,000.

10.30pm: Another flush for Huntly
Huntly called a Nguyen raise to 200,000. The flop came 8♣9♦A♠ and both players checked. Nguyen bet 300,000 on the 10♦ turn. Call. The river was 8♦ and Huntly led out for 400,000. Nguyen though for a while, studied his opponent and called. Huntly showed Q♦3♦ for a flush and the pot. Nguyen couldn’t believe it and throws his cards in the muck.

10.22pm: Trips for Gordon
Nguyen raised to 200,000 and was called by Huntly. The flop brought 7♣7♠10♥. Check-check. K♦ came on the turn and it was checked again. The river came 2♣ and Huntly led out for 400,000 and was called. The Scot tabled 7♥3♣ for trips and the pot as Nguyen tabled [q][t] for a pair of ten. Huntly extends lead and is up to 6.4 million.

10.15pm: First three-bet
The first three-bet pre-flop has come from the increasingly confident Gordon Huntly. He made it 1,050,000 when faced with a raise from Binh Nguyen. Nguyen folded and shook his head with a look of despair on his face.

10.10pm: Another pot for the Scot
Binh Nguyen raised to 200,000 from the button and was called by Gordon Huntly. They saw a 10♣2♦K♠ flop and Nguyen bet 200,000. Call. The turn came 8♦ and both players checked to the 2♠ river. A third check from Huntly prompted Nguyen to bet 300,000. Huntly called with 10♠4♥ for a pair of tens and the pot as Nguyen could only muster 6♥3♥.

Huntly now has 5 million to Nguyen’s 3.5 million

10.05pm: Flush over flush
Binh Nguyen raised to 200,000 from the button and Huntly made the call. The flop came 3♦4♦6♣ and Huntly check-called a 250,000 bet. The turn came Q♦ this time Nguyen bet 550,000 when checked to him. Huntly moved all-in and was snap-called. To showdown:

Nguyen: 10♦7♦ for a flush.
Huntly: K♦J♦ for a higher flush.

The river came J♥ and Huntly scooped the 4.5 million pot to take the chip lead.


How things looked seven levels ago

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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