PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Day 3, levels 20 and 21 (8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante)

March 24, 2010

7.10pm: Day three done
Day three of the PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup is over and just a final table of nine players remain.

It came after an all-in move by Jae Sin with Q♦10♣ for 131,000 who was then called by Gordon Huntly with K♠7♣.

The board came 4♠5♠8♠4♥6♦. With that the day came to a close. Sin departing in tenth place.

A full report of the day, plus chip counts and the table draw will be available shortly.

7.05pm: One to go
We’re down to nine players after the elimination of Yong-suk Chang. Action folded around to him in the small blind and he moved all-in for 265,000. After getting a count Hyung Sun Jung made the call with 9♠9♥ and was in great shape against 8♥5♥.

There always seems to be a sweat and it so proved through the 10♦6♥8♣J♥K♦. All the draws missed though and Chang is our 10th place finisher.

7pm: Two to go
Ramil Gentgaya is out, leaving just one more Filipino player. He moved in with queen-jack and was called by Gordon Huntly with king-queen. No jack appeared the Gentugaya departs in 12th place.

6.55pm: Chang v Chan – all about the Gee’s
Victor Chang doubles up through Terrence Chan. Chang moved in with Q♦9♠ against Chan’s ace-ten. The flop of jack-ten-six brought straight and flush possibilities for Cheng. Nothing on the turn card but the king on the river gave Chang the straight.

6.50pm: Spets out in another three-way all in
These players are not shy about getting their chips in but to be fair to then there has been so many set-ups and this hand was another. Roger Spets moved all in and so did Kirby Te before Terrence Chan, who had them both covered made the call.

Kirby: K♥K♦
Spets: [a][k]
Chan: Q♦Q♠

The board came 9♣8♣6♦7♥9♠. Kirby triples to 1.2m, Spets is out and Chan takes a big knock.

6.45pm: Game set and match
Vahe Assadourian quickly joined Oka on the rail when he moved all in with A♣K♠ and was called by Charles Chua with 10♠10♦. The board ran 4♠9♥6♥5♦4♣.

6.40pm:Oko out
Hirohide Oka got his last 72,000 in from the button when folded around to him. Hyung Sun Jung made the call from the big blind with 2♣2♦. Oka Tabled A♠2♥ but failed to hit on the 6♠J♣5♣10♦9♥.

6.35pm: Rivera out as Lim scoops huge pot
In what must be the biggest pot of the tournament so far Choon Kwang Lim just almost cleared out Hirohide Oka, taking his own stack up to 1,800,000 and the chip lead.
The hand started with Marc Rivera moving all-in, his last 94,000 looking tiny alongside the stacks either side of him belonign to Oka and Lim. Oka called and then Yong-suk Chang did the same.

When the action reached Lim he said “This is a big pot,” and announced all-in. Cue gasps of excitement as all three players stood up.

Oka now had a second decision, a massive one for 700,000 of his stack. To everyone’s surprise he called. Chang folded and players showed their cards.

Lim: A♣A♦
Oka: A♠Q♠
RIVERA: 2♣2♦

Oka had the others covered but looked in bad shape. The flop came K♣10♠7♣. Oka had straight possibilities but neither showed up on the K♥[ turn or K♦ river. A massive hand that leaves Lim with 1,800,000.

“Very nice,” said Oka, his own stack down to a worrisome 110,000. Rivera though is out.

6.25pm: Bad Rivera for Marc
Action folded around to Bin Nguyen on the button who raised before Choon Kwang Lim moved all in from the small blind and Marc Rivera moved all in from the big blind. Nguyen moved out of the way to leave it at heads-up show down:

Lim: 8♣8♦
Rivera: J♥J♠

The board ran A♣6♦5♣9♥7♠. Lim hit a running inside straight to double to over 400,000 whereas Rivera left with 70,000.

6.20pm: LEVEL UP
Blinds are now 10,000-20,000 with antes of 2,000.

6.15pm: Oka doubles
On a flop of 5♥9♠6♦ Choon moved all-in with A♠5♠ and was called by Hirohide Oka with Q♥Q♠. The turn 2♣ and river 4♠ doubled up Oka.

6.05pm: Settling in
Play has slowed right down since the re-draw, some players getting used to the new table dynamics before making moves.

5.55pm: New seat draw
1. Gordon Huntly
2. Terrence Chan
3. Roger Spets
4. Ramil Gentugaya
5. Vahe Assadourian
6. Kirby Te
7. Victor Chang
8. Jae Sin

1. Choon Kwang Lim
2. Marc Rivera
3. Hsuan Lee
4. Hirohide Oka
5. Yong-suk Chang
6. Hyung Sun Jung
7. Charles Chua
8. Bin Nguyen

5.45pm: End of the road for Kim
Mike Kim moved all-in. This wasn’t unusual, it was about the fifth time in 15 minutes the short stacked Kim had got his chips in but previous times he’d had no takers. Now under the gun, he plonked his stack in the middle, all 92,000 of it, and got a caller in Gordon Huntly.

A♥J♥ for Huntly, 10♦J♦ for Kim.

The board ran A♣K♥6♣10♣9♣. Kim leaves the tournament floor in 17th, to great applause from players and those watching in the rail.

5.35pm: Victor victorious
Victor Chang had just doubled-up to 360,000 through Hirohide Oka. Action folded around to Chang in the small blind and he pushed with ace-three. Oka called with ace-king but a three on the flop sent the pot Chang’s way.

5.20pm: Another Brit downed
John Parsons has been knocked out; the second British player in row to go. He got it all in with pocket jacks and was called by fellow, and now last remaining, Brit Gordon Huntly with pocket aces. The flop came [t][q][a] but the turn and river bricked to send Parsons home in 18th place.

5.15pm: Play resumes
We’re into level 20 with 18 players remaining. Their updated chip counts can be found here. Once we lose two more players we’ll be down to two tables where they’ll be a re-draw.


Chip leader Terrence Chan

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen ‘no tags’ Bartley and Marc ‘two flops’ Convey.


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