PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Day 2, levels 14 and 15 (2,500-5,000, 500 ante)

March 23, 2010

9.20pm: Double elimination bursts bubble and ends play for today
The bubble just burst here amid scenes of pure pandemonium. Mishel Anunu was the first player to move all in for 47,000 from mid-position and he was flat called by Yong-suk Chang on the button before Mikael Rosen moved all in as well for just 6,000 more. Chang made the call to create a three-way show down:

Anunu: J♥J♠
Chang: A♣J♦
Rosen: K♣K♥

The board ran 4♣A♠4♦A♦6♦ to make a full-house for Chang. Anunu busted in 54th place followed by Rosen in 53rd. With eight minutes left on the clock play was suspended for the day. A more detailed report on this hand will feature in the day’s wrap which will be up soon as will the full overnight chip counts; available here.

9.05pm: Maric Bihn’d
Nikica Maric has been eliminated in 55th place by Pham van Bihn. The Croatian shoved all in with 4♦4♠ and was looked up by Van Binh with 9♦9♣. The board ran A♥8♥8♣5♦6♦. Maric wished everyone the best of luck and left the tournament area.

8.50pm: ‘I’ll call you’
Mark Rivera has just taken a chunky pot off former chip leader Sunny Jung to claim the chip lead himself at 620,000. Jung raised from the button and called Rivera’s three-bet from the big blind to go to a 6♣K♣5♠ flop. Both checked to the 7♦ turn where Rivera’s 35,000 bet was called. Rivera slowed to a check on the 3♥ and when he saw Jung count out a bet he said “I’ll call you”.

This didn’t stop Jung who slid over a 130,000 bet. Rivera was true to his word and called with A♣K♦. Jung could only show 7♠8♥ and is now down to 140,000.

8.40pm: Close to the money
With 56 players remaining a vital double up for Jude Amito. He was behind when the money went in, K♦Q♦ against Victor Chang’s A♣Q♠. But the flop saw to that: 9♣K♣3♦. The turn 10♦ and river 3♣ changed nothing, except the expression on Chang’s face.

8.33pm: This Marked the end of his day
Mark Kohner Jr has been eliminated just a few places shy of the money by Ferdinand Dizon. The hand had reached the turn with the board reading 7♠J♥7♣9♣. Kohner was first to act and moved all in for 57,500 from the cut-off and was called by Dizon on the button. Kohner tabled 10♠10♦ but Dizon had out-flopped him with A♥J♠. The river came 5♠ and Koher hits the rail.

8.25pm: LEVEL UP
Last level of the day. Will bubble burst?

8.25pm: Cheery Garcia
Joey Garcia just doubled up, making a fortunate straight on the river, his 5♣5♠ against Q♥Q♣ saved by a board of 3♦6♠2♠9♠4♥.

8.20pm: The Flying Scotsman
Gordon Huntly hasn’t had to deal with a short stack through his entire tournament and that trend is continuing as he’s up to 300,000. He busted a Korean table mate who dashed off before we could get his name. Huntly held Q♥Q♠ to his opponent’s [8][8] and the board ran 7♦4♦J♠4♣5♠.


Gordon Huntly

8.15pm: Case king closed case
Mike Kim has doubled to 155,000 through Charles Chua. All the chips went in pre flop with Kim holding pocket kings to Chua’s big-slick. The case king appeared on the flop to end it. Chua down to 240,000. Our thanks go out to TD Danny who announced the action over the PA system.

8.05pm: Yung on course
Percy Yung has been all in a few times today and was in again a few moments ago. She was looking for a caller and got it from short stacked Linh Tran, who Yung had covered. Got a pair he asked? Yung just nodded. He did too, showing 10♠10♥. Yung flipped over 2♦2♠ and asked for another on the flop.

She got it. 2♣K♥Q♣.

Now she was asking for no ten. The turn came J♣.

That gave Tran straight possibilities but it would have to hit next. It didn’t. The river came K♠ sending Tran to the rail and a delighted Yung, who came tenth in the Macau Poker Cup two weeks ago, up to around 100,000.

8pm: Nice pot for Chan
Terrence Chan opened the pot with a raise to 10,000 from under-the-gun and was called by Sunny Jung in the next seat and Danny Silk in the small blind. The flop came 2♦5♦5♣ and Chan continued the aggressive line with a 12,000 bet that was raised to 39,000 by Jung. Silk folded and after a moment of thought Chan moved all in for another 98,000. Jung folded and Chan up to 160,000.


Terrence Chan

7.55pm: Rapaport doubles
The money was on the table and the cards were turned over. Nikica Maric showed K♠10♠ against Jeff Rapaport’s A♦K♦. It was a big pot with Rapaport all-in and they waited for the board: 4♦8♥5♠3♦4♥.

Rapaport doubled up, taking several hands to restack his chips, taking 95,000 from Maric who slips down to 130,000. Rapaport is up to 200,000.

7.50pm: Wise Owl takes flight
Harry Demetriou is out after losing a monster pot to Danny Silk. There was betting and raising galore before Demetriou called all in with A♠10♦. He was deep in it though as Silk tabled Q♦Q♥ before the board ran 10♥6♠9♥3♠9♣. Demetriou wished everyone luck and left as Silk stacked his stack; now up to 350,000.

7.40pm: Sweat until the river
Percy Yung from Hong Kong, who was the last lady standing in the Macau Poker Cup just recently, has doubled-up to stay alive. She was all in with A♦Q♥ versus an opponent with J♠J♥. The board ran K♦10♣8♠6♣A♣ and she scooped the 65,000 pot.

7.25pm: Back to the game
Players are back from the break to play the last two levels of the day. 68 players remain and 52 of them will be paid.


Percy Yung

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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