PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Day 2, levels 12 and 13 updates (1,500-3,000, 300 ante)

March 23, 2010

6.55pm: Time for tea
Players are now on a 30 minute dinner break at the end of the sixth level of the day.

6.50pm: Croatian counterfeit
Nikica Maric has doubled up the short stack of Mongolian player Oyunbaatar Tumendemberel. It all went in pre-flop with Maric holding 9♦9♣ to his opponent’s K♠Q♣. The board ran 2♦A♥10♦10♠A♦. Two-pair higher than nines on the board sends the pot Tumendemberel’s way due to his king kicker. A disgruntled Maric counts out 28,600 off his stack and hands it over. He shouldn’t be too concerned though as he has 260,000 chips.

6.45pm: Rapaport delight
Jeffrey Rapaport opened the pot with a raise from early position and was called by Hirohide Oka in the big blind to go to a A♥2♥9♠ flop. Rapaport continued his aggression with a 8,800 bet when checked to him. Call. Both checked the 3♣ turn to go straight to the 2♠ river. Oka led out for 20,000 and was called by Rapaport. Oka was forced to open 8♦8♥ even though he didn’t want to. Rapaport tabled A♣9♦ for top-two and the pot to put him up to 195,000.

6.35pm: Modern technology
Apologies for the sudden slow down, we’re having internet problems in the Coral ballroom. We hope to have everything back up shortly.

6.30pm: Regis runs out of road
On a flop of 4♥5♠9♠ Ronald Regis, a one time leader of this tournament, checked in the big blind. Nikica Maric from Croatia was with him up to this point and bet 15,000 from his position under-the-gun. After thinking it over Regis moved all in, snap called by Maric who shower A♥A♦ to Regis, disappointed, with 6♣6♦.

The turn came J♠ and the river 3♠ sending Regis out. Maric now moves up to more than 280,000. Colour up? Asked a tournament official?

“Oh no,” said Maric. “I like a big stack.

6.15pm: Great call from Chucky
Jed Acosta has been eliminated by Charles “Mr Macau” Chua. They were heads-up to the turn where the board read 2♦8♣10♥K♠ and when Chua checked from the big blind Acosta quickly moved all-in for 45,000. It was an over-bet and sent Chua into the tank. He came out the other side calling with 10♥7♦ for second pair, bad kicker. Acosta tabled Q♣9♣ for a gutshot draw. It didn’t come on the 7♣ river and Acosta congratulated his opponent on the great call that puts his stack up to 170,000.

6.05pm: The Rivera card
On a board of J♥A♠6♠4♦A♣ Marc Rivera too his stack up to nearly 200,000 when he called Jeppe Drivsholm’s all in with A♦Q♦. Rivera turned over A♥K♥ to leave Drivsholm with less than 10,000.

5.55pm: LEVEL UP
The unlucky level for some is upon us. Blinds are now up to 1,500/3,000 with a running ante of 300.

5.50pm:Big Mick downed
Gordon Huntly has accounted for the popular Michael Spilkin. Huntly raised to 9,000 and then called Spilkin’s re-raise to 30,000. Spilkin now had half his stack in the middle as the two went to a J♠9♠9♣ flop. It was checked to the 4♣ turn where Huntly bet 30,000. Spilkin thought for an age and then called all in with A♠K♦ after feeling like he was committed. Huntly tabled K♣J♣ and took the pot when the river came 4♣.

5.40pm: Double trouble
Two double-ups in a row have seen former short stack Michael Spilkin rise to 100,000. The second of the double-up saws him all-in with 4♥4♦ against a similar size stacked opponent with big-slick. The board ran 8♠6♠9♣3♥8♥ to send his opponent out the door and the pot in the big Aussie’s way.

5.35pm: Celina Lin eliminated
It was becoming increasingly likely as the blinds continued to climb – Celina Lin’s tournament just came to an end.

The Team PokerStars Asia Pro moved in first with pocket eights, showing them when no one opted to call. But you wait for a caller for ages and then two come at once.

Lin shoved for 34,500 getting called first by Norbert Koh and then Harold Bolz.

Lin: A♠Q♦
Koh: A♥K♦
Bolz: A♦K♠

This was interesting, a triple up or bust for Lin, who stood up to await her fate. One player then asked why so many cameras had flocked to the table, which seemed a bit daft in the circumstances.

So would there be a queen to save the day? Well, that’s not exactly how this game works.

The board ran 6♠3♥8♣A♣7♣.

“Dammit,” said Lin smiling. “Where’s my queen?”

After handshakes and good lucks it was left to tournament director Danny McDonagh to divvy up the chips, Lin making her way to the rail to re-live her day.

“I had an early double up with ace-queen against Chris Parker – I got lucky against his ace-king,” said Lin. “Say that last hand was karma.”

“It was a tough table because I was against two crazy loose guys. I would raise, they would call. I can’t hit a flop so I’d lead out and they would raise. I just had to pick good spots.

It couldn’t have helped being a short stack for much of the day on a table that had featured one time tournament leader Mike Takayama and Japanese player Hirohide Oka who would take most of Takayama’s chips. Still, Lin was philosophical in defeat.

“It happens to us all the time,” she said. “We travel around the world busting out of tournaments.”

5.15pm: M.I.A
Chino Rheem and Paul Foltyn are nowhere to be seen and presumed out.

Team PokerStars Asia’s Celina Lim is out. Details on the way.

5.10pm: Dramatic fall from grace
Mike Takayama amassed a mountainous 197,000 chips on day 1a using his uber-aggressive style coupled with a hot streak of cards. One thing has been similar about his play today; he’s continued to be uber-aggressive style but unfortunately for him the cards haven’t gone his way. This result of all this is a recent exit from the tournament. He pushed his last 25,000 in from early position and was followed into the pot by Pele Abella in the next seat.

Takayama: 7♥7♣
Abella: 10♠10♣

The board ran 2♦2♥J♠9♠J♦.

5.05pm: State of play
Regardless of how many players bust out today we will play a full eight levels and not stop when we reach the money. We lost over 100 players in the first four levels and just 90 remain. It means we should have a new champion with about half an hour left to play*.

* It does not mean we’ll have a new champion with half an hour left to play.

5pm: The Celina Lin Report
Team PokerStars Pro Asia’s Celina Lin is hanging on, still, having had a hard time building her stack on a table of players not shy getting their chips in the middle. Lin had 28,000 at the last count.


Celina Lin

4.55pm: And we’re…
… back from the break. Blinds up as we head into level 12 with blinds of 1,200-2,400 with an ante of 300.

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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