PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Day 2, levels 10 and 11 (1,000-2,000, 200 ante)

March 23, 2010

4.45pm: BREAK TIME
Players off for a ten minute break.

4.45pm:Bashing the Coco
Nikica Mavic has taken back-to-back pots at the expense of Franco Mabanta to go up to 140,000. In the first hand Mabanta raised from under-the-gun and was called by the Croatian in the big blind to see a 6♠7♣4♥ flop. Mabanta c-bet but folded to Mavic’s shove,

The next hand Ron Regis raised from the button and both mentioned above called from the blinds to go to a 6♠7♣4♥ flop. All three checked to the 2♣ turn. Mavic led for 10,000 and then moved all in when Mabanta raised to 26,200. Mababta and Regis both have 44,000 chips.

4.40pm: One of a long list
There’s little opportunity to see much of a full hand here in the Coral Ballroom, basically owing to the speed with which hands turn into all-ins called. As the break approaches just 94 players remain, nearly 110 having busted in the four levels played so far.

Arnold Sung Jae Kwon is just the latest of those to depart, moving in with pocket jacks against the aces of Almond Cabral. The third ace on the flop sealed Kwon’s fate.

4.30pm: Too cruel
A double blow for Sunshine Sansom. Not only is she now out of the PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup but there was no pasta left in the food area when she grabbed a plate.

4.20pm: Tricky tricky
There was a limp from mid-position that was called by Hsuan Lee before British player Paul Foltyn raised it to 8,000 from the big blind. The original limper called but Lee surprised both players by raising to 36,000. Foltyn sat looking confused, studied his opponent and let his hand go, as did the other player. Foltyn still going okay on 125,000.

4.10pm: Yung back in the game
It’s not all bad news for Percy Yung. She just moved all in for 30,000 with jacks, doubling up against ace-king. The flop brought a ten and a queen suddenly turning jacks poisonous. But she dodged everything bad on the turn and river to take herself back to 60,000.

4.05pm: Drivsholm back in the game
Some vital life support for Jeppe Drivsholm of Denmark, who has staggered back up to the 60,000 mark.

It came courtesy of Percy Yung. After Drivsholm moved all in for 30,100 Yung agonised over the decision, standing up, her hoodie about six sizes too big for her, before calling with A♥Q♠. Drivsholm showed 6♣8♣ but got a board of 9♣4♦8♥J♥7♣ to double up.

3.55pm: Oka okay
Hirohide Oka just took his stack into six figures after eliminating a player, his pocket nines better than pocket sevens. The board ran Q♠5♣J♦J♥Q♥, devastating one player who folded king-jack, sending another to the rail and making Oka a happy man.

3.50pm: Swip-swap
Eric Mendoza has just won a 170,000 pot against Mike Takayama. All the chips went in on a 3♦2♣8♥ flop. Takayama had top pair but Mendoza had A♥A♠. The board ran out 6♦K♥. Takayama down to 100,000 now.

3.45pm: LEVEL UP
Blinds are up to 1,000/2,000 with a 200 running ante.

3.40pm: Scott’s exploration over
Andrew Scott has been eliminated by Ramil Gentugaya. All the chips went in pre-flop with Scott holding K♠K♥ to Gentugaya’s A♥Q♥. Gentugaya shouted with joy when he saw the A♣Q♦9♥ flop. The turn came 9♣ and Scott started handing his chips over saying “Don’t worry, the king isn’t coming.”

The river came A♦ to make a full house for Gentugaya. As Scott walked away Gentugaya carried on his celebration by yelling “I love you ace, I love queen also.”

3.25pm: Wilbert wins one
PokerStars qualifier Wilbert Deursen has received a much needed double-up to 40,000. He shoved from the small blind with A♣Q♠ after the cut-off had raised. The cut-off called with [k][j] and the board ran 10♠8♠5♦7♥5♣.

3.15pm: ‘It’s been eventful’
The blog had a catch-up with Paul Foltyn to see how his day’s been going so far. “It’s been eventful,” is how he put it.

He got up to 120,000 right away today but then went back down to 40,000. In the last hand of level nine he picked up pocket kings, hitting top set to double-up. Shortly into this level he made a nut flush and got paid-off to take him back to 120,000.

3.05pm: Just over two levels, just over twice the stack
Nikica Mavic started today with 105,200 but in just over two levels he’s up to 224,000, putting it down to lots of little pots and one bigger pot.

He flopped a set of twos again against a player who had paired a big ace. The opponent called him down and ultimately called all-in and was eliminated.

2.50pm: You do Ron Ron Ron
Ron Regis was soaring at one point in this tournament but it’s become a grind for him of late. When you’re down to 9,000 it’s always handy to pick up two red kings. It was folded around to him in the small blind and he only had one move; all in. The big blind called with 4♥2♥ and the board ran 5♥10♦Q♠9♣6♠. Regis’ hopes fair a little better now with 21,000.

2.45pm: Break time’s over


Alex Pagulayan moments before busting

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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