PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Day 1C, level 5, 6 and 7 updates (200-400, 50 ante)

March 22, 2010

9pm: Play concludes
The last of our day ones has come to an end. After a late surge our overnight but not overall chip leader is Victor Chang with 174,300. The official chip counts will appear here shortly and it won’t be long too long before you can re-live the day’s events with the wrap. Play resumes at 12.30pm local time tomorrow when all remaining players will be mixed in together.

8.45pm: Pijpers down
PokerStars qualifier Roel Pijpers has fallen at the death here in Manila. He pushed his short stack in with ace-four and was looked up by fellow qualifier Mishel Anunu with ace-queen. A queen fell on the turn and it was all over.

8.35pm: Chip leader chopped down a bit
Michael Spilkin is down to 97,000 after doubling-up a short-stack. He told the blog he raised with ace-king and was called by this player with pocket fours. The flop came [a][k][4] and that was that.

Paul Foltyn was moved to his left a while a go and has steadily increased his stack up to 85,000.

8.28pm: End in sight
Tournament director Danny McDonagh has announced there will be nine more hands today.

8.20pm: Still playing pots
Franco Mabanta is till mixing it up in lots of pots at his table but his stack has shrunk to around 30,000. He won the last hand he played though when he raised to 2,050 from mid-position and picked up calls from the cut-off and big blind. The flop came K♠4♣3♦ and Mabanta c-bet for 3,725. Both players folded very quickly and before he mucked he flashed us a look at his cards; 8♥3♥!

8.05pm: Fours no good
Chris McHugh has quietly amassed a stack of 90,000. The American lost the last pot he played though after he raised to 2,200 from the button and was called by the big blind to see a 10♣2♠7♥ flop. The big blind sat for while and then led out for 2,500. McHugh said “You sick ####, I got a pair too” and then folded. The big blind, who he’s been in friendly chat with, flashed 7♣. McHugh said he had red fours.

7.50pm: LEVEL UP
Into level seven, the last of the day, with blinds of 400-800 with a 75 ante.

7.45pm: Wu woes
Raymond Wu just took another hit, this time against Jonel Fernandez who’s pocket queens became a set of queens on the flop, moving him up to around 40,000 and bring Wu back down to 33,000.


Team PokerStars Asia Raymond Wu

7.40pm: Alquiros up, then down, then out
Jayr Alquiros is the latest player to the rail. His hopes rested on pocket kings against the A♦10♦ of Jakob Brun of Denmark.

On a flop of J♦K♠3♦ Alquiros bet, Brun raised all-in and Alquiros snap called, flipping over his kings with glee only to have those high spirits put on ice when Brun turned over his flush and straight draw.

Alquiros looked worried and stepped away from the table, a move that was for good when after a 4♠ turn the 5♦ hit the river.

7.35pm: Pressure by betting
You want to win a pot playing poker? By calling you need to have the best hand but if you bet you have two ways to win a hand.

There was a mid-position limp before Chino Rheem raised to 2,200 from the small blind. The limper called to see the A♠K♦5♣ flop. Rheem led out for 3,000 and won the pot as his opponent folded. “I had an ace” added Rheem who’s up to 32,000.

Terrance Chan opened for a raise from mid-position and was called by the small blind to go to a Q♥3♥10♥ flop. Chan continued for 1,800 and was called. The turn came 4♣ and Chan fired again; this time for 3,000. T small blind folded and Chan raked in the pot to go to 45,000 in chips.

7.25pm: Prior to the break…
Paul Foltyn just moved up to 65,000 chips after he made a flush on the river to see off Melchor Vasquez Jnr.

On a flop of 5♥4♠A♠ Vasquez Jnr moved all in behind Foltyn’s raise of around half of Vasquez’s stack. Foltyn called showing Q♠8♠ for a flush draw while Vasquez turned over K♥J♦, urging his king high to hold.

The turn came 7♣ but the river 5♠ made Foltyn’s flush, sending Vasquez to the rail.

7.20pm: Play resumes
We’re back from the dinner break. Thirty minutes left of level six before we start level seven, the last of the day.

6.50pm: Dinner Break
The clock has been paused 30 minutes in to this level. The players and us are off for some much needed scram. Level six will resume in 30 minutes

6.45pm: Nam takes a small one
Nam Le raised to 1,500 from late position and was called by the big blind to go to a 4♦8♥Q♥ flop. Le c-bet for 1,200 and was called. Le fired 2,550 on the A♥ turn after checking his cards. The bet did the trick as the big blind folded. Le on 18,000.

6.40pm: Hachem takes a bow
It may only be coming up to 7pm but it’s already been one hell of a long day for Tony Hachem, about a 48 hour one. After winning the ANZPT Perth last night he flew straight to Manila to play today. He checked into the Hyatt an hour before play started, sleepless and ready to win the PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup.

But that campaign just ended with an unlucky river card for the Australian. He moved in with pocket fours with a third on the flop. He was up against pocket sixes, one of which was a crucial spade and there were three more on the 5♠4♠2♠ flop.

The K♥ turn changed nothing but as the crowds gathered a 7♠ sent Hachem, who’d put in a gutsy performance into level six, to the rail to much applause and I’d imagine straight to bed.

6.30pm: Advanced celebration
All-ins from every direction. Itaru Kaneko of Japan just doubled up with Q♠Q♣ against A♣K♥. He was already shouting “yes” on the 4♦2♣7♠ flop, sure he was set to dodge the 4♠ turn and the J♥ river.

Elsewhere Changhun Lee of Korea doubled up with his K♦7♦ stood up to the advances of Q♣9♠, the board coming 6♠4♣3♣10♣A♦.

Like yesterday, play will stop mid way through this level for a 30 minute dinner break. The level will then be completed before level seven, the last of the day.

6.20pm: LEVEL UP
Into level six where blinds are 300/600 with a 50 running ante.

We’ll play 30 minutes of this level before we stop for a 30 minute dinner break.

There was an under-the-gun raise to 1,000 that Franco Mabanta called from the next seat and Terrence Chan called from the hijack. All three checked the 8♦Q♣8♥ flop before Chan bet 3,100 on the 5♠ when checked to him. Mabanta called and then the two checked down the 2♠ river. “Eights-up” announced Chan and tabled 7♣7♦. It was good as Mabanta folded. Chan on 28,000 now.


Terrence Chan

6.10pm: Top set good
Franco Mabanta’s up to 90,000 after busting table mate Michael Cortes. Both saw a jack high flop before chips went flying in. Cortes was very unlucky as he had pocket kings but had run into Mabanta’s pocket jacks for top set. Some tablemate’s were commenting about Mabanta being in every hand. He agreed but said that helped him to get paid-off in spots like this hand.

5.55pm: Korean’s stack gone south
Team PokerStars Asia’s Tae Jun Noh is no longer with us. His up and down day took a downswing he couldn’t recover from. His neighbor, PokerStars qualifier Paul Foltyn, was the man to bust him. Noh was down to 3,300 after losing a big pot to Edward Penaflorida before he tangled with the Brit. Foltyn opened with a raise and then call the Korean’s all in push. Foltyn tabled ace-six to Noh’s king-four. The board failed to improve Noh’s hand and that was that.

5.40pm: Chino battles blind
Action folded around to Chino Rheem in the cut-off and he raised to 1,000 and was called by both blinds. All three checked the flop to create a J♠8♦10♠J♥ board at the turn. The big blind bet 1,600 and both players called prompting Rheem to comment “Don’t you just love it when everyone checks and then you bet and everyone calls?”

The river came 9♥ and it was checked to Rheem who quickly fired a bet of 4,000 into the middle. The big blind thought for a while and then mucked before the big blind paused think. “I feel good. No one’s snap-calling me; I feel okay” said Rheem as he leant back in his chair.

The big blind folded too and Rheem allowed the big blind to turn over one of his cards. He chose the card on his left and it was the A♥. Rheem up to 27,500.

5.25pm: Play resumes
Cards are in the air again as we enter level five. Blinds are 200-400 with a 50 ante.


Tony Hachem

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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