PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Day 1C, level 1 and 2 updates (100-200)

March 22, 2010

Two hours and two levels down; players go on a ten minute break.

2.45pm: All-in good but rivered bad
Kelly Flynn has been eliminated by Alexander Ciruela. Flynn flopped the nut flush and Ciruela pushed all-in with middle pair. Flynn called but the board paired the turn. Ciruela then made trips on the river to make a full house.

NOTE: This hand was originally reported incorrectly. Apologies to those involved for our mistake.

2.35pm: Win some lose some
A double up for one, another hit for another. Diosado Allado on table 18 just doubled up after his ace-queen survived a brief skirmish with ace-jack. Then a few tables along Terrence Chan took another hit against Tony Rivera.

On a board of A♦4♠2♦J♥4♣ and roughly 8,000 in the pot, Rivera bet 2,200 which Chan called after giving the situation some thought. “I have queens,” said Rivera. Chan mucked.

2.25pm: Long flight for a short game
Team PokerStars Australia member Eric Assadourian is already out. Fellow Team mate Tony Hachem explained to us that he’d got it all-in with pocket kings versus an opponent with king-queen. The flop was disastrous, containing as it did two queens. He picked up a flush draw on the turn but it missed on the river.

Assadourian only flew in from Perth a couple of hours ago. His only consolation, an early chance to sleep.

2.15pm: Up and down
Terrence Chan was up a lot, now he’s just up. He doubled up early in the day but just lost a few thousand, calling a 10♠Q♠ all-in with A♦J♠. After a mean looking flop of 4♠10♣8♠ Chan suspected things might have turned against him. “I think I might be losing,” he said before a 2♦ and 5♠ hit the turn and river. Chan back down to around 35,000.

2.10pm: Champ’s in town
TD Danny just made ANZPT Perth Champion Tony Hachem stand up to receive a well deserved round of applause from tournament room. It’s less than twenty hours since his victory and he’s had no sleep before sitting down today. He’s right back into the swing of things though and just took down a pot to move up to 24,000.

Six players limped to see a 7♣9♦2♦ flop. A player to Hachem’s right bet 375 and he was the only player to call to go to the Q♠ turn. This time Hachem called a 575 bet and then faced another 1,000 on the 8♦ river. He studied his opponent for a while before raising to 2,300. His opponent’s expression seemed to indicate he hated the scary river card and after a minute’s thought threw his cards in the muck.

We’re into level two where the blinds are 100/200.

1.50pm: Record breakers
With most players now seated tournament director Danny McDonagh has announced that this is now the largest event ever held in the Philippines, breaking the guaranteed prize pool.

1.45pm: Le button
Nam Le is just one of the big names in today’s field and he’s off to a winning start. There were two limpers before he raised to 450 from the button. Both limpers called to go to a K♥A♠3♠ flop. It was checked to Le who bet 1,200 and got one caller.

Heads-up to the 6♣ turn where it was checked straight through to the J♣ river. It was checked to Le who bet 1,700. His opponent called but mucked upon seeing Le’s A♥Q♣. Le up to 25,000.

Le’s close friend Chino Rheem is also off to good start and is up to 27,000 chips.

1.30pm: One gone
With 40 or so people, still waiting to register the first player is already out. Amie Martini got her chips in against David Beda on a flop of 6♣9♥Q♦ with A♠Q♣ only for Beda to show K♣K♦. The 8♦ turn and K♠ river were no good to her. “I’m out,” she said to a friend on another table, laced with some disbelief. Can’t be any clearer than that.

1.15pm: End of the line
A much bigger field with table 18 now being set up and players now queueing out of the door.

1pm: Under way
We’re off and running on day 1C. The biggest turn out so far means we’re wall to wall and a long line of players is still waiting to get their seat.


PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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