PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Day 1B, level 3 and 4 updates (150-300, 25 ante)

March 21, 2010

5.10pm: Break time
Players are on the next ten minute break. When they return blinds will be 200-400 with a 50 ante.

5.05pm: The Bold Mundai
On a flop of 9♣A♦6♥ Wilfredo Maliski checked to Bold Mundai from Mongolia on the button who made it 1,500.

Mundai is a colourful type, protecting his cards with a Buddhist “thing”. In the last hand he’d been banging the table on every street, losing a chunk of chips to Benjamin Lim when this attempt to urge a helping card didn’t come to anything.


Bold Mundai

His bet now had little effect as Maliski raised to 10,000. Mundai called for an 8♦ turn. Maliski bet 11,000 this time which again Mundai called for a J♠ river. Here Mundai moved all-in. Mundai folded fast, down to a few thousand, and was eliminated two hands later.

5pm:Hand alias’
If you’re short-stacked you can do worse than to make a stand with a hand that has a nickname attached to it, like big slick (ace-king) or American Airlines (pocket aces). But there are some hands, also with names attached, that you might want to think twice about making that stand with. Andrew Taylor just did such a thing.

He limped in from early position and picked up another caller before John Tech made it 2,100 to go from the button. It was exactly what Taylor had left and he called all-in. The other player folded to leave it at heads-up showdown:

Tech: K♦J♠
Taylor: Q♦3♦ known in some circles as the “gay waiter”

The board ran Q♥10♥3♣2♥9♥. Taylor took the lead on the flop but Tech rivered a straight to take the pot and eliminate Taylor. A very gracious Taylor shook every player’s hand at the table before making his exit.

4.45pm: Flash Gordon
In a hand more like those we’ve fast grown accustomed to, Gordon Huntly just flashed his way up to 115,000 after eliminating Luis Mendoza.

Three players saw the flop of 7♥10♣A♣. The small blind checked to Huntly who bet 8,000. Mendoza called before the small blind got out of their way, and the turn then came 2♠.


Gordon Huntly

Huntly, already chipped up, now moved all-in. Mendoza, smiling, leaned back in his chair as if exhausted. He said all-in as well making this one a big one. Huntly showed A♥K♥ while Mendoza winced, turning over A♠Q♣.

The river card 7♠. A huge to Huntly while Mendoza is eliminated.

4.35pm: Gordon the Huntly
British player Gordon Huntly is up to 63,000 and seems to be our current chip leader. He got a chunk of those chips by eliminating JJ Duque. Both players saw a 10♣9♣3♠ flop and when Huntly made a 3,000 over-bet Duque moved all in with J♣J♥. Huntly called quickly with A♠A♦ and the board ran out 7♦2♠. The players shook hands and Duque left the table.

4.20pm: Huang up
On a flop of 7♠10♠K♦ Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang, who flew in from Perth, Australia only yesterday, was on his way towards winning a hand that would give a welcomed boost to his dwindling stack.


Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang

On the 8♣ turn card, Huang, in the big blind, made it 1,200 which was called by Luis Mendoza for a 10♣ on the river. Huang checked and after looking at his cards again Mendoza did the same, thumping the table resigned to defeat. Huang showed K♣3♣, good for the pot and a stack back up to 14,000.

4.15pm: BLINDS UP
We’re into level four where the blinds are 150/300 with a 25 running ante.

4.15pm: Not Vlad it’s all over
It didn’t take long for Vladimir Geshkenbein to get his remaining 3,200 chips in the middle. He raised to 500 from early position and received a call before a player in the cut-off raised to 2,100. Geshkenbein moved all-in and was called only by the cut-off.

“You got aces?” asked the Russian, but he soon saw he’d run in to K♠K♥. Geshkenbein tabled A♦K♣ and the board ran Q♠5♥3♠K♦5♠.

It was all over by the turn and Geshkenbein said his good byes, heading off into the hazy Manila sunshine.

4.05pm: Geshkenbain can’t gain
On a flop of 2♦7♦J♠ Vladimir Geshkenbein and Hernando Manansala went to the Q♥ turn card, the Russian calling Manansala. Here Geshkenbain checked and Manansala bet 5,000. Geshkenbain showed nothing but a wry grin as he mucked his cards. Manansala showed pocket sevens, leaving the Russian with 3,200.

3.55pm: All the royals represented
A 48,000 chip pot just occurred following a three-way all-in. All the chips went in pre-flop between PokerStars qualifier Carlos Chang (pocket kings), Joel Fernando (pocket jacks) and Jay Langsang (pocket queens) to create a showdown with a degree of excitement.

Tino Lechich was also at the table and asked the dealer “Is there any paint left in the deck?”

Fernando and Langsang were hoping so and it was the latter who was the happier as the board came Q♥10♦2♦4♥7♣ to hit his set to take the pot. Fernando was eliminated and after a count-down of the stacks Chang was left with only 5,000 chips.

3.45pm: Steicke stuck
On a flop of 9♠J♠A♣ Jonathan Morales checked to David Steicke who bet 550. Denver Dy then raised 1,000 more from the button, which only Steicke called. On the 7♣ turn Steicke checked before Dy bet again, 3,500 and Steicke called again for a 10♥ river card.


David Steicke

Steicke checked again, then called when Dy flung out a long line of chips worth 7,500. Dy showed Q♠K♥, good to beat Steicke who paused a second or two before mucking.

3.40pm: Getting tense
If action at your own table isn’t all that gripping there’s now another option. A re-run of the APPT Manila final table from two years ago is being shown on one of big screens in the Coral Ballroom, resulting in players not in hands twisting round. They’re down to seven.

3.35pm: Russian rivered
Vladimir Geshkenbein is down to 10,000 after being rivered by Jose Armando Sta Ana. There was 2,700 in the middle and the turn was dealt to leave a 5♥Q♠7♦9♥ board. Sta Ana led out for 1,000 and then called Geshkenbein’s raise to 2,800. The river came 10♠ and Sta Ana led for 4,000. After some thought filled with different facial expressions mixed from surprised to confused and back again Geshkenbein made the call with Q♥9♦ for two-pair. It was no good here though as St Ana tabled K♦J♦ for a straight.

3.25pm: Missed the pot
Former World pool champion Alex Pagulayan is playing here today but his ball sinking skills didn’t help him win the most recent pot he played. He raised from early position and was called by both blinds to go to a J♦10♦J♣ flop. He c-bet for 500 and was called by Marc Rivera in the small blind before George Salud raised to 1,500.


Alex Pagulayan

Pagulayan called but Rivera folded. The two remaining players checked the J♥ turn then Salud check-called a 2,000 bet on the 2♣ river. Salud tabled 8♦10♠ for a full-house and it was good for the pot as the pool champ folded. Pagulayan on 17,000 now.

3.15pm: Final number for today
Tournament director Danny McDonagh has confirmed that after registration closed for the day a total of 109 players have bought in.

3.10pm: Play resumes
Players are back from their 10 minute break and right on time level 3 gets underway. Blinds are 100/200 with a 25 running ante.


PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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