PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup: Day 1B, level 5,6 and 7 updates (300-600, 50 ante)

March 21, 2010

9pm: Play concludes for day 1b
The last six hands came and went with lots of shouts and screams (normal period of play then!) and all remaining players counted and bagged up their chips ready for play on Tuesday. 59 players made it through the day’s mahem poker. Official chip counts will appear here shortly and a day’s wrap will be with you in a “jiffy” as TD Danny would say.

8.40pm: Last hands
We’re now playing the last six hands of the day, as drawn by “Formerly good player” Harry Demetriou.

8.35pm: Benjie busted
Benjamin Lim has been eliminated by Badiyonaid Amito. The latter raised from the button to 3,000 before Lim moved all in for 24,000 from the big blind Amito. thought for a surprisingly long time before calling with K♠K♥. Lim tabled 10♦10♣ and the board ran 5♥4♥9♦A♠7♥.

8.20pm: Racing to a double-up
Jun Tolentino’s stack had shrunk to 3,775 but he’s managed to double that up after winning a race. He open shoved pre-flop with K♠10♠ and was called by his neighbor holding 7♠7♣. The board ran K♣6♠3♣5♣2♠.

8.10pm: New Champ to be crowned
The two most recent winners of the previous incarnation of the Chairman’s Cup were Lloyd Fontillas and Kent Del Rosario. Both were playing today but both have now been eliminated. That’s means we will have a brand new champion this year.

8pm: Celina gives Alex the chop
Team PokerStars Asia Celina Lin has eliminated the chirpy Hong Kong player Alex Chong. Chong was down to 5,800 and open shoved and was only called by Lin for a heads-up show down:

Chong: K♣10♦
Lin: A♠Q♦

Chong took the lead on the 9♣10♠9♦ flop. The turn came J♣ to open up more possibilities of a re-suck-out and it was to be that way as the river came 8♠ to make a straight for Lin. Chin up to 34,000 as a result.

7.45pm: Leave it to Lin
Harry Demetriou limped from under the gun plus one, as did Alex Chong. When the action reached Celina Lin she raised to 3,000. The blinds folded as did Demetrious but Chong called to see a flop, which came 6♥8♦3♠. Lin wasted no time lobbing out a bet of 15,000, flinging a line of chips out angled towards Chong. He got the message and quickly passed. Lin up to 27,000 now.

7.35pm: Morales versus Rosales
Jonathan Morales raised to 1,650 from under-the-gun and was only called by Simeon Rosales on the button to go to a 3♣10♦4♣ flop. Morales continued with a 3,200 bet that Rosales raised to 8,200. Morales made the call before they both checked the 6♥ turn. Morales checked again on the J♦ river and then called his opponent’s 5,000 bet. Rosales tabled A♣J♣ and took the pot as Morales folded.

7.20pm: Dinner done, back to the poker
After white fish, mousse and iced tea we’re ready to restart this LuxuryAsia Pacific Poker Tour special event. Thirty minutes remain of level six with blinds still set at 300-600 with a 50 ante.


One of the current chip leaders, Chris Parker

6.55pm: Just before dinner
A flop of 9♥3♦Q♣. That was the easy bit. Then came the wait. After Alex Pagulayan had checked, Jeremie Badre also, Evan McBride bet 4,325. Then George Salud moved all in for just short of 30,000 sending Anna Galan into long, frustrated agony.

“Kings?” she asked first. A minute or so later, “nines.” Still nothing from Salud, who sat back, chin jutting forward, as Galan bounced up and down. Several minustes passed before the clock was called and with three seconds left she passed.

Pagulayan did the same, so too Badre, although he waited until the tournament clock ran down to zero, officially starting the dinner break.

Now McBride had the decision as everyone left for food. He had his turn agonising before folding, unleashing a flurry of questions, in Filipino, at Salud who said nothing and showed nothing.

Players are now on a 30 minute break mid way through level six.

6.45pm: Has he used his PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™?
Daren Yoon has just doubled-up to 19,000 after moving all-in on a K♦7♦9♣ flop. He was called by an opponent holding K♥10♥ and saw he was ahead with his holding of K♠J♠. He then yelled “Hold one time please”.

The board ran out A♦J♣ and Yoon raked in the pot. We believe he could well have used up his PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™ (click here for full explanation) but we’re not entirely sure due to his adding of the word “hold”. We’ll be keeping a close eye on his all-ins from now on as it is now commonly known this powerful token can only be used once in a tournament.


The PokerStars Blog One Tim Chip™

It may well turn out that if he tries to use it again the best he could hope for is a split pot.

6.35pm: Hold everything
There’s a slight change to the tournament structure today with the dinner break coming in around 20 minutes rather than at the end of the level as planned. The reason, Celina Lin is hungry so, TD McDonagh has pulled out the stops to change it. Oh to wield such power as Celina has just once in a lifetime.

Not that the Team PokerStars Pro heard any of this until later. She was stuck in a hand against chip leader Gordon Huntly.

With the action folded to Lin pre-flop she opened for 1,500 in the cut off while Huntly called in the big blind. The flop came 3♦3♥K♦ which both Huntly and Lin checked. The turn came A♠. Huntly bet 2,000 but Lin passed, leaving the pot, and another few thousand to Huntly. Lin loses a bit but will at least be fed soon, as McDonagh explains again to her, to her bashful delight. But if she later yawns we may have to finish early.

6.30pm: Parking more chips in front of him
Chris Parker lost a few chips but wasted no time in getting them back to increase his stack to 57,000. A player raised from second position and only Parker called from two seats along to go to the 8♥10♠[K♣ flop where both players checked. Parker called a 2,200 bet on the 3♦ turn before they both checked the 3♦ river. “Ten” announced Parker and reveled A♠10♥ for the pot as his opponent mucked.

6.25pm: LEVEL UP
Blinds are now 300/600 with a running ante of 50.

6.15pm: Huang out in the sunshine
It hasn’t been the best day for Bryan Huang, not only tasked with navigating past chip leader Gordon Huntly but also the unpredictable Sebastian Samonte Jnr who’d been re-shoving with pocket threes and causing mischief.

It was Samonte Jnr who would end Huang’s day. Huang opened for 1,050 before Samonte Jnr shoved all-in for around 15,000. Here Huang considered Samonte Jnr’s track record and looked down at his own stack of just 9,000.


Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang

“Well,” said Huang with a sheepish grin afterwards. “I made a bad call.”

Huang turned over pocket nines but had run slap bang into pocket kings and got nothing in return from the board, eliminated in level five.

6.08pm: Parker penning his way to success
Chris Parker came from behind to eliminate Vicente Pena. Pena was short stacked and got the last of his chips in with ace-king. Parker, who described himself as a “retired gentleman” made the call with ace-queen. The board ran queen high and Parker raked in the pot to put his stack up to 55,000.

6pm: Dong binned
Dong-bin Han, the reigning APPT Cebu Champion, has been eliminated. Jun Tolentino was also all in and a third player, Sebastian Samonte Jnr made the call with a chance to eliminate them both. Han had king-queen to Tolentino’s pocket threes and Samonte Jnr held ace-jack. The flop contained a three and that was good enough for Tolentino to more than double-up, busting Han in the process.

5.50pm: Lee Nelson eliminated…
…from APPT Manila season two, as shown on the big screen a short while ago. Out in sixth.

5.45pm: Triple-up for Fontillas
Lloyd Fontillas is a well respected tournament player and director in the Philippines and took down the previous incarnation of the Chairman’s Cup. He’s playing here today but is finding it a struggle. A recent triple-up to 7,000 chips will make him feel a lot better though and gives him a fighting chance. He found two customers to his all in but neither could match his aces by the time the river came down.

5.35pm: Players are back
Players are back in their seats for level 5. Blinds are now 200/400 with a running ante of 25. 90 players out of the 109 remain.


Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Manila: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey.


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