P1M Guarantee- March: Final Day Updates

March 13, 2016

We are at the final day of the P1M Guarantee with 56 players returning to the felt for a battle to the trophy. The first place cash prize is P332,648 big ones plus a seat to the upcoming Manila Megastack 5. Top 36 players will see a profit with the lowest at P9,200. We will be posting updates on some of the action so read up here from time to time to see how your buddies are doing.

7:35PM: Wang Ping Yuan is the champion – P332,648

Wang Ping Yuan eliminated Seyedomid Hadipour to take the trophy and the first place cash prize of P332,648.

7:35PM: Seyedomid Hadipour takes 2nd place – P212,400

Seyedomid Hadipour was trailing 7:1 in chips and managed to earn a little when he shoved twice without getting called but on the third one, he was called. Hadipour had Q♣J♦ and Wang Ping Yuan had A♥10♠. The board ran 4♦3♥2♥5♠Q♦ giving Yuan a dominating straight and Hadipour finished in runner-up position. He earned P212,400 for his run at the Main Event.

7:30PM: Heads up: Yuan vs Hadipour

Seyedomid Hadipour 650k
Wang Ping Yuan 4.75M

7:25PM: Yuan’s set ousts Dave Colclough in 3rd place – P134,500

Another all in preflop action, this time between Dave Colclough with Q♥Q♠ and Wang Ping Yuan with 10♠10♦. The board ran 3♦9♣4♦10♣7♣ giving Yuan a set and dusting Colclough’s ladies. Colclough bowed out in 3rd place and earned P134,500.

7:20PM: Yuan retakes the lead, doubled up by Hadipour; reaches 3M chips

Wang Ping Yuan retook the chip leader status in a hand that had him and Seyedomid all in preflop. With both as the big stack, the pot was at 3M. Hadipour had A♠3♠ and Yuan had A♦J♣. The board ran A♣10♦K♦2♥8♥. Yuan’s hand ruled and he shipped in the massive pile in the middle. Hadipour is down to 750k chips.

7:15PM: Yuan lands a big double up vs Colclough

All in preflop had Dave Colclough with J♠7♠ and Yuan with K♦6♦. The flop landed J♣8♦9♥ giving Colclough the lead. The turn of 9♣ kept Colclough ahead but with the river felting a K♣, Yuan had renewed life with his higher pair and a double upto 1.5M chips.

7:00PM: Hadipour doubles up, reaches 2.5M

Seyedomid Hadipour engaged in a preflop raise war against Wang Ping Yuan with Yuan holding A♠8♣ and Hadipour with K♥K♦. Though not needed, the board improved Hadipour with a set and he doubled up to over 2.5M chips.

6:50PM: Stanislav Malkov out in 4th place – P106,200

Stanislav Malkov was all in and he was called by Seyedomid Hadipour. Malkov had Q♥9♠ and Hadipour had A♥10♠. The board ran 3♦6♣8♦3♠6♠ and Hadipour won the hand. Malkov finished in 4th place and earned P106,200.

6:45PM: Colcough banks a huge double up, goes over 2M

David Colclough.jpg
Dave Colclough just got bank in a hand against chip leader Wang Ping Yuan. It began with Colclough raising to 180k only to hear Yuan announce all in. Colclough snap called. Yuan had A♠K♦ and Colclough with the hole nuts A♦A♥. The board ran K♠7♦9♥2♣Q♣ and with that, Colcough’s aces held and he doubled up to 2M chips. Yuan still healthy with around 1.5M chips.

6:40PM: Hadipour doubles up through Malkov; Malkov doubles up through Yuan

In an all in preflop action, Stanislav Malkov had A♥9♠ and Seyedomid Hadipour had K♥Q♥. The board ran Q♣10♥7♣5♠8♦ and Hadipour doubled up. He now has over 1.2M chips.

Having lost a big chunk of his stack to Hadipour, Malkov went all in on the next hand and was called by monster stacked Wang Ping Yuan. Malkov had Q♠J♣ and Yuan had 8♠8♥. The board was 7♦5♦Q♥K♣Q♦, and Malkov doubled up to around 600k.

6:35PM: Colclough takes some from Hadipour

Action began with Dave Colclough raising to 150k and was called by Seyedomid Hadipour on the big blind. At the flop of 9♣8♣6♠, both players checked, and as well on the turn of Q♥. On the river of J♥ Hadipour bet 150k and Colclough called. Colclough was awarded the pot with his A♥J♦ pair. Hadipour mucked.

6:30PM: Soo Jo Kim ends in 5th place – P77,900

Soo Jo Kim three-bet all in and initial raiser Wang Ping Yuan called. Kim had A♦7♣ and Yuan had A♥10♥. The board ran 5♥2♠8♦3♥7♥ giving Kim a pair but Yuan had better with a nut flush. Kim exited in 5th place and earned P77,900.

6:25PM: Ronald Dimaano railed in 6th place by Hadipour – P63,700

Ronald Dimaano was all in with 440k and Seyedomid Hadipour with the exact same stack also was all in. Dimaano had Q♣Q♠ and Hadipour had A♠K♥ for a coin flip. The board ran J♠5♣7♣10♠K♣ and with Hadipour landing a higher pair, Dimaano was out in 6th place. He earned P63,700 for his finish.

6:20PM: Seung Soo Jeon aces cracked, exits in 7th place – P49,600

Dave Colclough moved all in for 330k and Seung Soo Jeon also jumped in to join him with less chips. With no other party-goers, it was a showdown. Jeon had A♣A♦ and Colclough with J♠8♣. The board ran 8♥6♦9♦7♠J♥ giving Colclough the lead with two pairs and he eliminated Jeon in 7th place. Jeon earned P49,600 for his finish.

6:15PM: SJ Kim doubles up through Yuan

Soo Jo Kim went all in on Wang Ping Yuan’s big blind and Yuan called. Kim had Q♥10♣ and Yuan had A♦7♠. The board ran 8♣9♣4♥7♣10♦ and Kim doubled up with the higher pair on the river. Kim now has around 550k.

6:05PM: Yuan eliminates Edwin Marzan in 8th place – P41,800

The next casualty was Edwin Marzan who also fell to the chip leader Wang Ping Yuan. Marzan moved all in for 245k and Yuan shoved as well. No one joined in and it was heads up. Marzan had A♦J♥ and Yuan had A♥Q♣. The board ran 9♠2♣6♣8♥K♥ and with that, Marzan was eliminated in 8th place. He collected P41,800 for his finish.

Yuan now has around 2.5M chips.

6:00PM: Yuan rails Yongqi Ren in 9th place – P34,000

Wang Ping Yuan is taking full control of the table. After winning three pots already he proceeded to rail Yongqi Ren. Following the last win, it was a battle of the blinds with Ren raising to 85k preflop and Yuan calling on the big blind. At the flop of 9♠4♣3♥, Ren bet 75k and Yuan called. At the turn of 4♦, Ren bet 100k and Yuan called. On the river of 3♠, Ren checked to Yuan who bet 375k which put Ren all in if he called. Ren tanked and then called. Yuan won with his Q♦4♥ full house against Ren’s Q♣9♣. Ren finishes in 9th place and collects P34,000.

5:45PM: Yuan crosses 1M

The first hand of the final table was won by Stanislav Malkov. On the second hand, action Wang Ping Yuan crossed the 1M chip mark. Action began with Ronald Dimaano raising to 65k from the utg seat and was called by both Yuan and Soo Jo Kim. At the flop of J♥J♦10♦, action was checked to Yuan who bet 80k and won it with both Kim and Dimaano folding.

Yuan proceeded to win a couple of more hands. He raised to 85k from the utg+1 seat and was called by big blind player Dave Colclough. At the flop of 6♣Q♥4♦, Colclough checked to Yuan who bet 90k and won the pot with Colclough folding. Next hand, from the utg seat Yuan raised again and no one called. He collected the blinds and antes.

5:30PM: Final Table


Seat 1: Ronald Dimaano 608k
Seat 2: Edwin Marzan 359k
Seat 3: Dave Colclough 572k
Seat 4: Yongqi Ren 758k
Seat 5: Wang Ping Yuan 930k
Seat 6: Seung Soo Jeon 346k
Seat 7: Stanislav Malkov 653k
Seat 8: Seyedomid Hadipour 636k
Seat 9: Soo Jo Kim 493k

5:15PM: SJ Kim eliminates Hyungkook Shin

Hyungkook Shin three-bet all in on top of SJ Kim’s raise and Kim folded. Two hands later, Shin went all in again and this time Kim was not going anywhere. He went all in as well. The other players folded and it was a showdown. Shin had K♠5♣ and Kim had K♥K♣. The board offered no help to Shin and he was eliminated.

With Hyungkook Shin’s elimination we are now down to the final table of 9 players.

5:00PM: Marzan rails Roy; Malkov boots Li; Woo falls to Dimaano

Edwin Marzan called Angelou Roy’s all in. Marzan had A♠K♠ and Roy had A♣Q♥. The flop landed Q♦7♦8♦ giving Roy the lead with a pair but the turn of K♥ turned it around back to Marzan and with the river of 5♥, Roy was eliminated.

Jinxiang Li went all in and Stanislav Malkov called. Li had K♠10♠ and Malkov had 8♥8♠. The board ran 5♣8♦4♦Q♦4♦ and Li was out as Malkov further improved to a full house.

Yang Feng Woo met his end at the hands of Ronald Dimaano. During the hand, Dimaano raised double to 60k and big blind Woo called. At the flop of A♣8♠6♦, Woo went all in and Dimaano snap-called. Woo had 7♦8♦ and Dimaano had A♦9♠. The turn of 9♣ improved Dimaano further to two pairs and with the river of K♦, Woo was out.

4:45PM: Hadipour defends his blinds; Louis Lee railed by Colclough

Action folded all the way to the button player SJ Kim who raised from 20k to make it 44k to call. Small blind Wang Ping Yuan called but big blind Seyedomid Hadipour three-bet to 120k. This was good enough to win the pot as both Kim and Yuan folded.

Louis Lee and Dave Colclough entered a preflop raise war that ended as it most often does, with an all in called. Lee was all in and Colclough called with his larger stack. Lee had A♥10♥ and Colclough had J♣J♦. The board ran 3♦2♠K♥2♥J♠ and with that Lee was out with Colclough improving to a full house.

4:30PM: Hadipour ends Regencia’s day; Shin and Woo three-bet shove, no callers

Seyedomid Hadipour called Noel Regencia’s all in and it was a showdown. Hadipour had J♣J♦ and Regencia had A♦Q♦. The board bricked and Regencia was eliminated. In a later hand,

Action is pretty intense with 14 players left in the field. Yang Feng Woo three-bet Jingxiang Li’s raise to 40k and shoved his 233k stack. With about the same behind, Li opted to fold and announced he had pocket sevens. Woo didn’t show.

A similar situation at the other table with Seung Soo Jeon raising to 40k only to face a shove by Hyungkook Shin to 120k. Jeon tanked and then folded.

4:15PM: A bad exit for Sin vs Yuan; Jeon doubles up through Serafin

Catching the action at the flop of 3♣10♠2♥, Wang Ping Yuan checked to In Sin who bet 63k. Yuan called and the dealer turned 4♠. Action was quick with both all in and their hole cards were opened. Yuan had 2♦4♦ for two pairs and Sin had 6♦6♣. The river of Q♠ was no help to Sin and he exited shaking his head.

At the same table, the next hand saw two other players go at it. Seung Soo Jeon was all in against Gary Serafin. Jeon had A♦K♠ and Serafin had A♥10♥. The board ran 8♣8♥K♣Q♣A♠ and Jeon doubled up while Serafin spiraled down to just over the ante. Serafin was able to increase his stack on the next hand with a flush but then busted out against Noel Regencia on the next hand with K♠5♠ falling to Q♦Q♣.

4:00PM: Ren’s set sends John Kim to the rail; SJ Kim boots Sigua

Yongqi Ren has claimed another head. On a board of 4♠A♣5♠7♦10♥, Kim was all in and Ren was right there with him. Kim had A♠7♠ for two pairs but Ren had 5♥5♣ for a dominating set. Kim was eliminated.

Aristotle Sigua was all in up against SJ Kim. Sigua had A♥5♥ and Kim had A♦8♦. The board ran 5♠Q♣8♣7♦9♠ and Sigua was booted by the big stacked Kim.

3:45PM: Lumanian triples up, set over set between Jeon and Woo

It was a wild hand at Jon Jon Lumanian’s table with him all in and Yang Woo and Seung Soo Jeon calling. At the flop of 10♦5♥J♣, Woo and Jeon check and the dealer turned a Q♣. Jeon decided to get a side pot started and he bet 45k. Woo called. On the river of 9♠, both players checked and Woo won the side pot with his pocket jacks set against Jeon’s pocket fives set. For the main pot, Lumanian tripled up with his pocket kings making a straight.

3:30PM: Roy’s cowboy bust Baker; Hsiao eliminated by Li

After losing a significant amount of chips to Stanislav Malkov, Derek Baker was eventually all in. Acting next was Angelou Roy raised it up that sent Yang Feng Woo tanking. Woo folded and it was time to reveal their hole cards. Woo had K♠K♥ and Baker had A♠7♠. The board ran blanks for Baker and Roy earned the pot and delivered Baker the rail.

Chih-hsin Hsiao moved all in with his short stack and was called by Jingxiang Li. Hsiao had pocket threes and Li had pocket eights. The board bricked and Hsiao was eliminated.

3:15PM: Malkov doubled up by Baker; John Kim bags a straight

Stanislav Malkov shoved a few times during the rounds and wasn’t called but time, he was called by Derek Baker. Initial raiser Ronald Dimaano decided to get out of the way. Malkov had pocket jacks and Baker had pocket tens. The board bricked and Malkov doubled up.

John Kim was all in against Louis Lee and it was pretty good timing. Kim had Q♠J♠ and Lee had A♥A♦. The board ran 6♣K♥10♠3♣A♣ and Km celebrated at having avoided elimination. He doubled up with his straight.

3:00PM: Woo doubles up with aces; De Jesus burned by Yuan

Yang Feng Woo earned a sweet double up with his pocket aces against Sungwoon Park who mucked his hand.

It was a painful blow for Patrick de Jesus who three-bet all in on top of Wang Yuan’s raise. Zhinning Chen was also in the hand (he called Yuan’s initial raise) but opted to fold. At the showdown, de Jesus had A♠Q♠ ahead of Yuan’s 5♠7♠. The board ran 7♥10♥A♦ giving both a pair with de Jesus in the lead. At the turn of J♠, still the same, but the river of 7♣ changed it up with Yuan landing trips and de Jesus exclaiming in disbelief. De Jesus was eliminated and Yuan scooped the pot.

2:45PM: Chen doubles up through Yuan; Ren set over set against Yumul

Zhinning Chen went all in with his short stack and Wang Ping Yuan matched him up for a showdown. Chen had 6♣6♠ and Yuan had A♥J♥. The board ran J♣6♥10♠5♣4♠ and Chen happily doubled up with his set.

Yongqi Ren railed another player, this time it was Tristan Yumul. It was an all in preflop action with Ren holding pocket jacks and Yumul with pocket nines. The board granted both players a set however with Ren holding the higher hand, he eliminated Yumul and was shipped a nice hefty pot.

2:30PM: Almusajin falls to Hyungkook Shin; Bautista railed by Regencia

Mark Almusajin was all in with ace-queen and was up against Hyungkook Shin’s pocket jacks. The board ran Q♥J♥9♠8♠7♠ and Almusajin was out.

Allan Bautista was all in with A♦Q♦ and was called by Noel Regencia with K♦Q♠. The board ran Q♠8♣9♥K♣8♠ and with Regencia connecting with two pairs, Bautista was eliminated.

2:15PM: Shin Haeng Lee bubbles

Shin Haeng Lee was moved to a table where he met his end. He lost some chips in a previous hand and then shortly after, was up against big stacked Seung Soo Jeon. Catching the action on a board of K♦10♦7♣6♦, Jeon bet 30k into a pot of around 40k. Lee reluctantly called leaving himself 7k behind. On the river of A♠, Jeon put Lee all in and Lee obliged, again reluctantly. Jeon had A♥6♥ for two pairs on the river and Lee was out on the bubble with pocket nines.

2:00PM: Ren rails Borja; Park eliminates Chang; Yuan busts Soriano

Having double up earlier, Yonqi Ren has added more chips to stack after eliminating Jerick Borja. Ren raised to 14k preflop and Shin Haeng Lee called. When action landed on Jerick Borja, he raised to 22k total and was matched up by both Ren and Lee. At the flop of 4♣3♥10♦, Borja went all in and Ren called. Ren had 7♠7♦ and Borja had K♣Q♣. The turn of 6♦ and river of 10♣ kept Ren ahead and he took the pot while Borja took his leave.

Sungwoon Park called Jae Chul Chang’s all in with Park holding K♥A♠ and Chang with K♠10♠. The board ran 8♣A♣2♥A♦7♣ and Chang was out.

Big pot brewing in this hand with Wang Ping Yuan raising to 12.5k preflop, Zhinning Chen three-betting to 36k, then Felicitas Soriano all in for 39.5k. Action was back to Yuan who shoved with an additional 108k for Chen to call. With less chips than Yuan, Chen tanked for sometime and then folded. Yuan had Q♦Q♥ and Soriano had K♠J♥. The board did give Soriano a jack but not good enough and she was eliminated.

1:45PM: Sigua triples up

A joyful eruption near us had us check on the action. It seemed, Aristotle Sigua tripled up with his pocket fives landing a set on the turn against pocket tens and king-ten.

1:30PM: Double elimination by Sin

In Sin delivered a bang-bang at his table with two players denied a double up. It was a three-way all in preflop with Sin holding J♣J♥. He was up against Stefano de Caro with A♦8♠ and Zi Cheng Wou with A♥3♥. The board bricked and Sin scooped up the chips while sending two hopefuls to the rail.

1:15PM: Bust outs: Jeon rails Felix; Beveridge out

The first elimination of the day was Hung Chang Lin followed by John Beveridge whose ace-queen all in didn’t do well against Patrick de Jesus’s king-jack with a king landing at the flop. Beveridge was crippled to just under one big blind and busted out the next hand.
Edgar Angelo Felix fell as well. In a battle of the blinds, Felix and Jeon saw a board run 4-4-5-4-A. Felix was all in with ace-nine full house but Jeon had ten-four for quads.

1:00PM: Chong Yaw Lee triples up; Ren doubles up vs Arceo

Chong Yaw Lee three-bet all in and initial raiser Minwoong Jeong and caller Byeongcheol Kim, both made the call. At the flop of K♣10♥J♠, Jeong and Kim checked. At the turn of 8♦, Jeong checked again and Kim bet 20k for the start of a side pot. Jeong quickly called. On the river of 9♦, both checked again. Kim won the side pot with his J♣9♣ two pairs against Jeong’s A♠9♠ pair, and Lee tripled up with his 7♦7♠ straight.

Yongqi Ren avoided elimination when he doubled up against Jose Arceo. His pocket fours landed a set and then a full house.

12:45PM: Cards are in the air

Shuffle up and deal! The final day has begun.


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