P1M Guarantee- March: Day 1b Updates

March 12, 2016

Cards are in the air for day 1b of the P1M Guarantee Main Event at the PokerStars Live Manila poker room. We will post random updates of some of the action at the felt today. This is the last flight to qualify into day 2. Buy-in is P5,000 with unlimited re-entries and late registration open until the end of 8 levels. Blind duration is 30 minutes. As adjusted yesterday, regulation play will stop at the end of 14 levels.

8:15PM: Day 1b ends

Day 1b is bagged and tagged! Korea’s Soo Jo Kim leads the 28 survivors with a massive 348,600 chips.

8:00PM: Lin avoids elimination against Jeon; Hyungkook scalps two

Hung Chang Lin and another short stack were all in preflop with big stacked Seung Soo Jeon covering them both. Lin had ace-queen, the other all in player had better with pocket fives, and Jeon had the better of pocket queens. But all that changed when the board ran two aces and a queen giving Lin a higher full house than Jeon. Lin tripled up and railed one.

At a separate table, Ki Hong Mun was all in with pocket kings but ran right into Hyungkook Shin’s pocket aces. The board bricked and Mun was eliminated. Shortly after, Shin eliminated another player with his A♦Q♣ against a player’s pocket eights. The board ran 5♠K♠6♥A♠7♣, giving Shin the higher pair.

7:45PM: Byeongcheol rails two and doubles up another

With his big stack, Byeongcheol Kim seemed to be on a mission to eliminate as many as he could at his table. In one hand, he tanked for a bit before calling a short stack’s all in. He had 9♥8♦ up against J♠10♣. The board paired up his eight and he went on to win the hand. Following that, he called a 36k all in with his pocket tens but he was unable to eliminate his opponent who had ace-queen that paired the ace at the flop. No fret for him as he recovered some of those lost chips by eliminating another player with his 7♠6♣ that paired his seven against Q♣8♦.

7:30PM: Soo Jo Kim chunks Mateo; climbs to 300k

Soo Jo Kim and Chris Mateo went head to head preflop that had both all in with about the same stack. Kim had pocket aces and Mateo had ace-jack. The board bricked and Kim shipped in a massive pot while Mateo was down to half an ante. Kim is now the overwhelming chip leader with around 300k chips.

7:15PM: Byeongcheol Kim with a good call

Byeoncheol Kim tanked for sometime when a player shoved his 75.5k chips in the middle on a board of 3♦8♠7♦. Kim eventually called and revealed his A♥8♥ top pair up against A♦4♦ flush draw. The turn of 3♣ and river of 9♥ kept Kim ahead and he won the hefty pot while railing one in the process. Kim now has roughly around 170k chips.

7:00PM: Lee rails two players

Xiaohua Fu played a steady game all day but his run ended at the hands of Wei Li Lee. With a raised pot before them, the dealer felted 6♥J♦3♠ to which Lee jammed all in covering Fu’s stack. Fu tanked and then decided to call for his tournament life. Lee had K♥J♥ for top pair and Fu had 10♦10♥. The turn of Q♠ and river of 9♠ kept Lee ahead and Fu packed up to leave.

Just before the last break of the day, Lee eliminated another player with his king-queen besting king-nine with the board running blanks. With this win, Lee may be running second in chips with two more levels to go.

6:45PM: Massive pot for Baker

Derek Baker scooped up a massive pot with his pocket queens besting Myung Ho Han’s ace-jack and Jose Arceo’s ace-queen when the board bricked keeping his ladies on top. Baker eliminated Han and doubled up through Arceo. He now has around 160k chips.

6:30PM: Borja crushes a player’s hopes

Jerick Borja called a player’s all in while holding pocket jacks. The all in player had pocket kings. The board was good to Borja as it felted a jack on the flop for a set. The set held and Borja railed one and took all the chips in the middle.

6:15PM: Arceo rails one and earns a hefty pot

Catching the action at the flop of 8♦3♦7♥, a player shoved his 16k chips in the middle and both Chen and Arceo called for a possible side pot. At the turn of 2♥ and river of 5♣, no side pot was created as both Chen and Arceo checked. Arceo won the hand with his A♦2♦ for bottom pair against the all in player’s A♠K♥. Chen mucked.

6:00PM: Mun, Jeon, and Felix rail players

Ki Hong Mun railed JC Sayo in a pretty wild hand. Sayo was all in on a board of 5♣7♠K♥8♦ and Mun was right there with him. Sayo had pocket eights for a set but Mun had pocket kings for a higher set. The river of Q♣ sent Sayo to the rail and Mun collected a big pile.

Seung Soo Jeon scalped another player at his table. With his big stack, he called a player’s all in of 7300 and it was time for the showdown. Jeon had A♦7♦ against 6♥6♠. The board rand 10♣A♣Q♦2♦9♣ and Jeon scooped up the pot.

Edgar Angelo Felix also railed a short stack who went all in with ace-king but Felix had pocket queens. The board was good to Felix as it ran rags to the turn and then a queen on the river to give him a set for the pot and the win.

5:30PM: Arceo calls down Baker and takes the pot

Action began with 4 players in on a raised pot, each contributing 1700. The board ran 5♦8♥3♠ and Derek Baker on the small blind took initiative and bet 2100. He was called by both Seung Soo Jeon and Jose Arceo. At the turn of Q♠, Baker continued and bet 4600. Jeon folded but Arceo stuck with Baker and called. On the river of 10♠, Baker banged out 8k, and once more, Arceo flat called. Arceo won with his K♥Q♥ top pair against Baker’s A♣10♥ second pair.

5:15PM: Hodreal settles for a douple up as he splits pot with Yang

With registration now closed, we are in the freezout stage which means, you bust, that’s it. At one of the tables, Xiaohhua Fu raised to 2k preflop only to hear Cecilio Hodreal announce all in for a total of 4300. After him, action continued with Zhengzhong Yang announcing another raise and made it 8k to call. Minwoong Jeong called and so did Fu for a nice brewing side pot. At the flop of 7♦4♥6♠, everyone checked. At the turn of J♠, Fu checked, Yang bet 10k, and both Jeong and Fu folded. Yang won the side pot and now it was a showdown between Yang and Hodreal. Yang had A♥J♥ for top pair and Hodreal had A♠J♣ with the same. The river of 10♥ was of no consequence and they both split the main pot. Instead of a quadruple up, Hodreal settled for a double up.

5:00PM: Registration is closed

Registration has closed. There were 193 total entries for day 1b with 100 players remaining in the field.

4:45PM: Another big slick rail for Soriano; Chen rails Takayama

Felicitas Soriano scalped another player at her table. At the flop of K♠7♥3♠, a player went all in and Soriano snap called. The all in player had K♥J♣ but it was not good enough against Soriano’s A♥K♣. The turn of Q♥ and river of K♦, sealed the win.

At a separate table, Mike Takayama had just sat down with his fresh new stack from the registration booth and was all in. He was called by Zhinning Chen. Takayama had king-seven off suit and Chen had pocket tens. The board bricked and Chen claimed an easy pot to add to his stack.

4:30PM: Battle of the blinds, Worth best Fujii

Action folded all around the table leaving the blinds to battle it out. Takayuki Fujii on the small blind and Justin Worth on the big blind went head to head with a raise and a call to balloon the small pot into something to desire. At the flop of K♥Q♥3♠, Fujii checked to Worth who bet 1500 and Fujii called. At the turn of Q♦, both players slowed to a check, then on the river of 7♣, Fujii jumped at betting and slid out 2500. Worth called and won with his K♠J♠ top pair against Fujii’s 6♥3♥ bottom pair that missed a flush.

4:15PM: Crandell gives it up to Park

With five players in on a raised pot preflop, the dealer felted 9♦Q♠7♥. Ricky Crandell bet 2200 and was check-called by Sungwoon Park. On the turn of 3♣, Park decided to take control and led out for 4k. This was enough to win it as Crandell gave up his hand.

4:00PM: Dementev folds to Borja

With blinds having just gone up, Lester Edoc raised double to make it 800 to call. There were four players who felt their cards were good enough to join him and the dealer spread the flop of 9♣4♦2♠. Action checked all the way to Andrei Dementev who bet 2k. Everyone folded except for Jerick Borja. At the turn of 6♣, Borja checked to Dementev again who bet 2700. This time Borja switched up and check-raised to 6700. Dementev folded and Borja was awarded the pot.

3:45PM: Soriano returns and rails two

Felicitas Soriano busted out with pocket aces in an earlier battle but re-entered and found renewed life and more when she railed two players. In a three-way all in battle, Soriano had ace-king and was up against king-queen and pocket queens. An ace graced the the flop and she took the lead. She went on to win the hand while railing her two opponents.

3:30PM: Jeong claims a sizable pot

Defending his big blind, Minwoong Jeong joined three players in calling SJ Kim’s raise of 700 preflop. At the flop of 6♣2♥7♣, Jeong acted first and laid out a 1200 bet. He was called by Xiaohua Fu and Zhengzhong Yang. At the turn of 7♦, Jeong continued and bet 2075. Fu folded and Yang called. On the river of A♠, both players checked and Jeong won with his 7♥3♠ trips.

3:15PM: Full house for Regencia, cracks aces

Noel Regencia earned himself a nice sweet pot in a hand that began with a Felicitas Soriano raising from 200 to 500. She was called by 6 players and off they went to the flop of 2♣10♦9♥. When the blinds checked to her, she moved all in for 6625 and found one caller in Regencia. When their cards were revealed, Regencia had 2♦2♠ for a set against her A♣A♠. The turn of Q♥ and river of Q♣ improved Regencia to a full house and he was shipped a nice pile while railing Soriano in the process.

3:00PM: Runas out, SJ Kim and Edoc split pot

On a board of J♥9♣K♥, Lester Edoc was all in with two players making the call, SJ Kim and Tofie Runas. The turn of 3♣ had both Kim and Runas checking, then on the river of Q♣, Runas checked, Kim bet 2k, and Runas called with his remaining 950 chips. Kim won the side pot with his 10♥7♣ straight, Runas was eliminated, and Kim split the main pot with Edoc who also had a straight with his K♠10♣.

2:45:PM Menard triples up

After Edgar Angelo Felix bet the flop of 4♣6♦5♥, Alexandre Menard moved all in for 6550. He was called by one player, then Felix moved all with a total of 6675. This created a small side pot for him of 250. Menard had 4♠4♦ for a dominating set, Felix had 7♠7♥ for an open ended draw, and the third player who had both Felix and Menard covered had A♦8♦. The turn of K♥ and river of 2♣ were no help to those behind and Menard tripled up while Felix was awarded the small side pot.

2:30PM: Sayo railed by Shetty

With a very short stack left, JC Sayo was forced all in preflop and had to battle three other players for the pot. At the flop of 3♠4♣10♥, Kunal Shetty bet 825 and one player called. At the turn of 4♠, Shetty continued and bet 1825, and this time, took the side pot with no caller. At the showdown, Shetty had Q♠6♠ and Sayo had 2♦5♠. The river of 7♠ gave Shetty his flush and Sayo was eliminated.

2:15PM: Casey pushes for the win; Dementev with a nut flush

Gerald Casey is on his second life here today and is intending to keep his stack in control and on an increase. He was in a hand with three other players contributing to a raised pot preflop of 600 each. At the flop of 9♣6♥A♣, action was checked to the player on the utg seat who bet 1300. Acting next was Casey who quickly shoved with quite a big stack. No one called and he won the pot.

At the table just beside, Andrei Dementev was seen scooping up a hefty pot. His A♠Q♠ landed a nut flush (made at the flop), and got some good pay out of it.

2:00PM: Four way all-in; Fu, McFarland, and Yang win pots, Pitkanen chunked

It was a crazy four-way all in at table 11 with a board of J♣9♣2♠ spread in the middle. Xiaohua Fu had Q♠10♥ for an open ended draw, Lee McFarland had J♦9♥ for two pairs, Zhengzhong Yang had J♠J♥ for a leading set, and Markus Pitkanen who covered all of them had A♣Q♣ for a nut flush draw. This generated two side pots. At the turn of A♥ only Pitkanen improved to a pair and Yang was still ahead with his set. The river of K♥ changed things up as Fu got his straight, earning him the main pot and a quadruple up. Yang won the first side pot with his set, and McFarland won the other side pot with his two pairs. Having lost the hand, Pitkanen was crippled down and bowed out immediately after.

1:30PM: Hebron eliminates Revah

Though we’ve already had some early eliminations, such as Gerald Casey seen re-entering, we did catch one hit the rail at an outer table. It was Eyal Revah who fell to Mark Hebron. During the hand, Hebron raised to double to 300 and Revah three-bet to make it 800. He was called by four players including initial raiser Hebron. At the flop of 4♠7♥J♦, Revah bet 2100 and Hebron check-raised to make it 6k, a raise that covered the rest of Revah’s stack. Revah obliged and it was a showdown. Revah had 9♦8♠ for a gutshot draw and Hebron had Q♠J♣ for top pair. The turn of 9♠ and river of 2♠ kept Hebron in the lead and he was shipped a nice pot as Revah got up to leave.

1:00PM: Notables at the felt

Already heating up the felt are some players well known in the Asian circuit including some regular PokerStars players such as Jean Issa, John Tech, Kunal Shetty, Edgar Angelo Felix, John King, Anacleto Quijano, Gerald Casey, Ben Abrahams, Nickolai Alexandrov, and Derek Baker to mention a few.

12:30PM: Slow start

Shuffle up and deal! Unlike yesterday’s booming kickoff, today’s flight is on a much slower pace with six tables ongoing at the moment.


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