P1M Guarantee- April: 22 players qualify into the final day

April 01, 2016

The last day one flight of the PokerStars Live Manila P1M Guarantee Main Event has concluded with another 22 players qualifying into the final day. In the first heat of the day, Filipino player Manny Padernal ended the day as the chip leader with 175k at bagging. At the second heat of the day, Frenchman David Perreau claimed the top spot with 184.5k chips.

The day began quite fiercely with many players taking to the felt in the first heat. This qualifying heat had a P1000 unlimited re-entry buy-in which pooled in a total of 135 entries. With quite a fast structure, big names were dropping like flies such as John Tech, Edilberto Gopez, Jay Lubas, Jean Issa, and John King. By the end of late registration, only 66 remained in the field with only 7 players guaranteed a spot into the final day.

As play continued, Dereck Leano picked up some sizable winning pots that sent his stack up from the dumps. Joseph Sia seemed to have a big stack for the entire day. Aristotle Sigua railed one of the toughest players in the field, Jessie Leonarez, and held on to it into the final table.

The player to give most mention to however was Padernal who earned one of the happiest pots of the day after winning a four-way all in. Padernal had A♦K♦ that found an ace on the flop against three shorter stacks. The hand that sent him to the top of his heat was when he railed Korea’s Jae Wook Shin as the bubble holding big slick again.

At the second heat, the buy-in was P2000 with no re-entry allowed. By the end of late registration, the heat saw 148 players with only 15 of them making the cut into the final day.

It took a while for the field to downsize but players Christian Ortanez, Dave Erquiaga, and Pedro Gutierrez were picking up some big pots and sending numerous players to the rail. Although Ortanez and Erquiaga steered clear of danger, Gutierrez lost a lot of his chips and eventually had to find a spot to double up. He took a stand with his pocket sixes but faced a player with pocket aces. With some luck, Gutierrez was able to double up when he connected with a straight.

With action down to two tables, Antonio Ona had the biggest stack with over 200k chips which he won after eliminating two players simultaneously with his pocket eights improving to a full house. Ona ended the day second in his heat with 178,500 chips.

As for Perreau, he earned his top spot in two moments. He three-bet all in on top of Erquiaga’s raise and won the pot without a challenge. He then followed it up with his A♣6♣ eliminating Roque Lima in bubble position.

With all day one flights concluded, action will resume tomorrow at 1230PM. For a read on some of the action of day 1d, proceed to this link: Day 1d Updates.


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