P1 Million: Final Day Updates

October 25, 2015

The final day of the P1M Guarantee Main Event has started with 66 hopefuls looking to go deep to claim the first place purse of P357,300. Only 36 players will make a profit which means, nearly half the field will have to fall before the money is guaranteed. We will be posting random updates of the day and the final table action right here.

7:50pm: David Erquiaga wins the Main Event – PHP237,400

Heads Up Erquiaga vs Mariano.jpg
David Erquiaga has claimed the Main Event championship trophy after defeating Archie Mariano at the heads up round. Erquiaga won the first side event of the series and now has claimed the big one. Congratulations to Erquiaga!

7:50pm: Archie Mariano takes 2nd place – PHP271,000

Archie Mariano was the chip leader coming into the heads up round but lost numerous pots to Erquiaga with barely a showdown. The final hand saw Mariano all in with 8♦6♣ against Erquiaga’s 7♠6♦ on a flop of 7♦5♥7♥. Mariano’s open ended would not materialize with a K♣ at the turn and river of 10♣. Mariano ends his deep run one short of the trophy.

7:40pm: Heads up

Archie Mariano 3.4M vs David Erquiaga 2.1M

7:35pm: Justin Worth bows out in 3rd place – PHP221,524

P1 Million Justin Worth
Justin Worth shoved his remaining short stack in the middle and Archie Mariano quickly called. Mariano had K♣10♣ and Worth had 6♣4♦. The window card was a K♥ and with the rest of the board A♠2♠5♠J♦, Worth bowed out in 3rd place.

7:30pm: Erquiaga takes some from Worth

It was David Erquiaga’s turn to take from Justin Worth. He was all in with J♠J♦ and Worth with Q♣10♥. The board ran A♥7♠J♥4♠3♠. Erquiaga doubled up.

7:25pm: Mariano fights back

Archie Mariano lost a big chunk of his stack to Justin Worth but retaliated right after. He three-bet all in and Worth called. Mariano had A♥A♠ against Worth’s K♣7♦. The rockets held up and now it was Mariano who doubled up. Mariano now has 2.6M chips.

7:20pm: Worth doubles up through chip leader

It was a heads-up moment between Archie Mariano and Justin Worth. Worth had Q♠Q♣ against Mariano’s A♥4♠. The board was clean and Worth’s ladies held up for a sweet double up. Worth now has over 3M in chips.

7:05pm: Deal reached

The three remaining players made a deal. The cash prizes are based on the current chip stacks. The players are still playing for the P100,000 MPC package and the trophy.

6:50pm: Chip Counts

Three players still in the field. Archie Mariano ahead with 2,540,000, David Erquiaga with 1,635,000, and Justin Worth with 1,330,000.

6:35pm: Mariano gets paid huge with big slick

Archie Mariano three-bet all in and Justin Worth, the initial raiser, quickly called. Mariano had A♠K♠ and Worth had K♥J♣. The board ran 7♦Q♥8♦9♦A♦, and with no diamonds in Worth’s hand, Mariano landed a massive double up. Mariano now has 2.3M chips.

6:20pm: Luke Pangan elimimated in 4th place – PHP114,000

Luke Pangan had a great run at the felt the entire tournament but it was cut short by Justin Worth. Pangan moved all in for his remaining 585k on the button and Worth called from the small blind seat. At the showdown, Pangan had A♣4♥ and Worth had 2♥2♣. The board offered no help to Pangan and Worth’s ducks held up. Pangan leaves in 4th place.

Level 26 40k/80k -10k Ante

6:20pm: No deal

With four players left, they call the tournament director to compute a deal. After the break down was given, no deal was reached. Back to regular programming.

6:15pm: Erquiaga takes from Mariano

David Erquiaga may have doubled up Archie Mariano previously but he wanted to get some of it back. In a recent hand, Justin Worth raised to 150k, Mariano called, then Erquiaga shoved his 655k chips. Both folded and Erquiaga took down the pot.

6:10pm: Ashley de Guzman settles for 5th place – PHP83,600

It was an all in preflop action again with Ashley de Guzman holding A♥Q♥ and Archie Mariano with A♣K♥. The board bricked and with that, de Guzman’s run for the finish line ended in 5th place.

6:05pm: Mariano back up with a double up

Archie Mariano was looking for a chance to get his chips back to where it was after he eliminated Mike Takayama. Now with only 380k chips left, he shoved and was called by David Erquiaga. Mariano had 7♣8♥ and Erquiaga had A♦2♦. The board ran dry to the turn but on the river an eight landed and Mariano doubled up to over 800k chips.

6:00pm: John Sayo eliminated in 6th place – PHP68,400

From the big blind seat, John Sayo decided to three-bet all in Justin Worth’s raise but Worth wasn’t going anywhere and called. Sayo had 9♦2♠ and Worth had A♠9♣. The board offered no help to Sayo, instead Worth landed an ace to improve, and Sayo was out in 6th place.

5:45pm: De Guzman doubled up by Worth again

Ashley de Guzman is liking Justin Worth at the moment because the Aussie has doubled him up again. De Guzman went all in with another 6♥6♦ and was called by Worth with A♥3♥. The board bricked and de Guzman is now close to half a million chips.

5:35pm: Ernesto Camerino out in 7th place – PHP53,200

Ernesto Camerino got his remaining short stack in the middle and was called by Luke Pangan. At the showdown Camerino was ahead with A♣J♥ against Pangan’s A♦2♦. The board however was unkind as it ran K♦10♥2♣8♠8♦, giving Pangan a small pair. Camerino bows out in 7th place.

5:30pm: De Guzman lands a double up

Ashley de Guzman takes a stand and shoves with 6♠6♦. He was called by Justin Worth with K♣9♣. The board bricked and de Guzman doubled up to around 150k chips.

5:20pm: Noel Araniel exits in 8th place – PHP44,900

The once massive chip leader has fallen at the hands of Justin Worth. During the hand, Luke Pangan raised to 100k, Worth three-bet to 300k, Araniel called, and Pangan folded. Heads up between the two, the flop landed 3♦4♠5♦. Araniel checked to Worth who bet 300k, Araniel called. At the turn of 5♠ both checked. Then on the river of 5♣, Araniel tossed in a value bet of 100k, Worth shoved, then Araniel called with all his chips. Worth had A♥A♦ and won the hand when Araniel mucked. Araniel is out in 8th place.

5:15pm: Worth doubles up through Mariano

Justin Worth has just put a stop to Archie Mariano’s domination at the final table. It started with a raise by Noel Araniel to 60k, Worth called, Mariano shoved his massive stack, Araniel folded, but Worth snap-called. Worth had A♥K♦ and Mariano had 8♦8♠. The board ran K♣J♠Q♦9♠10♥, the board landed a straight but with his ace, Worth had the better hand and doubled up huge.

5:10pm: Mariano muscles Pangan

After eliminating Mike Takayama, Archie Mariano was now close to a million chips. Several hands after, Mariano muscled Luke Pangan when he three-bet Pangan’s raise of 100k to make it 300k. Pangan couldn’t risk his tournament life.

5:05pm: Mike Takayama out in 9th place – PHP36,500

Mike Takayama is the first casualty of the final table. He called an all in against Archie Mariano on a board showing J♥4♥4♦. Takayama had 6♥5♥ and Mariano had Q♥10♥. Both were gunning for the flush. With the turn of 10♦ and river of 3♥, they hit their flush but Mariano had the better and eliminated Takayama in 9th place.

4:55pm: No callers for de Guzman

Ashley de Guzman needs to double up but will take what he can otherwise. He went all in with his 110k stack from the hijack seat. No callers for him and he won the blinds and antes.

4:50pm: Erquiaga takes from Takayama

Action is slow at the final table but now David Erquiaga just won a pot against Mike Takayama. Action began with Takayama raising to 60k which sent Erquiaga tanking for some time until he decided to raise it to 135k. Action folded all around and Takayama called. At the flop of 10♣8s]8♥, Takayama checked to Erquiaga who bet 150k and Takayama folded. First nice pot of the final table goes to Erquiaga.

Level 23 – 15k/30k – 4k Ante

4:40pm: Final Table chip counts

Final Table P1M.jpg
Seat 1 – Justin Worth – 630k
Seat 2 – Ernesto Camerino – 376k
Seat 3 – Archie Mariano – 603k
Seat 4 – Ashley de Guzman – 121k
Seat 5 – John Sayo – 382k
Seat 6 – Mike Takayama – 531k
Seat 7- Noel Araniel – 1.238m (chip leader)
Seat 8 – David Erquiaga – 776k
Seat 9 – Luke Pangan – 873K

4:30pm: Gorman out in 10th place, Araniel over 1M

Nicholas Gorman was all in with pocket kings but ran smack into Noel Araniel’s pocket aces. The board bricked and with that, Gorman was out in 10th place. Araniel climbed to 1.2m and we are now merging for the final table of 9.

4:25pm: Worth tanks Pangan

Justin Worth check-raised Luke Pangan on a board showing 5♠K♦9♥. Pangan bet 80k and Worth raised double sending Pangan to the tank. Pangan folded and showed his 9♦. Worth showed his 5♦4♦ bottom pair.

4:15pm: Takayama burns Aquino

Mike Takayama bad beat Raul Aquino’s pocket kings earlier and now he has ended Aquino’s day. Takayama had A♥7♣ against Aquino’ all in with 6♥6♣. An ace showed up on the board and Aquino bowed out in 11th place.

4:10pm: Crazy call ends So’s day

John So shoved his remaining 120k chips and after tanking for some time, big stacked Luke Pangan called. So had A♠9♣ and Pangan had a crazy 3♠5♥. The board ran K♥J♦3♦10♣4♣ giving Pangan bottom pair and all of So’s chips. What a crazy call.
Level 22 10k/20k 2k-Ante

4:00pm: Takayama climbs to over 400k

Mike Takayama won two challenges preflop and then further escalates when he won a pot against John So. During the hand, So raised to 32k and was called by Takayama on the big blind. At the flop of 4♦7♠J♠, both checked to get a free turn card of 9♥. Takayama bet 36k and So called. Then on the river of 2♦, Takayama bet again, 37k, and So folded giving Takayama a nice pot.

3:50pm: So takes one out of play

John So has just added more chips to his stack after eliminating a player with his 9♠9♣ winning against A♥J♦.

3:45pm: Erquiaga wins some from Mariano

David Erquiaga seems to be collecting lots of pots but we always seem to miss the moment. In a recent hand, we saw him raise to 92k preflop and was called by Archie Mariano. At the, Erquiaga bet on a paired board and Mariano folded. Erquiaga is the current chip leader with over 900k chips.

3:40pm: Lau railed, Takayama climbs

Three-way all in extravaganza at table 9 with Alan Lun King Lau, Raul Aquino, and Mike Takayama all in. Takayama actually tanked for a while before putting his tournament life on the line, he was on the big blind and was well covered by both players with only 44k behind.

At the showdown, Lau had A♥7♠, Aquino had K♠K♣, and Takayama had 10♦10♠. When the board ran, 2♣2♥4♠10♥6♣, Takayama found a lucky friend and landed a full house. He tripled up while Lau was eliminated.

3:30pm: Araniel survives Shetty’s overcards

Noel Araniel called Kunal Shetty’s all in and it was a classic fifty-fifty situation. Araniel had pocket tens and Shetty had ace-queen. The board bricked and Araniel eliminated Shetty.

Level 20 6k-12k-2k (Ante)

3:20pm: Co and Riad fall at the hands of Gorman

Eugene Co and John Riad shoved both their short stacks but Nicholas Gorman with a larger stack called and it was a three-way race for the pot. Co had J♠8♠, Riad had A♦10♦, and Gorman had Q♥Q♣. The board offered no help to Co and Riad and just like that, two more fell and the table was broken down. We are now at 18 players.

3:15pm: Mariano eliminates de Leon

Archie Mariano ends Timothy de Leon’s day with his Q♥Q♠ besting de Leon’s K♥6♦ that failed to get lucky on the board.

3:10pm: So doubles up through Pangan

In a battle of the blinds, raise-shove-call and cards revealed. Small blind Luke Pangan had A♣K♦ and John So had J♥4♠. The board ran 7♠10♥2♥2♣4♣ and with So pairing up his bottom card, he doubled up while celebrating his luck.

3:00pm: Wain slingshots upward

Daisy Wain, the only female left in the field, had a nerve-wracking three hands that initially crippled her then slingshot her back to health. In the first hand, Wain moved all in with 9♣9♠ and was matched by a shorter stack with A♠A♦. The board was no help to her and she was crippled down to 49k. She went all in again, this time with J♥9♠ and was called by Delfin Ty with A♣2♣. She doubled up when the board landed a jack. Her rise wasn’t done though, she moved all in again holding pocket eights and was called by David Erquiaga with ace-king. The coin toss went her way with an eight gracing the felt, giving her a set and another double boost. She now has around 235k chips. In her excitement however, she left the table to tell her tale and was penalized one hand for acting out of turn.

2:50pm: Riad doubles up

John Riad lost several pots today bringing him to the brink of elimination with his short stack. He moved all in with K♠10♦ and was called by the big blind with 9♦5♠. Riad was granted his double up then the board ran blanks for both.

2:45pm: Pangan eliminate Heinanen

Luke Pangan has been on a killing spree and his latest victim was Pasi Heinanen. Action preflop began with Heinanen raising to 22k then faced an all in from the leader Pangan. Heinanen called for his tournament life and at the showdown, it was a coin toss. Heinanen had 8♥8♦ and Pangan had A♦K♥. The board ran 7♥2♦K♠2♠6♥ giving Pangan the higher pair and all of Heinanen’s chips.

2:40pm: De Guzman gives one the boot

Ashley de Guzman ends the hopes of another short stack who went all in with 10♥7♠ and was behind his K♠9♣. The board gave de Guzman top pair with a king on the board and that was good enough to the river for the win.

2:30pm: Leaders at the break

Current chip leaders at the break. Pangan with 570k chips. Ashley de Guzman and David Erquiaga with around 400k chips. There are 29 players left in the field.

2:20pm: Leonarez busts out

We were unable to catch the action, but we just saw Jessie Leonarez walking out of the tournament area. It looks like he busted out in 32nd place. The other leader coming into today, Young Chull Kim was also booted from the field however he failed to make the money. From the information told to us, Kim had a straight but he was burned by a full house which severely crippled his stack. He busted out soon after.

2:05pm: Chip leader Pangan

Luke Pangan is the current chip leader with 580k chips. Everyone is now guaranteed at least P9,900.

2:00pm: Zhang bubbles!

P1 Million Yang Zhang
Yang Zhang is the unfortunate player who ended his day in the bubble. During the hand he moved all in with 94k left and monster stacked Luke Pangan called. Zhang had A♦9♦ and Pangan had 10♣10♥. The board bricked and just like that, Zhang was out and everyone is now in the money.

1:50pm: Bubble stage

Justin Worth eliminated a player and now we are hand for hand with 37 players left in the field. During the hand, Worth was all in with pocket queens against ace-king and pocket sixes. No help on the board for his opponents and Worth eliminated a player while collecting a double up and more.

1:45pm: Enriquez crippled by Ty

We are nearing the money and still we hear all ins scattered throughout the room. In one hand, Raymond Enriquez was all with Delfino Ty right there with him. Ty had pocket kings and Enriquez with pocket jacks. In dramatic fashion, both players hit a set on the flop. After blanks on the turn and river, Ty won the hand and Enriquez was severely crippled.

1:40pm: Ailing Zhang doubles up

Yang Zhang is back up to 70k chips when he doubled up with his jack-ten landing a backdoor straight.

1:25pm: Co nearly triples up

Three-way all in with Eugene Co, Edward Warriner, and Judee Mendoza all looking to bag the fat pot in the middle. Mendoza had J♥10♥, Co with 7♦7♥, and Warriner with A♥K♥. The board ran 7♠2♠3♠5♠6♦, and with no one holding a spade, Co’s set held up. He eliminated Mendoza and crippled Warriner.

1:20pm: More chips for Pangan

Luke Pangan scalps Stuart Brodie with his ace-seven landing a bottom pair on the board. He continues to climb and now has around 420k chips.

1:10pm: Pangan rails Tan

Luke Pangan ends Pete Tan’s day and escalates to around 390k chips. Pangan and Tan tangled in an earlier pot with Tan getting the best of Pangan but this time, Pangan would reclaim his chips and more. Pangan was all in with pocket queens against Tan’s pocket eights. The board bricked and Pangan was awarded a massive pile in the middle.

1:00pm: Happy ducks for Araniel

Noel Araniel ends another player’s attempt to double up when his pair of ducks overcame a coin toss against ace-queen when he landed a set to seal the deal.

12:35pm: More fall early

Bernardo Angeles was railed by Yang Zhang when his ace-four was no good against Zhang’s ace-nine. Marek Weber also bowed out. Then Srinivas Polishetty who was transferred to Weber’s empty seat, fell right after.

12:25pm: Sin falls first

P1 Million In Sin
In Sin went all in with pocket fours hoping this would be the hand to bring his stack up but was called by pocket eights and now needed to get lucky. The flop was a good one, giving Sin a set, but the turn immediately burned him as it gave his opponent a higher set.

12:20pm: Shuffle up and deal

And they are off! Good luck to all the players!


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