One-on-one with Boris Becker with PCA seat on the line

September 29, 2008

Imagine how many people who have trembled as they looked across the net and saw Boris Becker staring back at them. Looking into the champion’s eyes on the competitive field is something few people can do. Now, you have your chance and a seat to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is on the line.

As you might already be aware, Boris Becker has been spending a lot of time with the PokerStars folks these days. Now, he’s decided to play some PokerStars players heads-up in the Bahamas. The winners will end up with seats to the hottest tournament in the islands.

PokerStars has just started running a series of daily freeroll tournaments that feed directly into the weekly finals. The final table players from those events will make it to the November 16th grand finals. The top three players from those two tournaments will go to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and play heads-up with Boris Becker. Win that match and proceed directly to your PCA seat across the room.

To learn more about the Boris Becker event, visit the Play Against Boris Becker page at PokerStars.

To get started, click on TOURNEY and ALL in the PokerStars lobby and look for the “Battle Borris” freerolls.

Good luck!


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