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May 04, 2012

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Many of you know that in times gone by, I spent most of my Sunday evenings (“early Monday mornings”, actually) sitting on the rail of the Sunday Million tournament final table, managing deals, chatting with the players, and making inane comments when somebody busted out.

The people who run the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) have been kind enough to offer me a seat on the rail at some SCOOP final tables; I jumped at the chance.

But we thought that we should also take advantage of the new technologies out there. So, we’ve created a PokerStars Home Games club called “SCOOP 2012 Fan Club”. Everybody can join. Just go to the Home Games tab in the PokerStars software lobby, click on “Join a club”, put in the club ID (#634789) and the invitation code (“scoop2012”). We’ll accept your application as soon as we see it.

Once you’re a member, click on the club wall and join the conversation. I’m going to be hosting the following final tables:

  • 2-M final table on May 7th – $215 NL Hold’em
  • 21-M final table on May 14th – $215 NL Hold’em
  • 34-S final table on May 18th – $55 FL Hold’em
  • 34-M final table on May 18th – $530 FL Hold’em
  • 34-H final table on May 18th – $5200 FL Hold’em
  • Whenever I’m at a final table, I’ll be chatting on the wall and answering questions. We’ve also got a ton of Team Online and Team Pro people hosting SCOOP final tables; I’m sure many of them will be doing the same; we hope you’ll join us.

    These tournament series are a great way to bring the PokerStars community together; please join us in the Home Games club where we can hang out, cheer on our favourite players, and watch two weeks of great poker action.

    You can also join us on Twitter. Just use the #scoopfan hashtag to join the conversation.


    Join Lee Jones on the rail for SCOOP 2012


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