No more tilting – the PokerStars Blog now fully responsive

July 23, 2014

If you read the PokerStars Blog on either a tablet or mobile phone you may have noticed a few changes.

Whereas before, reading reports on MicroMillions or the latest action from the European Poker Tour might have involved pinching the screen to adjust the size of the text, or tipping a phone (or your head) sideways to get a better view, there’s now no need to do either. Instead the PokerStars Blog will fit to your device rather than the other way around.


No need to worry when tacking or jibing – the PokerStars Blog is responsive to all conditions

Yes, the people behind the scenes who have a knack for this sort of thing have made a few adjustments, ensuring the PokerStars Blog is now fully responsive, and the right size for any screen and any device.

If you haven’t already noticed try this: Make your browser smaller or drag one margin towards the other. See what I mean? It’s pretty impressive, with text and photos re-aligned so you don’t have to start fumbling in your bag for reading glasses. It’ll even save you the discomfort in winter of having to remove your gloves so you can drag the screen the correct size. That’s technically a health benefit right there.


PokerStars Blog on an iPad

So go ahead. Read the PokerStars Blog wherever you are, on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, without the fiddly bits, the cold hands or the bad neck.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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