Neymar Jr & Ronaldo getting trickier in #RaiseIt battle

June 27, 2016

Those crazy Brazilians are at it again, and this time, there is a racket involved.

As you might have seen, Neymar Jr and Ronaldo have been having a little fun in their down time by challenging each other to some trick shots. They’re calling their battle #RaiseIt, and at first it looked like they would just be doing what they do best: making a ball look like they can control it with their minds. But now, at least one of them has decided to keep his feet out of it.

The first #RaiseIt battle (which you can see here) was nothing short of cool. But now, Ronaldo is talking smack and smacking a tennis ball around.

See for yourself, and see how Neymar responded.

As you might have seen last week, you now have the opportunity to #RaiseIt yourself. Check out the #RaiseIt web page where you have a chance to to submit your own tricky videos. What do you have up your sleeve?


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