New Stadium Series Throwables: Surprise antidote to harmful poker distractions?

July 16, 2020

Have you ever drifted off between hands, or switched tabs to browse the internet, only to find yourself startled and dragged back to the game by the “your turn to act” siren of shame?

Caught in a brief mental fog, you try to compose yourself, style it out, and appear as if you were “just thinking”, and not actually miles away scrolling through cat memes.

Quick… Where’s the button? Where’s the action? Where am I?

We’ve all been there.

We’re supposed to be paying attention and tracking every movement of our opponents so we can turn that information to our advantage. But we’re human. The mind wanders. And with so many distractions it takes superhuman strength to narrow your focus onto one thing.

But what if you could combine distractions with paying attention? By Jove you’d have solved the secrets of the universe.

At least for the duration of Stadium Series.

Which is a long, slightly convoluted way of saying “have you seen our latest Stadium Series throwables?”

Reach the money to earn this cash Throwable

It might rank as a slight oversell on our part to say that all your attention problems could be solved by a digitalised pile of money with a gold bar on top, but there’s more to say about this than it being something you either love or hate.

Reach a final table and you’ll earn a slightly bigger pile in this Throwable

Because another way of looking at throwables is as the online poker stress ball.

It’s the thing you play with as you sit thinking, or the doodle pad you occupy yourself with during a work meeting.

Not only do they give you something to do, they inadvertently keep you tuned into the game.

Go all the way and win a Stadium Series event and you’ll earn this Throwable, complete with virtual gold bar

Suddenly, with a pocket full of throwables to draw on, you’re not drifting off, you’re not humiliated by the mis-click you make when called back in a hurry by that siren. You’re in the zone, lobbing decks of cards, or worse, at your opponents.

From this week Stadium Series players can add piles of money (complete with gold bar) to their armoury, as you might have seen above.

Earn a min-cash in any weekly final and you’ll earn the pile of money throwable.

If you reach a final table that pile of money will be a bigger pile.

And if you win a Stadium Series event, you get the gold bar on top.

That’s along with the regulars, such as fireworks, that box of tissues, the fish on the end of a reel, a deck of cards and others. So you should find something to suit any mood.

Of course, if things don’t go quite so well, as has been known in poker from time to time, there is another new throwable to express yourself with.

You can earn this one by losing a hand with either aces or kings. The rest is, well… explained quite clearly in the image blow.

Yes… it’s exactly what you think it is.

Give them a try and see what you think. And remember, if you absolutely hate them you can turn them off in the settings.



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