It happened last night, in Latvia, when most people in the European poker world were asleep.

A brand new record was set in our new game Grand Tour.

So big that it more than doubled the previous record set by AvtobusKRD who won $63,629.56 with a single KO earlier month.

And the game has only been going for a couple of weeks…

The player claiming title of the biggest Grand Tour winner (so far) is Latvian player zjuupa.

And that new record?

$149,220 in a single KO.

Here’s how he did it, and how you can try to do the same…


He did just that by signing up for one of the Grand Tour games currently running on PokerStars.

Play Grand Tour on PokerStars for as little as $1

You might already be familiar with how Grand Tour works. For instance, you’ll know it’s a game made up of a series of four-handed hyper-turbo “sprints”, with a starting buy-in of $1.

There’s no prize pool. You play for bounties instead, so you can start winning from the very first hand.

Then, as you win a sprint, and your bounty value increases, you play sprints — with the stakes now higher.

Not only that, but a multiplier comes into effect with every bounty you win.

Like the Spin at the start of a spin and go multiplying the prize pool, this whirrs into silent action every time you score a KO.

So, on your way from turning $1 into something like $100 to $150, this can happen…


Zjuupa started with a $12 race at 21:07 ET (remember you can start at one of several buy-in levels if you prefer)

He won it and moved to the next sprint with a bounty value of $24.30 (made up of his value and the bounties he’d won).

He won that one too, earning a place in the final sprint with his value now $60.76.

All that took just 19 minutes.


It took seven minutes for four-handed to become two-handed, with zjuupa struggling for chips at first, up against a buoyed-up opponent who’d just dispatched his other two rivals.

But this is Grand Tour. Things happen fast.

Three minutes later zjuupa had changed all that.

It had taken just 3 minutes to reverse the situation. Now it was zjuupa with the lead and moving all in.

In a hand that took just 12 seconds, zjuupa’s Q♠6♦ had the better of easybox00’s 6♠7♠. A better kicker was all he needed to cross the finish line.

Zjuupa took the pot, the bounty, and the win. Then something else… as seen in the hand history…

21:37:45  zjuupa wins $149220 for eliminating easybox00 and their own bounty increases by $74.60 to $135.36


You can see why, for a buy-in of $12, we figured a win worth $149,380.04, secured in about 26 minutes, deserved a mention.


If any of this has got you interested in giving Grand Tour a try, and maybe even hit one of the various multipliers along the way, you can start playing today on PokerStars.

It’s right there in the lobby, with its own tab. You can’t miss it.

And to find more details of those spin ups, and how the game works in all its glorious details, you can try the Grand Tour homepage.



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