New book celebrates ten years of the European Poker Tour

December 05, 2014

Of all the things ever thought up by people wallowing in the bathtub, the European Poker Tour has to be right up there as the best–at least as far as poker players are concerned.

It may be that other great discoveries were made from this most meditative of spots, new planets perhaps, or cures for wrinkles–eureka moments that struck while their creators floated their ducks, spiked their hair into Mohawks, and put bubbles on their face to pretend they had a beard. But as far as we’re concerned the most important was the EPT, and we have John Duthie to thank for it.

Duthie effectively transformed world poker as we know it. It may not have been the first poker tour, but the EPT has since become known as the best, the most prestigious, and the richest. And that’s exactly what a new book, to be published by PokerStars and launched this month, will celebrate.


Celebrating ten years of the European Poker Tour

This coffee-table style book tells the story of the EPT to celebrate its ten year anniversary. It draws upon a collection of stories, quotes and features from the tour’s first ten seasons, as well as some breath-taking photography that brings the world of high stakes poker to life. They are images that have transformed the perception of poker, with the EPT becoming poker’s most democratic institution, open to anyone with a few dollars in their account and the will to take on the best in the game.

In the space of 300 pages, the limited edition book tells the story of the tour, from its watery inception, through to its early seasons and the records that have been repeatedly broken. It also includes features on memorable champions whose stories are now forever part of the poker canon.

But mostly this book celebrates the people behind the tour, the staff, the players and the fans, each of whom has helped made the EPT the success story that it is.


So how do you get hold of one of these limited-edition keep-sakes? Well one way is to win an EPT Main Event. Each of the tour’s 101 champions will receive a complimentary copy of the book, which they can collect either at an EPT event or by emailing

Alternatively, and perhaps more realistically, you can purchase the book with FPPS through the PokerStars VIP store from mid-December. Alternatively you can try to win one later this month as EPT Live, broadcasting from the EPT Prague Festival, will be giving copies away as prizes.

Regardless of how you get hold of a copy, you’ll find it a treat to own. It’s the perfect way to relive the last ten years of the tour. Actually, make that the first ten years.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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