New $3 million Spin & Go’s start today on PokerStars

March 08, 2019inNews

For a $40 you can win a top prize of $3 million in a matter of minutes…

It’s part of what makes these new limited-edition Spin & Go’s so popular.

For a low buy-in you can win the kind of prizes usually found at the sharp end of major tournaments, and all in just a matter of minutes.

In fact, they’re short enough to play anytime you have a spare few minutes.

Sometimes they last four or five minutes. Other times as short as four or five hands, as Rainman751 came to learn when he won $1 million back in 2016 in next to no time.

And $40 looks like a good deal alongside all those zeros.

That’s what “VaderWolf” discovered when he won the top prize a while back.

You get an idea of the sheer joy, terror, and excitement that those few minutes involve in the video below. Just be prepared for the words “Call and have deuces” to echo around your head for the rest of the day. Actually, it’s more like a chant.

And remember, the big prize can hit anywhere. As that man “solid Penis” (yeah, we know…) will tell you. He struck gold a while back and was left speechless.

You can watch that clip, introduced by Team Online’s Mikhail Shalamov, below.



Talking of speechless, we’d be remiss not to point out the downsides.

As more than one player has discovered, winning a seven-figure prize will leave you struggling to find the words. This post has a few suggestions should you find yourself on the winning end of the top prize.

You can play these new $3 million Spin & Go’s from today on PokerStars. And to get the exact details of some of the prizes you can win, as well as to start playing, check out the $3 million Spin & Go homepage for details.

Good luck.



Stephen Bartley

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