Negreanu favourite, but which Team Pro will win the #PSPC last longer?

December 28, 2018inEvents

The PSPC is now just two weeks away, and players from around the world are already focusing their efforts on being ready for the start of the biggest tournament of its kind.

That includes members of Team Pro who also have the added stress of a contractually enforced last longer contest. It’s also one you can take part in, by backing your own favourite on a special market created on BetStars.

Now, as you might imagine, this has caused some consternation around here.

Finding yourself listed as a favourite brings its own kind of pressure. But then being publicly listed as rank outsider is no picnic either. Just ask Ben Spragg.

(We did, you can read his reaction below.)

But we’ve done it anyway, and you can check out the latest prices below.

Current list of Team Pros set to play:
Daniel Negreanu 6.00
Lex Veldhuis 9.00
Igor Kurganov 9.00
Jason Somerville 11.00
Jaime Staples 11.00
Jake Cody 13.00
Chris Moneymaker 13.00
Liv Boeree 13.00
Andre Akkari 13.00
Jeff Gross 15.00
Maria Konnikova 17.00
Fatima de Melo 17.00
Randy Lew 21.00
Kevin Martin 21.00
Fintan Hand 26.00
Benjamin Spragg 29.00
Jennifer Shahade 34.00
Celina Lin 34.00
Mikhail Shalamov 34.00
Felix Schneiders 34.00

Daniel Negreanu tops the list, and is arguably a natural favourite. Lex Veldhuis and Igor Kurganov, both in the top three, cause no surprises either.

But we wanted to know what the players themselves thought about the market, so we spoke those prepared to go on record for their reaction.

First, Jaime Staples, who had his doubts about the price for Kevin Martin.

“The “Kevin Martin wins every live tournament” tour is not reflected in his price. Winning the PSPC would just be a perfect cap on his last couple of years. Winning reality shows and poker tournaments – I think it might happen”.

The value seems to be among the underdogs, although you might expect the underdogs themselves to say that.

Fintan Hand and Ben Spragg are on at 29.00 but have been posting some decent wins recently.

Fintan won $1,721 online on Monday 12 December, and Spraggy placed fourth for $4,384.

Staples added:

“The skill gap between poker players is never as big as they are made on the design of a sports betting market. I think there are some pretty spots on this list and it should be interesting to see where people put the action”

Spraggy, listed at 29.00 had his own interpretation.

“BetStars have once again showed a lack of faith in my abilities. As an outrageously priced underdog, I’m more than ready to prove them wrong and reward the smart individuals who chose to back me”.

Sounds like fighting talk to us.

Anyway, while we work on smoothing things over with Spraggy, you can check out all the latest prices on BetStars.


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