Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu nabs 3/31/15 Super Tuesday title, $118K

April 01, 2015

This week’s Super Tuesday — the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold’em tournament on PokerStars that always draws a huge field and many of poker’s top players — saw 658 come out to play. That marked the largest field of 2015 and sixth time this year more than 600 have taken part. It took just over 11 hours for all but one of those players to be eliminated, and in the end it was Romania’s Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu walking away with all of the chips and a handsome $118,485.41 first prize following a heads-up deal.

Tim “tamiam122” Cramer, Marvin “Ron Jovi 7” Rettenmaier, and Alex “lynskey99” Lynskey were among the tough opponents Nedelcu had to outlast at tonight’s final table. Here’s the story of Nedelcu’s win.


It took just over six hours for the money bubble to burst, and with 81 players left Tim “tamiam122” Cramer led the way with Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski close behind.

Almost two hours later 81 had become 18, during which stretch Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski slipped down in the counts to fall in 39th ($2,632) while EPT11 Malta High Roller champion David “dpeters17” Peters made it all of the way to 28th ($2,961).

Meanwhile Tim “tamiam122” Cramer remained near the top with an above average stack while Elf Kicker moved up into first position as the only player with more than 500,000.

Emil “Emilohlsson” Ohlsson (18th), Timothy “Tim0thee” Adams (17th), and antifulltilt (16th) were the next out, each earning $4,935. lissi stinkt (15th), Thiago “KKremate” Crema (14th), and Presto136 (13th) followed, picking up $6,251 apiece. Then alimounda (12th), Tobias “PokerNoob999” Reinkemeier (11th), and phudds (10th) each hit the rail, with each taking away $7,567.

With EvnomiYa having edged over 1 million and ahead of Elf Kicker to grab the chip lead and ENGALA03 sitting on just over one big blind, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Elf Kicker (Canada) — 996,498
Seat 2: Tim “tamiam122” Cramer (Mexico) — 286,990
Seat 3: K!nG.O.O (Germany) — 289,936
Seat 4: ENGALA03 (Chile) — 8,473
Seat 5: Marvin “Ron Jovi 7” Rettenmaier (Germany) — 180,448
Seat 6: SwalzB (Germany) — 156,014
Seat 7: Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu (Romania) — 333,487
Seat 8: EvnomiYa (Russia) — 1,015,720
Seat 9: Alex “lynskey99” Lynskey (Australia) — 22,434

The first hand of the final table saw ENGALA03 all in versus two opponents with K♣7♣. Elf Kicker was one of them holding A♠A♦, but Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu would win the hand with 9♣9♠ after turning a full house, and ENGALA03 was done in ninth.

Just three hands later Alex “lynskey99” Lynskey was all in before the flop with a super-short stack versus two opponents, Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu and EvnomiYa. The latter two checked down the 3♦A♠K♠2♣2♦ board until Nedelcu bet the river to chase EvnomiYa, then Nedelcu showed A♣6♦ for aces. That was better than Lynskey’s Q♠8♣, and lynskey99 was done in eighth.


Alex “lynskey99” Lynskey

Some time passed, then a hand arose that saw K!nG.O.O min-raising to 20,000 from under the gun, then Elf Kicker reraised to 57,888 from the small blind. K!nG.O.O then four-bet all in for just over 285,000, and Elf Kicker called. Elf Kicker showed Q♦Q♠ and K!nG.O.O A♦K♠, the board brought no ace or king (and a queen), and K!nG.O.O was knocked out in seventh.

A little over an orbit later Marvin “Ron Jovi 7” Rettenmaier open-pushed from the small blind for just over 190,000 (just under 16 big blinds) with A♣5♣, SwalzB called from the next seat with A♦8♣, and after the board came J♣8♦9♣2♠A♠ Rettenmaier was sent railward in sixth.


Marvin “Ron Jovi 7” Rettenmaier

Play continued past the 10-hour mark, then with the blinds at 6,000/12,000 Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu raised from UTG, EvnomiYa called from a seat over, then Tim “tamiam122” Cramer shoved from the small blind for a little more than 150,000. It folded back to Nedelcu who reraise-shoved, and EvnomiYa got out of the way.

It was a race between Cramer’s A♥Q♦ and Nedelcu’s J♥J♠. The community cards came 10♠5♦10♣8♥9♣, and Cramer’s tourney run ended in fifth.

The remaining four continued to battle, then a big hand arose that saw Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu raise from the small blind, EvnomiYa three-bet from the big blind, Nedelcu reraise again, EvnomiYa shove for over 825,000 total (almost 59 BBs), and Nedelcu call.

EvnomiYa had Q♥Q♠, but Nedelcu had K♥K♠. A king flopped to improve Nedelcu to a set, and by the turn EvnomiYa was drawing dead to finish in fourth.

A few minutes later Nedelcu min-raised to 32,000 from the button, SwalzB pushed all in for about 345,000 from the big blind, and Nedelcu called, turning over A♠9♠ to SwalzB’s Q♣10♣. The board ran out K♣3♠8♠8♣K♦, and SwalzB was ousted in third.

That hand gave Narcisus90 a big advantage to start heads-up play with almost 2.25 million to the 1.04 million of Elf Kicker. The pair played for a while, with Nedelcu chipping up over 2.6 million and Elf Kicker slipping back under 700,000, then they paused the tournament to talk about a possible chop.

Figures were presented — leaving $8,000 for which to play — and after both readily agreed to the terms play resumed once more.

They played a short while longer, reaching the tournament’s 11-hour mark, with Nedelcu maintaining the same big advanage. Then with the blinds at 9,000/18,000, Nedelcu raised to 36,000 from the button, Elf Kicker called, and the flop came 9♠3♦4♠. At that Elf Kicker led for 36,720, Nedelcu made it 86,200, Elf Kicker pushed all in for a little over 690,000, and Nedelcu called.

Narcisus90: A♠9♥
Elf Kicker: 10♠6♠

Elf Kicker had a flush draw and one overcard while Nedelcu had top pair of nines. The turn and river then brought a couple of deuces — coming 2♣ then 2♦ — and it was all over, with Nedelcu taking the title.

Congratulations to Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu for topping this week’s huge Super Tuesday field to claim a big first prize of more than $118K, and kudos also to Elf Kicker for making it to the heads-up deal and securing a $95K-plus prize that rivals what many Super Tuesday winners earn.

3/31/15 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 658
Prize pool: $658,000.00
Places paid: 81

1. Narcis “Narcisus90” Nedelcu (Romania) — $118,485.41*
2. Elf Kicker (Canada) — $95,364.59*
3. SwalzB (Germany) — $66,458.00
4. EvnomiYa (Russia) — $50,008.00
5. Tim “tamiam122” Cramer (Mexico) — $35,137.20
6. Marvin “Ron Jovi 7” Rettenmaier (Germany) — $27,965.00
7. K!nG.O.O (Germany) — $21,385.00
8. Alex “lynskey99” Lynskey (Australia) — $14,805.00
9. ENGALA03 (Chile) — $9,870.00

*= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $8,000 in play for the winner

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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