NAPT Los Angeles: Day 3, levels 21-22 updates (10,000-20,000-2,000)

November 15, 2010


9:46pm: Demaci: “I run decent”
There might have been someone across the street at Jamba Juice who didn’t know, but everybody in this room knew Christopher Demaci and Mike Leah were about to get it all-in pre-flop for a big one. Only question was what they had. That was revealed quickly.

Demaci: A♣A♠
Leah: Q♠Q♦

To make matters worse for Leah, Demaci flopped his set and sealed Leah’s fate.

As the players finish up the last hands of the night, Demaci looks to be the clear chip leader. We’ll be back shortly with full chip counts and a complete wrap-up of that day.

9:25pm: So near but yet De Faria
Joe Tehan has accounted for Mark De Faria in a surprising occurrence – the best hand held up. De Faria opened from the cut-off, Tehan three bet the button, De Faria four-bet shoved all in, Tehan called.

Tehan: A♣K♠
De Faria: A♥Q♠

The board came 9♥A♦5♥J♥7♥ and De Faria leaves in 21st, picking up $18,000.

9:16pm: Anh Van Nguyen sets up Affleck
Matt Affleck came in for a raise to 48,000 and Anh Van Nguyen called out of the blinds. Nguyen then check-called a J♦3♥9♠ flop for 60,000. When the 8♠ came on the turn, Nguyen check-raised all-in for 350,000. Affleck made the call with A♦J♠, only to see Nguyen’s flopped set of threes. Suddenly, Nguyen is right back in the game.


9:15pm: Video update

8.45pm: Binger busts Casement in sickener
Michael Binger has just eliminated James Casement in fairly brutal fashion. Casement certainly looked suitably sickened after the two of them got involved in a raising war pre-flop and then Binger hit a three-outer to win.

Binger opened to 50,000 from the cut off and Casement re-raised to what looked like 149,000 from the big blind. Binger tanked a long while but then moved all in, covering Casement’s 700-odd total.

Casement called, and with good reason. He tabled A♥K♦ and had Binger’s J♣K♥ dominated. But this is a cruel game. The flop came 3♣2♠J♥ to hit Binger’s three outer, then the turn and river were 2♠2♣.


Michael Binger knocks out James Casement

Binger moves up to close to 2 million; Casement is bust in 22nd.


A sickened James Casement heads home

8.40pm: Mercier schools Lerner in outdraws
And then there were none (Lerner twins, I mean). This is pretty gross. Jason Mercier opened from early position and was then all-but committed to calling Aaron Lerner’s shove with 90,000. Mercier had J♥9♥ against Lerner’s A♥9♦, and a jack had been exposed in the deal, meaning Mercier supposedly only had two outs. Make that one, as a table-mate intimated that they had folded a jack.


Aaron Lerner allows himself a rueful chuckle as he busts

But Mercier is a golden child and watched the board run: 8♣7♠3♦A♣10♣ to give him the straight. Lerner has gone in 23rd.


Name that man

LEVEL UP. PLAYING BLINDS OF 10,000-20,000 (2,000 ANTE) IN LEVEL 22

8.30pm: Believeau doubles
Carl Beliveau doubled up through George Lind in as standard a coup as you find in hold em poker. Lind raised to 36,000 from early position, Beliveau shoved for 177,000 on the button, and Lind called.

Lind: A♣K♣
Beliveau: Q♥Q♠

The board came A♠Q♦2♥3♣7♠ and the set of queens was good for a double up.

8:25pm: Affleck doubles through Raskin
Matt Affleck could get used to this pairs-holding-up thing. He just got J♣J♦ all-in against Micah Raskin’s A♥3♥. The board ran out 7♣9♦3♣7♠4♣ and Affleck doubled his stack to around 1.3 million.


8.20pm: Redraw details
Here’s who’s left and the stacks they carried after the redraw:

Table 1

1 – Anthony Nardi – 800,000
2 – Thomas Young – 490,000
3 – Al Grimes – 900,000
4 – Mike Leah – 600,000
5 – Michael Binger – 1,100,000
6 – Christopher Demaci – 3,100,000
7 – Joseph Melancon – 510,000
8 – James Casement – 610,000

Table 2

1 – Ray Henson – 550,000
2 – Jake Toole – 1,700,000
3 – Carl Beliveau – 235,000
4 – Alan Myerson – 450,000
5 – Jason Mercier – 1,530,000
6 – Aaron Lerner – 115,000
7 – Jimmie Guinther – 1,300,000
8 – George Lind – 810,000

Table 3

1 – empty
2 – Micah Raskin – 2,700,000
3 – Carlos Watanabe – 510,000
4 – Matt Affleck – 625,000
5 – Mark De Faria – 260,000
6 – Joe Tehan – 850,000
7 – Jonathan Gagnon-Villeneuve – 1,200,000
8 – Anh Van Nguyen – 324,000

8:10pm: Play resumes
The final 24 players are back in action.

8:05pm: Redraw
Tournament officials have decided to redraw for the final three tables and play one more level.

7:51pm: Mercier deadly with little pairs
Joe Tehan came in for a raise and Jason Mercier flat-called on the button. Play folded to Cary Katz in the big blind. He moved all-in. Tehan folded, but, after some thought, Mercier said, “Okay, I call,” and showed Katz two red fives.

“You have a pair? Damn it” Katz said and turned over ace-queen.

The board came out clean and Mercier nailed another one.


Cary Katz: “Damn it.”

7.45pm: Demaci shows little mercy
Christopher Demaci is a tyrant with chips, we have recently discovered. After breaking through the million mark in the past level, he is now putting all comers to the sword on table one, winning two pots back-to-back with hefty post-flop action.

On the first hand, Jimmie Guinther opened for 40,000 in early position, which was called by Demaci and then Ray Henson on the button. The three of them saw a flop of A♥K♥10♣ and Guinther bet 67,000. Demaci called and after Henson folded, they went to a turn of 4♦.

Guinther checked and Demaci seized his chance, betting 113,000. Guinther made a reluctant fold.

The next hand, it was the same trio to a flop of 8♣5♥2♠ and Guinther checked. Demaci bet 68,000, but this time Henson was the interested party. He raised to 143,000 and that persuaded Guinther out of it. But Demaci wasn’t done. He made it 104,000 on top of that and forced Henson to re-consider. Henson folded to preserve his stack of about 400,000.

There is a new table captain over there.

7:36pm: Mercier’s set boots Ader
It was all-in for the all the marbles, Jason Mercier’s pocket fours versus Mark Ader’s ace-king. Seeing Mercier stacking the chips, we asked, “So your fours held.”

“No, they didn’t hold,” Mercier said. “I hit my four on the flop, he hit his ace on the turn.” So, the fours improved, Ader went bust, and Mercier is now up over the 1 million mark.

NAPT LA 2010_$5KMainEvent_Day3_Joe Giron_JGP4727.jpg

Jason Mercier

7:20pm: Katz scratches Toole
Jacob Toole has the stack to call pretty much any all in, and he did just that when Cary Katz shoved from the big blind after Toole had raised from the small. Katz was ahead with A♦8♦ against Toole’s Q♠J♠ and when the board ran K♦6♣8♥5♦7♥, Katz was doubling his 130,000 stack.

7:22pm: Demaci gets Goosen
It went raise-reraise-shove-call over on Table 1, with Steven Goosen all-in with Q♥Q♦ against Chris Demaci’s A♥A♦. No shenanigans on the K♦K♠J♦8♥4♠ flop and a dejected Goosen departed the table.

“Really unlucky, man,” said Demaci as he shook his opponent’s hand.


Christopher Demaci

7:20pm: Travis Pearson, from chip leader to bust
It may just be that 25% of our team is suffering from a silly head cold, but it seems like just minutes ago that Travis Pearson was the chip leader. Now, he’s gone. Down to less than 360,000 in chips, he just four-bet all-in from the small blind. The first raiser went away, but Mike Leah made good on his three-bet and called with A♣A♦. Pearson only had pocket jacks and never got close to sucking out.

7:11pm: Thomas Middleton eliminated
Our last Briton standing, Thomas Middleton just headed for the exit in 29th place after running his ace-jack into Jimmie Guinther’s pocket aces.

7.05pm: Chips updated
The full, official chip counts have now been updated. Why don’t you head right on over to the chip-count page (and hit refresh a couple of times) to see who’s up the top.

You’ll notice the absence of Mike Sowers, who has become the first casualty of level 20, thinning the field to 29. Ah, and as I type that I can see the young British player Tom Middleton making his way to the cash desk too. I guess his day is done.

Canada’s Jonathan Gagnon-Villeneuve continues to go great guns. And here’s what he looks like:


Jonathan Gagnon-Villeneuve

6:55pm: Four tables remaining
We are down to 32 players and the plan is to play an additional three levels tonight. Our new chip leader is this dome-headed gentleman, Micah Raskin, who is the proud owner of 2 million in chips.


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