NAPT Los Angeles: Day 3 levels 17-18 live updates (3,000-6,000-500)

November 15, 2010


3:58: Level 18 done
With 48 players remaining, the tournament is on break. We’ll be moving to a new live updates post which you can find on the homepage.

3.45pm: Porter done
Rep Porter is out. He had a short stack and got it all in with small connectors, 6♠7♥, but Nicholas Verkaik’s A♥9♠ stayed good and sent Porter sailing.

3:52: Derek Lerner bailed out on turn
With less than 100,000 left in his stack, Derek Lerner pushed all-in on the last hand before the break with Q♥9♦. He got called by Carlos Wanatabe’s pocket nines. As the flop came out 3♠A♦10♦, Lerner’s twin brother Aaron appeared over his shoulder and implored the cards to, “Get up.” And there was the queen on the turn to give Lerner the win.

3:49pm: Affleck lays down a set
A massive pot just developed between Matt Affleck and Joe Tehan, Tehan making the initial pre-flop raise, Affleck three-betting, Tehan four-betting, and Affleck making the call. The flop came down K♠Q♠4♦ and Tehan checked to Affleck, who bet 100,000. Tehan called. The turn came the A♣ and Tehan instantly moved all-in for his last 285,000. Affleck had him well-covered, but must have put him on a monster hand, as he open-folded his set of queens.

Affleck is down to 655,000 while Tehan is currently on 706,000.


3:35pm: Staying alive, staying alive
Rep Porter opened to 20,000 from early position and Anthony Nardi made it 52,000 from two seats to his left. It made it back to Porter who shoved, comfortably covering Nardi. But Nardi snap called for his last 150,000-ish.

Nardi: A♦A♥
Porter: A♠Q♠

The board offered no help to Porter and so Nardi doubled up.

3:37pm: Payouts updated
Want to see who has made what money so far? We’ve stalked the payout cage and come up with the most updated list of cashers you’ll find anywhere (except, maybe, the payout cage): NAPT Los Angeles main event prizes and winners.

3:34pm: How we started
If you like to hear a Team Online Pro talking, followed by a blogger with a head cold, this is the video for you!

3.25pm: Cracking aces
Tomas Elexhauser raised from late position and then insta-called David John’s 108,000 shove from the small blind. There were adequate reasons for each of these actions. John moved his short stack in with K♠Q♠ and Elexhauser didn’t have much reason to think about the call with A♠A♦.

But this time the best hand didn’t hold. The dealer peeled off two queens on the flop and that vaulted John into the lead. He lives to fight another day.

3.15pm: Raskin makes good lay-down to match yesterday’s call
Micah Raskin made a remarkable call on the bubble yesterday to eliminate Carter King – ace high only, besting King’s missed flush draw. Today he’s just made a very shrewd lay-down, proving his player reading credentials once more.

Raskin raised to 20,000 UTG+1 from a stack of more than 500,000. It was folded to Robert Acton on the button, who announced he was all in, for something like 240,000. Raskin went into the tank and asked a couple of questions of Acton. Acton said: “If you think you’re ahead, you should call.” And then: “I don’t care what you do. My decision is made now.”

Raskin thought about it some more, and then flipped over 10♣10♠ and folded. “You were losin’,” said Acton, who flashed pocket jacks. Good fold from Raskin.

3:11pm: Guess not, Derek
Jonathan Gagnon-Villenueve (henceforth JGV) came in for a raise to 22,000 and Derek Lerner re-popped it to 57,000. JGV made the call and they saw a flop of 3♣3♠6♦. We missed the flop action, button the turn, 9♠ both players checked. When the 8♥ came on the river, JGV led for 45,000. Lerner tanked hard. “Nines? Sevens?” he asked. “I guess you could have sixes full. Or aces. I can’t beat those. There’s a lot out there.” He reached out to spread the pot, but got a quick reprimand from the dealer. “But there are some of mine in there, right?” Lerner joked. Finally Lerner decided it was time to make the call. He put in his 45,000 to see JGV’s A♥A♣. “Guess you didn’t have the other two sevens,” Lerner said.

3:15pm: Binger takes a hit
Mike Leah opened for 17,000, Michael Binger three-bet to 52,000 and Leah responded with a small four-bet to 95,000. Binger considered for quite a while before making the call. The flop came down 8♠3♦2♠. Leah led out for 65,000 and Binger again sat in the tank for several minutes before calling. Both players checked the 4♥ on the turn and the K♥ on the river.

Leah turned over pocket aces and Binger mucked. He’s down to 360,000 from his first-break count of 570,000 while Leah is up to 445,000.

3pm: Kelso gets what he wished for
Blake Kelso was all in for his last 115,000 and Tom Lee went into the tank before making the call. It looked like a straight race, with Lee’s pocket fives slightly ahead of Kelso’s K♦10♦ but the poker gods made sure it swung one way and then the other before it was done.

The flop came 5♣A♥4♥, giving Lee the set. But after the Q♠ turned, Kelso was rooting for a jack. Then, boom, the J♦ rivered making the straight for Kelso and he’s back in the game.

2.50pm: Neighbors
Bryn Kenney has now brought his million-plus chip stack to sit beside Jason Mercier. Mike Sowers is next to Matt Affleck.

2.45pm: Counts!
We’re not going to lie, we’re a little behind here. It’s been a rush to the exits all day so far. We have now completely updated the chip count page for the accurate counts of the remaining 54 players, so if your player is not on there, he’s out. The order of the busts will appear on the payout page as soon as we know them.

We have also now seen Carter Gill, Phil Laak and Gavin Griffin at the payout desk, so those three seem to be done too.


Gavin Griffin eliminated from NAPT Los Angeles


Phil Laak eliminated from NAPT Los Angeles day two

And so comes to the end 75 minutes of insanity. We’re catching up on eliminations and chip counts as players take a 15-minute break.

2.15pm: Fighting fire with fire
Paul Kuzmich isn’t afraid of tangling with Travis Pearson. He’s got no real option, given that the two of them are staring one another down from seats five and eight of table one today.

It was folded to Pearson on the button and he raised, making it 14,000. Pearson called from the big blind, taking them to a flop of 4♠6♠2♠. They both checked. The 7♥ turned and Pearson bet 15,000. Kuzmich raised, making it 23,000 more, and then Pearson raised that, asking for another 52,000 on top.

Kuzmich was undeterred. He made it 130,000 total, and that was enough to persuade Pearson he was beat.

2:14pm: Leah hooks Karp
On a J♣6♥2♠ flop, Anh Van Nguyen led out for 18,000, Steven Karp called and Mike Leah called on the button. The turn was the 7♦. This time the action checked around to Leah, who made it 32,500 to go. Nguyen folded and Karp called. When the 4♦ hit the river, Karp checked to Leah, who bet 53,500. Karp almost instantly declared a call, but mucked at the sight of Leah’s set of deuces. He’s down to 127,000 while Leah is on just over 400,000.

2:13pm: A king among us
There are are only a few dozen people left in the main event, and one of them is a king. Larry Lipman stands out in this crowd. He’s in his 60s (unlike all the 20-something grinders). He’s also wearing a hat that reads “Tomato King.” That’ because the man spent 40 years in the tomato business. During that time he and his company produced millions of pounds of fresh tomatoes per year. Recently retired, Lipman is now focusing on some of his other loves. He’s in the top 60 of the main event. Running a bit behind the chip leads, he knows better than most how to ketchup.

2.10pm: Over-cards + pocket pair = Bust
There’s a lot of subtlety to no limit hold ’em tournaments, but there’s also a lot of small pairs going up against over-cards for tournament lives too. After Christopher Demaci opened to 16,000, Ryan Welch shoved for his last 72,000. It was folded back to Demaci, who called.

Welch: K♦Q♣
Demaci: 5♥5♦

The board ran 4♣3♥A♥J♥8♣ and Welch was walking.

2:05pm: Affleck finds his run-good
After taking one of the most devastating televised bad beats of all time when Jonathan Duhamel cracked his pocket aces with a rivered straight at this year’s WSOP Main Event, you could say Matt Affleck was due for a bit of good karma at the tables. On a flop of Q♠7♦4♦, Lawrence Hyman made a 30,000 continuation bet, Affleck raised to 90,000 and Hyman moved all-in. Affleck made the call.


Matt Affleck on day three of NAPT Los Angeles

Both men turned over flush draws, Hyman’s A♦K♦ leading Affleck’s J♦9♦. Affleck turned second pair when the J♥ fell, but Hyman still had plenty of outs– an ace, a king, a ten or a diamond would do it. It was Affleck’s turn to get lucky, however, as the 9♥ hit the river, making him two pair and eliminating Hyman.

“That was brutal,” Hyman said as he shook hands around the table. I think Mr. Affleck can relate.

With that pot, Affleck is up to 848,000, good for second in chips.

2:01pm: Gill guts Lindley
Say one thing for Christina Lindley: she can nurse a short stack. It really hasn’t seemed that she had a stack at any point in this tournament. Somehow, though, she managed to make to the top 60 places. The run just ended when she lost a flop with pocket nines against Carter Gill’s ace-king.


Carter Gill on day three of NAPT Los Angeles


Christina Lindley

2pm: Congestion at the payout cage, Pearson in profit, Guinther doubles Grippo
Even by the standards set yesterday, the rate of eliminations today has been ludicrous. They’re breaking tables (of eight) at about the rate that individual players usually bust and already there’s congestion at the payout cage. Traffic again; damn Los Angeles traffic.


Players wait payment after busting from NAPT Los Angeles

One man’s bustout is another’s profit, of course, and Travis Pearson now appears to be the man with the most. He has a stack of approximately 1.3 million, and is sharing a table with the overnight chip leader Jimmie Guinther, so that’s a hugely stacked slab of felt.

Guinther hasn’t had it all his own way this afternoon, however. He just doubled up Nicholas Grippo in a blind-on-blind conflict. Grippo, “down” to 217,000, raised the small blind, Guinther three bet the big blind, four, five, all in, etc., etc.

On their backs: Grippo had Q♦Q♥, Guinther had A♦2♥. No help on the board and Grippo is now back to more than 440,000.

1:40pm: Monsterpotten! Kuzmich cripples Welch
The action folded around to Ryan Welch in the cutoff and he made an opening raise to 15,000. Paul Kuzmich three-bet to 39,000 from the big blind and Welch responded with a four-bet to 100,000. Kuzmich flat-called and they saw a Q♣10♠9♦ flop. Kuzmich checked, Welch bet 95,000 and Kuzmich shoved for an additional 178,000. After a long tank, Welch called.

“Too much in there,” he said as he tabled 8♠8♣ for an underpair and a straight draw. Kuzmich showed 10♣10♦ for middle set.

Welch called for a jack but did not get there, the turn and river falling the 4♣ and the 5♦ to give Kuzmich the monster pot. Welch was left with 55,000 while Kuzmich is chasing the chip lead with 759,000.

1:36pm: Shaniac shellacked
Shane Schleger was short-stacked going into play today and unfortunately couldn’t find the double-up he needed. After Micah Raskin put in an opening raise to 15,000, Schleger moved all-in and Raskin quickly called. Raskin’s A♠Q♠ had Schleger’s A♦J♠ dominated and he couldn’t find any help on the K♣Q♣7♦7♥5♠ board.

1.35pm: Bochi down, Affleck doubles; both Reyna’s fault
Brazil’s Ronaldo Bochi just went down as a result of a A♦Q♣ battle versus Robert Reyna’s J♠J♥. That was worth 135,000. Just as soon as Bochi was gone, however, Rayna shipped all of that and more across the table to Matt Affleck. As we walked back up to the table, we saw Affleck raking in around 300,000 from Reyna. While we’re not entirely sure what Reyna had been holding, Affleck had aces on a 5♣5♦K♥8♥9♥ board. Affleck quietly sung out the word, “Coooooler…”

1.30pm: Mercier the merciless
It’s about this time that Jason Mercier usually makes his charge and lo and behold the Team PokerStars Pro has doubled up twice already today. He is now stacking more than 400,000 chips having just had aces hold up again David Sesso’s pocket fours. Fireworks were always likely between those two, and it’s Sesso who came out on the receiving end early on.


Jason Mercier: he has more than double those chips now

1.25pm: No two-time champ
It was always going to be tough for Tom Marchese to work his short stack into anything title-threatening, and now the dreams of a two-time champion on the NAPT are over. Marchese is out. Folded to him in the hijack, he shoved his last 50,000-odd into the middle and was snap called by Niko Deininger in the small blind.

Marchese: Q♠9♥
Deininger: A♥Q♥

The board came 8♥K♥Q♦7♠A♠ and that was the end of that for Marchese.


Tom Marchese waits for payout from NAPT Los Angeles

Shane Schleger is also now out.

1.15pm: Line at the cash desk
Six players have already bust, now including James Van Alstyne as well, but action is not all madness. On Mike Sowers table, there was a pretty good indication of how cagey these stages of the tournament can be. Three players called Larry Lipman’s under-the-gun raise to 14,000 – Sowers (cut off), Joe Tehan (SB) and Aaron Donovan (BB) – and the flop came 8♠J♣A♦. Check, check, check, check. The turn was 6♦. Check, check, check, check. The river was 9♦ and after Tehan checked, Donovan bet 19,000 and it went fold, fold, fold.

One table along, Matt Affleck raised to 14,000 from early position and the only caller was Romulus Segal on the button. The flop came A♣8♠7♥ and after Affleck checked, Segal bet 14,000. Affleck took a moment before folding, and Segal was impressed. “Wow,” he said. “Wanna see?”
“Yep,” said Affleck.
Segal showed A♥8♥ for top two. Affleck got away cheap.

1.06pm: Reyna wrecks Aljanedi’s dream
It took no more than one hand to lose our first player of the day – and to find our first bad beat. Sameer Aljanedi, who had one of the short stacks, must have been delighted to find A♣K♠ to get his chips in behind. Robert Reyna had enough chips to call with his A♦J♦ and when the board ran 10♥K♦9♥7♠8♦, Reyna’s straight sent Aljanedi out in 81st.

Moments later, Alex Fitzgerald was also spotted at the payouts cage, so that’s two down already.

1:05pm: Play underway
With the blinds at 3,000-6,000-500, the cards are in the air.

12:52pm: Getting ready to play Day 3
With 81 players remaining in the NAPT Los Angeles main event, everyone is getting ready to start Day 3.

As we begin, Jimmie Guinther is sitting down as chip leader with 894,000. Travis Pearson is not far behind with 835,000.

Oh, and we should mention, those two guys somehow drew the same table today.

Play will be underway shortly.


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