NAPT Los Angeles: Day 1b Levels 5-9 live updates (500-1,000-100)

November 13, 2010


11:12pm: Day 1B complete
Day 1B is now over. We’re nailing down the chip leaders right now and will have a full wrap-up in just a bit.

10:39pm: Negreanu has heart
With a limp in front of him, Daniel Negreanu made it 3,700 to play. He got calls in both the big blind and from the limper. On a 9♥A♥6♥ flop, it went check, 4,800 to Negreanu. He and the big blind called to the K♥ turn. Everybody checked that and the Q♠ river. When it came time to show down, Negreanu casually turned up his 8♥8♠ which was good for the flush and the pot.

10:30pm: Biggies
The past 15 minutes or so has been all about locating the biggest stacks in the room, ahead of the regular hunt for the tournament chip leader. Max Katz has now flickered onto the radar with about 185,000, which is probably just ahead of his table-mate Tom Marchese. We’ve also found Blake Kelso, who has 180,000-ish.

Kelso is on the same table as Joe Cada, who has steadily increased his stack into six figures today. He just found queens at a nice time to bust a short-stack with jacks, and he should be heading to day two.

10.15pm: Double Gazes
Kristy Gazes got her stack of 28,600 in pre-flop with pocket tens and doubled courtesy of an ace-king that missed.

LEVEL 9: 500-1,000-100

10.10pm: Marchese takes final bites from Eskandari
After spending the last hour or so eviscerating former chip-leader Massoud Eskandari, Tom Marchese has put the man out of his misery. This time it was a set of fives over a set of threes for Marchese. With the remainder of Eskandari’s chips, Marchese is now up around 150,000.


10pm: Table moves
Jason Senti’s table has been broken and the November Niner has now joined Phil Laak’s table. Meanwhile, Daniel Negreanu and Marcello del Grosso, the Canadian Team PokerStars Pro duo, have landed with Kim Frederiksen.

9.45pm: Another contender
There haven’t been too many Europeans in this Los Angeles field, but they’re certainly making their presence felt in terms of chips. Yesterday the young Brit Thomas Middleton won a massive pot late on to put him second on the day 1A standings, and today Denmark’s Kim Frederiksen has amassed about 165,000 already, which is going to have him challenging for today’s lead.

There’s still 70 minutes left in today so plenty can change, but Frederiksen joins Mike Sowers and Michael Binger as the biggest of the big stacks.

9.35pm: Feel the Sowers
Mike Sowers has emerged as a probable chip leader here. Despite having Adam Junglen on his left, Sowers has amassed something like 175,000 chips, which seems to be the biggest pile in the room. He’s locked under headphones and zipped in a red tracksuit top and keeping himself very much to himself. But unless there’s an accident, Sowers is going to be heading into day two in a very healthy way.


Mike Sowers, leading the way

9:26pm: A dinger for Binger
How’d you like to be in this position. You have J♥10♦ on a 9♦7♦8♠ flop? Pretty nice, huh? Make it nicer by giving one of your opponents 5♥6♥ and another a set of eights. Just for good measure, throw in a short-stack with a naked off-suited ace. Now, let’s just have everybody get it in.

That’s just what happened to Michael Binger. He spent most of his day grinding and reading a book. Now he is very likely the Day 1B chip leader. After stacking his chips, it looks like Binger is sitting on 158,000. He’s exchanged that hardback novel for his phone. His Twitter post described the situation as–quoting here–pretty sweet.

Here’s what the aftermath looked like through photographer Joe Giron’s lens.


Of course, he smiling


You would be, too, if you had this many chips


Okay, no more smiles. Back to work

9.10pm: Hello Jason
We liked Jason Senti from the very moment we met him first on the eve of the November Nine showdown in Vegas last week. And we liked him even more as we watched him play the most expansive poker in the early stages of a cagey final table. Senti’s active approach vaulted him from the shortest stack to about fifth overall, before he was sent packing in seventh after a cooler against Joseph Cheong.

But when we breezed past Senti just before the last break, we had even more reason to like the guy. He was flicking through PokerStars Blog coverage of the NAPT Main Event on his iPhone. The guy knows quality when he sees it.

Senti is the last remaining November Niner in this field. Yesterday, Soi Nguyen, Cheong and Matt Jarvis all perished and today Michael Mizrachi and John Dolan bit the dust. Senti has about 26,000 chips at the moment, which isn’t a great deal. But he sat with a short stack for four months this summer, and so it’s clearly not over yet.

Anyway, here’s a hearty, if belated, congratulations on that seventh place at the WSOP Jason from all at PokerStars Blog. And here’s looking at you today:


Jason Senti on day 1B of NAPT Los Angeles

LEVEL 8: BLINDS 400-800-100

8:57pm: Break time
It’s time to get rid of those piddling little 25 chips, which means it’s time for another break and a color up. Back in 15 or so.

8:55pm: Del Grosso going nowhere
Despite a day that has seen him all the way down to 3,000 chips, Canadian Team PokerStars Pro Marcello Del Grosso has managed to once again stay alive. This time it was getting it in with kings versus jacks for a pot worth 38,000. He’s just made it to the eighth level of the day.


Going nowhere: Marcello del Gross

8:45pm: Is this three any good?
There was about 9,000 in the middle and four cards on the felt: A♦5♣5♥Q♥. Daniel Negreanu had checked and his lone opponent bet 4,400. Negreanu went into one of those familiar deep reveries, pondering his next action. Eventually, he announced he was all in for about 15,000 more and that was enough to earn an insta-fold. Negreanu showed 3♠, which offered little information, but was good for the pot.


Negreanu shows his three and takes it down

8:30pm: Matt Stout eliminated
Ben Klier opened from the hijack, Matt Stout moved all-in from the button and Klier made the call, turning over two black jacks. It was a classic race situation with Stout holding A♠K♣, but he could not catch Klier on the 5♠9♠9♣8♣8♥ board, putting his tournament at an end.

Stout seemed entirely unfazed by his elimination and wheeled the cart containing his just-delivered dinner around to the other side of the table and parked it behind Klier, who we discovered is Stout’s roommate during the tournament.

“I at least have to have a little hole-card sweat while I finish,” Stout said, taking a bite of his New York strip.

8:24pm: Sussudio
It must have been something in the air tonight. It seemed like this would be just another day in paradise, but against all odds, easy lover Phil Collins failed to find any sort of groovy kind of love and has since danced into the light. He’s now in search of a cab to take him home.

8:36pm: Deeb done
Freddy Deeb, who left in our care his souvenir NAPT t-shirts, was unable to recover from his set-under-set cooler before the last break. He is now walking chipless.

8:30pm: Chips and stuff
We just took a hasty flit around the room to gather some chip counts, the spoils of which you can see on the chip count page. David Sesso has taken a temporary dip, meaning Massoud Eskandari has re-assumed the lead.

It seems we have now lost the following: John Dolan, Carter Phillips, David Levi and Dan Shak. But the wander round the room was very good for fans of Bryn Kenny. He has previously been reported out, but is very much alive with about 29,000. Apologies for the earlier mis-information Kenney fans.

8.20pm: What’s that noise
If anyone asks you “What’s that noise?” and you’re standing in a card room in the United States, there’s approximately a 53% chance that the correct answer is “Kenny Nguyen”. Here he is, mid chatter:


Kenny Nguyen on day 1B of NAPT Los Angeles

8:15pm: David Williams accepts no apology
It was a raise to 1,600 to Team PokerStars Pro David Williams and his all-in for 7,625 that led to a showdown, his A♣K♥ up against ace-queen. The flop did him alright: 5♦Q♦K♠. It was that pesky turn, Q♠ that ended up sending Williams toward the exit. When his opponent offered an “I’m sorry, David,” Williams was honest. “I don’t think you’re sorry, but you don’t have to be. You don’t have to apologize. We’re here to win.” Alas, it won’t be a win for Williams today.


7:55pm: Three more levels
Players are headed back to their seats to begin the last three levels of the night. All the details of what they are playing for can be found on the payouts and prizewinners page.

7:40pm: Break time
That’s the end of level six, which means it’s a break for all an sundry. Back in 15 minutes to play level seven.

Full details of the official prize pool have now reached us and we’re currently building a page to show the breakdown. Early whispers have first prize at $725,000, and 104 places paid.

7:32pm: What’s Phil Laak doing?
We don’t know either. All we know for sure is that it involves Silly Putty and a wooden spatula. And, yes, he’s still playing.


7:25: Victor Ramdin steps into the freezer
Christina Lindley opened with a min-raise, opening the door to calls Jamie Rosen and Victor Ramdin in the blinds. On a flop of 10♦A♥[A♣, all three players checked. The turn bought the 8♥. Rosen led out, Ramdin raised, Lindley re-raised, Rosen moved all-in and Ramdin called. Bad news and a bit of a cooler for Ramdin’s A♦8♣. Rosen held A♠10♠, good for the win and a stack worth more than 60,000. Ramdin meanwhile is left to go sample some nice meat-on-a-stick in the player lounge outside.


7:15pm: Liebert nibbles some from Sesso
Kathy Liebert has never been afraid of tangling with anyone at a poker table, and she is now grappling with the dominant chip stack of David Sesso. There were six limps to a 4♣J♣9♥ flop and Liebert, who had been in the small blind, fired 1,500. Everyone folded with the exception of Sesso, who called for a 2♦ turn.

Liebert bet 3,000 at that, and Sesso called again. That took them to an A♦ river – and also slowed them down. They both checked, Liebert showed J♠7♥ and Sesso mucked. “I was going to check-call,” Liebert said. “But if you’d bet a ton…hmmm.”

Sesso didn’t bet a ton, but he certainly could have if he’d have wanted. He is still the chip leader here with about 170,000. Liebert has about 25,000.


Kathy Liebert: unafraid

Post-script: Kathy Liebert has just tweeted that she has just doubled up with aces and now has about 50,000.

7.10pm: The ghost of Gualter
A fist-pump from Gualter Salles is always welcome, although his most recent visit to rap knuckles with media row was to bid farewell. The Brazilian Team PokerStars Pro has bust, leaving only Andre Akkari to represent the Latin American contingent.


Gualter Salles in happier times

7:04pm: Killing time
Funny we should mention iPads…

Several players have been utilizing the techno-toy to pass the time as they fold their way through Day 1. Here are just a few tasks being completed via iPad at the tables this evening:

Watching what looks to be some sort of suspense film – Frank Kassela
Checking their Facebook page – Dan Shak
Reading a film script – Shannon Elizabeth
Playing Words With Friends with half a dozen different opponents…and checking Twitter…and instant messaging – Daniel Negreanu

7:00pm: A word with the Canadians

6:55pm: Technology review

Number of iPads currently in use on Day 1b: 4
Number of hardcover books being read: 1 (by Michael Binger)

6.40pm: Cada on the climb
The past 12 months have been pretty sweet for Kevin MacPhee and Joe Cada. MacPhee won €1 million for taking down EPT Berlin in March, a matter of five months after Cada became World Champion and earned close to $9m to go with his gold bracelet.

They were table-mates in Los Angeles this afternoon, but MacPhee has just been sent packing – and it was Cada who did the deed. MacPhee opened to 750 in mid-position and he picked up a call from the small blind before Cada, in the big blind, raised to 2,350.

MacPheen moved all in for a little less than 20,000 and after the decision came back to Cada, he made the call.

Cada: Q♦Q♠
MacPhee: A♣K♥

That was about as standard as it gets in no limit hold ’em and the board ran 4♠J♥7♣2♦J♣ to ensure Cada’s pocket pair held up. He now stacks about 75,000 while MacPhee departs.

LEVEL 6: 200-400-50 BLINDS

6:22pm (Almost) nobody is drinking
A waitress, six feet in heels if she was an inch, came to Joe Cada and Marcello Del Grosso’s table with two vodka and Red Bulls. “You’re wearing Chanel, aren’t you?” the drinker asked the waitress. She affirmed the suspicion. “I knew it!” the drinker said. “My girlfriend in sixth grade used to wear that! I love it.”

Somewhere in another universe, players were check-raising each other. Joe Cada was folding.

“You want one?” the drinker asked Cada. The 2009 WSOP champ shook his head. “Come on, Joe,” the perfume aficionado urged. “I won’t tell PokerStars!” Cada still refused.

“Red Bull vodka?” the man pushed Del Grosso.

“I don’t drink alcohol when I’m playing,” Del Grosso said.

“But I bet you want to, huh?”

Del Grosso shook his head.

One by one, the man tried to push his amphetatmine-ish booze drink on the players. Finding no callers, he turned to this blogger and offered the drink. While it might have seemed an easy mark, even that offer ended in refusal.

“Y’all are just scared!” And so the man has to RBVs on his table and chips in play. Stay tuned.


Joe Cada soberly making his way up the leaderboard

6:15pm: A couple of departures
Both Bryn Kenney and Dan Heimiller recently trudged towards the exit with no obvious intention of returning to the tournament room. They’re out.

Better news for fans of Kevin Eyster and Joseph Elpayaa. The two of them have something like 100,000, still a little behind David Sesso’s chip-leading 190,000-ish.

6pm: Kassela’s run good endures
Frank Kassela has had an amazing poker year, winning two World Series bracelets and claiming one third place in Vegas in the summer, all of which contributed to his winning of the WSOP Player of the Year. He’s not going to give up here on the NAPT without a fight either, and just doubled up to about 35,000.

Kassela’s 5♠7♠ connected rather nicely with the 7♦8♠10♠ flop, and although a solitary foe had a nine for an up-and-down straight draw, the K♠ on the river decided it in Kassela’s favor.

5:58pm: Rousso run down
Vanessa Rousso vanished shortly before the last break but luckily one of her tablemates was able to catch us up on the action. With the board reading 6-3-4-5 with two clubs on the turn, Rousso bet out, her opponent made a substantial raise and she made the call. The river was the J♣ putting a potential flush on board. Rousso moved all-in but her opponent called, tabling 6♥7♥ for the straight. Rousso could only show a pair with A♠4♠ and bid a hasty exit.

5:51pm: NAPT Los Angeles official entry numbers
We’ve just been approached by the people with the giant abacus, and we now know exactly how many people entered the NAPT Los Angeles main event. After auditing the buy-ins for the past two days, the numbers are as follows:

Day 1A: 328 players
Day 1B: 373 players

Total NAPT Los Angeles players: 701

Now…standby for payout information. It looks to be a doozy of a first place prize on the way.

5:44pm: Ask Andre!
For those of you who asked Andre Akkari some questions via Twitter and Facebook, here’s what he had to say.

5:43pm: Freedy Deeb need a hug
It was clear Freedy Deeb needed to talk. He wandered by our blogger HQ with a different look than most people (most folks are looking for a place to charge their phone, which we can do for nominal fee of $5 per phone…pass the word!).

In Deeb’s case, he just needed to warm up after a pre-break cooler that saw him losing most of his stack to Massoud Eskandari in a set of nines under set of tens scenario.

“That was a 150,000 chip pot,” Deeb mused. “But I’m still in.”

We didn’t offer a hug, and we actually feel a little bad about that.

5.42pm: Dion does for Kongsgaard
As players disappeared for the break at the end of level four, Soren Kongsgaard and Yann Dion were going nowhere; they were involved in a huge pot. Dion opened to 700 from under-the-gun and a player on the button raised to 2,300. Kongsgaard made it 5,500 in the big blind, but it wasn’t done yet. Dion five bet all in, covering both his adversaries.

The button quickly folded, but Kongsgaard tanked and tanked, going through the mathematics in his head and trying to figure out if he was priced in for his last 18,000 or so.

Eventually, with the rest of the room all but empty, Kongsgaard made the call and saw the bad news. His Q♦Q♣ was behind Dion’s K♦K♥, and it would only get worse.

The flop came K♠10♣4♣, giving a set to Dion. The turn, for good measure, was the K♣ for quads. That meant the Q♠ river was even more irrelevant. Kongsgaard is gone while Dion has about 75,000.

5:40pm: Time for level 5
The players are headed back to their seats to play 150-300-25 blinds. This is where the antes kick in and the fun starts. Players still have five levels left to play before breaking for the evening.

napt_day1b_los angeles_room.jpg

Reports from the NAPT Main Event come from Change100, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and photographer Joe Giron.


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