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September 06, 2016

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Hao Shen leads the pack into Day 2 tomorrow

What a day at PokerStars LIVE Macau!

We saw the Red Dragon entrant record broken tonight after 534 took their seats and brought our total player count up to a whopping 1,145. That comfortably eclipsed the 1,075 field record set last time at MPC24 so that means back-to-back record breaking Red Dragons here at the Macau Poker Cup.

Of today’s 534 it was Hao Shen who ended up on top after 12 levels of play. He emerged as the chip leader in one of the final hands of the night. Shen overtook Daniel Lee who was leading for most of the last level until after the final five hands were called. He bagged up 254,300 at the conclusion of play and will be the one to chase for those returning tomorrow.

MPC25 Hao Shen.jpg

Leading the way – Hao Shen

Shen only has one live cash to his name but he’s put himself in a good position to potentially change that here this week. That cash was in this very event back in February when Shen finished 53rd for HK$35,700.

Joining Shen tomorrow from the 126 players who made it though today include Leon Hsu (101,000), Yohwan Lim (86,600), Sparrow Cheung (48,100) and Wayne Zhang (43,900).

While they’ll all be counting their blessings, hundreds of others weren’t so lucky. Some of those who didn’t make the cut include Henrik Tollefsen, Gary Pepper, Ben Wilson, and Raiden Kan.

MPC25 Henrik Tollefsen.jpg

Henrik Tollefsen

Being the last Day 1 flight the prize pool and payout information was also made available after the tournament was locked out. The total prize pool is HK$11,995,020 with the eventual champion taking home HK$2,509,000 – which includes a 2016 ACOP Main Event seat. You can find a list of all the payouts right here.

Now that’s all from us here in Macau tonight. We’ll be back at it again tomorrow from 3pm local time for Day 2. In the meantime you can check out the Day 2 seating draw right here. We hope you can join us here on the PokerStars Blog as we get one day closer to crowning an MPC25 Red Dragon champion!

3:20pm: Five more hands
Level 12: Blinds – 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

The announcement has been made. Only five more hands remain here on Day 1C.

Daniel Lee still leads the way. Let’s see if he can stay out in front in the dying stages.

3:05pm: Lee leading the way
Level 12: Blinds – 1,000/2,000 (300 ante)

It’s the final level of the night now and Daniel Lee appears to have run away with the chip lead.

He scored some of his chips in a recent pot where he sent Jin Tian home just shy of a Day 2 appearance. The two got all the money in preflop and Lee had the best of it.

Lee: A♠Q♦
Tian: J♣10♥

Tian was live and while she did improve to a straight draw on the turn the deck ran out in Lee’s favor when the cards fell 2♥8♦6♣9♥A♦.

Lee now has an overwhelming 290,000 in play.

2:45am: Tollefsen taken to town
Level 11: Blinds – 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Henrik Tollefsen is approaching the danger zone after losing a pot to the player in the big blind.

Tollefsen raised from under the gun to 3,500 preflop and when it folded around to the big blind he chose to defend. The flop fell A♥10♣10♥ and both players checked through to the Q♣ turn.

Again both checked and the 3♣ arrived on the end.

The big blind bet 5,500 into Tollefsen who called to see the bad news. His opponent tabled K♥J♦ for a turned Broadway straight which was good enough to take the pot and set Tollefsen back to 18,400.

2:25am: Power poker from Patty
Level 11: Blinds – 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Apparently Patty Lai doesn’t take people attempted to steal her blinds lightly.

It folded around to the player on the button and he raised to 3,200 before the decision was on Lai in the big blind. She reached deep and played back with a hefty 13,000 to go.

The button gave it up almost immediately and Lai climbed to 44,000.

MPC25 Patty Lai.jpg

Patty Lai

2:05am: Clark collects the blinds and antes
Level 10: Blinds – 600/1,200 (200 ante)

Chris Clark is sitting with just over the average stack of 37,083 at the moment. He has 46,000 in front of him after taking down a pot preflop.

It folded to Clark on the button and he raised it up to 3,700. The small blind folded before the big blind tossed 7♠4♦ face up into the muck.

Clark showed his tablemates Q♦10♦ and the pot was pushed his way.

1:55am: Squeeze from Soyza
Level 10: Blinds – 600/1,200 (200 ante)

Christopher Soyza now has 54,500 in chips after taking down a pot with some preflop aggression.

After a raise to 2,500 and call the action was folded to Soyza in the big blind. He reached into his stack and made it 7,500 to go.

The other two active players decided to let it go and Soyza took down the pot.

1:40am: Fu finds trouble
Level 10: Blinds – 600/1,200 (200 ante)

Ying Fu managed a 4th place finish at APPT Macau for HK$755,000 but he just encountered a brutal runout which saw a sizable pot taken away from him.

Fu raised to 2,700 preflop and was called by the player in the hijack seat. They went to a flop of 4♠4♣8♥ and Fu continued for 3,800. His opponent didn’t hesitate to push all in over the top and after 10 seconds consideration Fu committed the chips.

Fu: J♠J♦
Hijack: 5♣5♦

Fu was in great shape to send his rival packing and scoop the pot until the 7♥ turn and 6♥ brought a runner runner straight for his opponent.

Considering the bad run of luck Fu seemed to take it well. He still has 27,000 in play.

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1:25am: Final break

It’s time for the last break of the night. Play recommences in 10 minutes.

1:20am: Payout information
Level 9: Blinds – 500/1,000 (100 ante)

The last Day 1 flight has been locked out and the prize pool information has been released.

On top of the most illustrious trophy in poker, players will be chasing a top prize of HK$2,509,000 which includes a HK$100,000 entry into the 2016 ACOP Main Event.

That is part of a total prize pool rounding HK$11,995,020. Those lucky enough to make it into the money will guarantee themselves a payday of at least HK$23,790. You can find a full list of the payouts right here.

1am: When it Waynes it pours
Level 9: Blinds – 500/1,000 (100 ante)

Current APOY race leader Wayne Zhang is continuing to climb. He just eliminated tablemate to gain some more chips.

We arrived at the table to see Zhang three-bet to 6,200 before his opponent moved all in over the top. Zhang snapped it off and he saw he was in front when the cards went on their backs.

Zhang’s pocket queens were dominating versus pocket tens and they held when the board came down 5♦3♦2♣2♦7♠.

With a shrug Zhang collected the chips and moved up to a total of 68,000.

12:40am: Largest freezeout in Asia-Pacific history!
Level 8: Blinds – 400/800 (100 ante)

Registration for the MPC25 Red Dragon is now locked out and as such we have confirmation on the total size of the field. As we reported before the record has once again been broken – quite comfortably too.

The record was set at MPC24 when 1,075 tried their luck and this time, with today’s 534 in the mix, we made a total player count of 1,145.

Back-to-back record breaking events for the MPC Red Dragon. Truly a testament to the growth of poker here in Macau!

12:25am: Lim squeezes
Level 8: Blinds – 400/800 (100 ante)

First two-time APPT champion Aaron Lim is here and doing what he’s renowned for – accumulating chips. He just took down another pot with a well-timed preflop move.

After a raise to 2,100 and a call the action was folded to Lim on the button. He put in a sizable three-bet to 7,100 and while his opponents glared at him like they didn’t quite believe the story he was telling, they both opted to fold.

Lim now has over double the average stack, sitting pretty on 46,800.

12:15am: Wan walking away
Level 8: Blinds – 400/800 (100 ante)

China’s Meilin Wan just left us during Level 8.

We arrived at the table just as she was exiting her seat. The community cards were Q-Q-J-10-3 and while Wan had two pair holding A♣10♥ it wasn’t good enough against her tablemate’s A♦J♣.

She will have to be content with only last for around three quarters of the day.

MPC25 Meilin Wan.jpg

Meilin Wan

12am: Podd caught out
Level 7: Blinds – 300/600 (75 ante)

The United Kingdom’s Lewis Podd just chose the wrong time for a bluff in a battle of the blinds.

On a flop of 10♠K♦2♥ Podd led out for 2,100 but the player in the big blind raised it up to 5,600. Podd called and the 10♣ paired the board on the turn. Despite being raised on the flop Podd fired again, this time for 4,000, and the big blind pondered his decision for over a minute before committing the chips.

The K♠ river double paired the board and Podd almost instantly moved all in with enough to cover his opponent’s las 8,075. The latter snapped it off with K♥Q♣ for kings full while Podd sheepishly tabled Q♠J♦ for a busted straight draw.

With that misstep Podd drops to 9,825 in chips.

11:40pm: Mustering energy
Level 7: Blinds – 300/600 (75 ante)

Day 1C has now crossed the halfway point and with play set to conclude sometime around 3:30am players may be starting to feel fatigue set in.

Luckily for them, Red Bull – the official energy drink provider of this MPC – have stocked the tournament floor with fridges filled to the brim with Red Bull varieties free of charge.

Many players here at PokerStars LIVE Macau are taking advantage of the opportunity, sipping the energy drinks to stay sharp at the table.

MPC25 Red Bull.jpg

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11:15pm: Time for a break

Players are now on a 10-minute scheduled break. Coverage will resume shortly.

11:05pm: Ship it to Sushant
Level 6: Blinds – 200/400 (50 ante)

There was roughly 7,500 in the pot by the river with Aditya Sushant and Henrik Tollefsen the only active players. The board read 5♠3♣3♥A♦7♥ and it was on Sushant to act first.

He bombed it for 6,500 before the decision was over to Tollefsen. The Norwegian eyed his own stack but decided to fold.

He falls under starting stack, now down to 13,000 while Sushant has doubled his initial chip count with 31,000 in front of him.

10:45pm: Battle of the Zhangs
Level 6: Blinds – 200/400 (50 ante)

The Asia Player of the Year leader board frontrunner Wayne Zhang has decided to join us today. He’ll be looking to extend that lead here this week and is already doing well at the table.

Wayne just took chips from Bolei Zhang who made a preflop raise to 1,150 from the button. Wayne defended his big blind to see a connected 3♥7♥5♥ flop. The action went check check and the 4♠ arrived on the turn.

Wayne led out for 1,300 and Bolei called before the A♣ river appeared. Loading up again, Wayne fired for 2,350. Bolei looked displeased and flipped over the A♠ as he passed his hand to the dealer.

With that hand Wayne moves up to 34,000 in chips.

MPC25 Wayne Zhang.jpg

Wayne Zhang

10:25pm: Lee on the warpath
Level 5: Blinds – 150/300 (25 ante)

It was only recently that we reported Poyen Lee was building a stack here and he is continuing the trend after knocking out Gay Peng Tan.

After a player limped, Lee made it 950 to go. Peng was next to act and he shoved all in for 5,975. The limper tossed his hand away but Lee called to put Peng at risk.

Lee: 7♥7♣
Peng: K♥9♥

It was a fair fight but Peng couldn’t improve on the 8♥6♠2♠3♦3♥ runout. He exited the tournament area while Lee stacked up even more chips – now sitting with 40,300.

10:15pm: Lee looking good
Level 5: Blinds – 150/300 (25 ante)

Poyen Lee has already more than doubled his starting stack. Some of those chips came in a recent hand against three tablemates.

Players were four-handed on the turn with the board showing J♠8♦10♣K♥. Zhenshan Wu checked from the small blind, Wei Zhong checked from the big blind and Ganlin Li bet 1,200. Lee made the call, as did Wu, but Zhong folded and the other three went to the Q♦ river.

With four to a straight on board the action was checked to Lee and he fired for 3,500. The other two didn’t hesitate to give it up and Lee increased his stack to 33,700.

10pm: The record falls!
Level 5: Blinds – 150/300 (25 ante)

It’s official – back to back record breaking MPC Red Dragon fields here in Macau.

The MPC24 Red Dragon proved itself the largest freezeout tournament in the Asia-Pacific last time and now MPC25 Red Dragon takes the crown with already 1,097 and late registration still open.

PokerStars LIVE Macau took to Twitter to reveal the good news.

9:45pm: Lu takes chips from Chong
Level 4: Blinds – 100/200 (25 ante)

Players were on the turn with the cards showing 4♦A♥2♣K♦ when we caught the action. Meng Ju Lu checked it over to Chris Chong who barreled for 2,100. Lu asked to see his opponent’s stack before making the call.

The 7♦ river rolled off and the action went check check almost immediately. Lu flashed A♣2♠ for a flopped two pair which was good to win the pot.

He builds to 21,200 in chips.

9:25pm: Chang chips up
Level 4: Blinds – 100/200 (25 ante)

Christopher Soyza raised to 450 from under the gun and picked up both Fei Chang and Tao Peng as callers. They went to a flop of 9♥2♦K♥. Peng checked from the big blind, Soyza checked and Chang checked before the dealer turned the A♥.

It was checked through again and the 5♦ completed the board. Peng took a stab at it for 700 and with Soyza out of the way it was back to Chang.

Chang loaded up a call and studied Peng for approximately a minute. Ultimately he did commit to a call and saw the good news when Peng tabled K♠4♠. Chang had that beat with A♠Q♦ and the pot was pushed his way.

He climbs to 22,800 while Peng drops to 14,775.

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9pm: First break of the night

Players have just begun a 10-minute scheduled break.

8:50pm: Ward wins one
Level 3: Blinds – 100/200

Alex Ward finished 3rd in the APPT Macau Main Event for HK$1,00,200 ($128,991) in May and he’s back and accumulating chips in this Red Dragon Day 1C.

The action began with Qifeng Duan raising to 550 and after Song Pan came along, Ward squeezed to 2,000 from the small blind. Duan got out of the way but Pan called again and the flop landed 5♣9♠9♣.

Ward continued for 2,000 but Pan quickly mucked. After losing some earlier Ward is now back up to 12,750.

MPC25 Alex Ward.jpg

Alex Ward

8:35pm: Feng folds to four-bet
Level 3: Blinds – 100/200

Zhiyi Feng has had an impressive year here at PokerStars LIVE Macau. Firstly he final tabled the HK$20,000 at MPC24 and then he backed it up with another final table appearance in May at APPT Macau. Those 5th and 7th place finishes respectively earned him a combined total of HK$625,200 ($80,324).

Those scores are actually the only recorded live cashes he’s had so he’ll be looking to make it three from three this week.

He did just lose a pot, however, to Yohwan Lim after some preflop action. Lim opened to 450 from the button before Feng played back at him to the tune of 1,200 from the big blind. Lim came back over the top for a total of 3,250 and sent Feng into the tank.

Feng tanked for around two minutes before letting the hand go.

8:15pm: Chen chips up from Duvnjak
Level 2: Blinds – 50/100

Jian Chen is accumulating chips already after an aggressive line against Zdravko Duvnjak.

The flop read 2♦Q♦9♦ and Duvnjak bet 850 before Chen made it 2,100 to go. Duvnjak flicked in a call and the 4♠ appeared on the turn.

Duvnjak checked to Chen who bet another 3,350. It didn’t take long for Duvnjak to give it up and the pot was pushed Chen’s way. He now has 18,600 at his disposal.

7:55pm: Shaoqing Liu eliminated
Level 2: Blinds – 50/100

Shaoqing Liu was one of the first to fall by the wayside tonight. He just lost the last of it to Japan’s Katsuhiro Muto.

We arrived at the table just as Liu was getting out of his seat to see the board reading 9♣4♠6♦5♦8♦. Liu had Q♠Q♦ in front of him but Muto had the superior K♠K♦.

That was good enough to send Liu packing as Muto now sits with around double the starting stack.

7:35pm: Tollefsen takes one from Kim
Level 1: Blinds – 25/50

Norway’s Henrik Tollefsen just scooped a pot from Dong Kim with a raise on the river.

We arrived at the table to see the board reading 2♠9♦8♦K♠3♠ and Dong Kim was in the big blind. He led at it for 600 before the decision fell to Tollefsen.

Reaching into his stack Tollefsen grabbed two 1,000-denomination chips and announced a raise for less than the chip amount. We missed the exact sizing but it was good enough to take down the pot as Kim threw his hand away.

7:25pm: ACOP coming soon
Level 1: Blinds – 25/50

While Day 1C of this Red Dragon is just kicking off we thought we’d take the time to remind you that the Asia Championship of Poker will be back here in October.

The ACOP is Asia’s richest poker festival and you can read all about it and find the full schedule right here.

7:15pm: Familiar faces everywhere
Level 1: Blinds – 25/50

The room is packed out here at PokerStars LIVE Macau and we’ve already spotted a bunch of notable players.

Raiden Kan, Dong Kim, Russell Thomas, Henrik Tollefsen, Sparrow Cheung, Ben Wilson, Christopher Soyza and Yue Feng Pan have all been spotted in the early stages.

Yue Feng Pan raised the trophy here back at MPC23 and Tollefsen took down the High Roller during MPC21. They’ll both no doubt be looking for another huge score in Macau this week.

7:00pm: Shuffle up and deal!
Level 1: Blinds – 25/50

It’s go time here for the MPC25 Red Dragon Day 1C. We have hundreds already in their seats and a long line still at the registration booth.

We’ll be looking to break the field record of 1,075 today and things look promising so far.

For now though it’s time to hit the tournament floor.

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Day 1C starting soon

The final Day 1 flight is upon us and it’s expected to be the biggest one yet.

There will be 12 levels of 40 minutes apiece tonight. With the later 7pm start play is set to conclude at around 3:30am. Players begin with 15,000 in play and Level 1 will be 50/100.

Those who take to the tables today will be chasing Day 1A chip leader Yandong Liu. He set the pace on Sunday by bagging up 203,600, just 700 in chips ahead of the Day 1B leader Canlin Chen.

As always we’ll have all your live reporting needs covered, with all the action direct from the tournament floor. Be sure to stay tuned right here at the PokerStars Blog!

MPC25 room shot.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting in Macau brought to you by Brad Kain. Photos by Kenneth Lim Photography courtesy of PokerStars LIVE Macau.


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