MPC24: High Roller live updates

March 05, 2016

Wayne Yap wins! (HK$2,292,720)

Wayne Yap has done it!

A stacked field of 114 entries took part in this MPC24 Red Dragon and after two days of play Yap has emerged victorious. He earns himself HK$2,292,720 for his impressive performance here.

We’ll have a full recap of the final table up soon!

mpc24 hr winner wayne yap.jpg

3:00am: Xixiang Luo eliminated in 2nd place (HK$1,528,000)

Heads up play would only last 10 minutes after a cooler and then a bad beat in back to back hands meant it was all over for Xixiang Luo.

Luo had Q♣2♣ and Wayne Yap had 5♥5♣ so when then flop landed Q♠5♠2♦ it was almost inevitable that all the money would get in. That’s exactly what happened and Luo couldn’t catch a queen on the 3♥ turn or 8♣ river to leave his stack decimated.

The very next hand players were all in again but it was preflop this time. Luo had the best of it with 7♠7♣ against Yap’s K♣7♥ but the board ran out 9♦9♣9♥10♣K♥ to see Yap spike a king on the river and close out the tournament.

mpc24 hr runner up xixian luo.jpg

2:50am: Quan Zhou eliminated in 3rd place (HK$934,000)

Four-handed play may have lasted hours but almost as soon as fourth place was awarded, Quan Zhou hit the rail in third spot.

It was Zhou’s A♠K♣ versus Wayne Yap’s J♠4♣ all in preflop.

The 3♠5♦7♠ flop saw Yap pick up gut shot outs but he missed on the 9♣ turn. The J♣ river, however, paired Yap to signify the end of Zhou’s tournament run.

mpc24 high roller quan zhou.jpg

2:45am: Jack Salter eliminated in 4th place (HK$722,000)

It looked like Jack Salter was never going to be eliminated but his luck finally ran out in the hand just gone.

Salter got it in preflop with K♣10♣ and needed some help against Xixiang Luo’s J♠J♦.

By the turn Salter had picked up a flush draw but the river bricked off on the 2♣6♥5♥9♣2♠ run out. Salter leaves us in 4th place and collects HK$722,000 for his efforts.

mpc24 high roller jack salter.jpg

2:35am: Salter’s run good continues

Regardless of how bad Jack Salter’s cards are it seems he’s unbreakable here on this final table.

Salter moved all in preflop with 9♥5♥ for his last 1.2 million and when Xixiang Luo woke up with A♣A♦ and called it looked like Salter’s luck was finally up.

A nine in the window on the 3♠2♥9♣ gave him a little hope.

“Four of hearts please” Salter requested but the J♠ rolled off instead.

The river, however, came the 9♦ and the railbirds let out a mixture of gasps and laughs as Salter hit trips to survive again.

2:25am: Salter finds a miracle chop

There’s no other way to say; Jack Salter is running good.

Xixiang Luo limped from the small blind before Salter moved all in with A♥8♣. Luo snapped with K♥K♦ and was in good shape to take us to three-handed play.

The K♠6♠9♠ gave Luo top set and a stranglehold on the hand.

“Spades!” Salter called for, and once again he wish was granted with the A♠ turn and J♠ river putting a flush on the board and chopping the pot.

“I can’t die!” Salter reminded the table as the dealer split the chips up.

2:15am: Chip count update

Xixiang Luo – 3,950,000
Wayne Yap – 3,410,000
Quan Zhou – 2,32,000
Jack Salter – 1,720,000

2:05am: Level 25 begins, blinds are 100,000/200,000 with a 30,000 ante

1:55am: Break time

Players are now on a scheduled 10-minute break.

1:50am: Salter swinging

Well almost as soon as Jack Salter won a big pot from Quan Zhou he lost it straight back.

Players were all in before the community cards. Salter was dominated holding A♠8♦ while Zhou had A♥10♣. The board came 2♦6♠5♥J♥3♥ and Salter dropped down to 1. 8 million.

Zhou now has 1.8 million to play with.

1:45am: Salter survives again

Jack Salter has come from behind again after being all in and at risk. This time it was to the detriment of Quan Zhou.

The two were all in preflop with Salter holding J♣9♦ and needing to improve against Zhou’s A♠10♠.

Salter found it with a jack in the window on the 10♣3♦J♦ flop. He faded the Q♦ turn and 5♥ river to double up to 2.8 million.

1:30am: Luo doubles through Zhou

Wayne Yap opened the betting for 320,000 and Quan Zhou made the call from the button. Next to act Xixiang Luo pushed all in for 1.7 million and after Yap folded, Zhou asked for a count.

After a few moments Zhou called to see his A♣10♥ was dominated by Luo’s A♠K♣. The 5♠7♠7♥ brought some outs to chop but Luo would improve to the nut flush by the river as the board ran out Q♠ and 2♠.

That hand knocked Zhou down to 2.4 million.

1:15am: Level 24 begins, blinds are 80,000/160,000 with a 20,000 ante

12:45am: Louis Salter eliminated in 5th place (HK$552,000)

It was a battle of the brothers that led to the end of Louis Salter’s run here tonight.

After his brother Jack moved all in for 1,390,000 in chips, Louis moved all in over the top for only two big blinds more. With the rest of the table folding the two all in players tabled their cards.

Jack: Q♥10♠
Louis: A♦Q♠

Louis had the dominant hand but shook his head as the dealer spread the 10♥J♣2♣ flop. He had outs to Broadway or an ace to make a higher pair but he found none of them as the 8♠ turn and 2♥ river saw his stack obliterated.

Only a few hands later Louis was forced all in for his last 75,000 in the big blind. Quan Zhou limped in the cutoff and Jack called from the small blind as the three of them went to a flop of 8♦K♦Q♣.

Jack led out for 120,000 and Zhou called to see the 3♠ turn. Jack barrelled for 265,000 this time and was again met with a call. The Q♥ river arrived and Jack checked over to Zhou who slid out a huge bet before Jack threw his hand away.

All the while Louis had been standing up looking resigned to his fate and he saw his 10♥7♦ was crushed by Zhou’s K♠Q♠ full house.

Louis leaves us in 5th place and collects HK$552,000 for his impressive run here this week.

mpc24 hr louis salter.jpg

12:30am: Jack Salter survives

Jack Salter was recently at risk of finishing in 5th place after an all in confrontation with Quan Zhou.

Salter held K♠J♦ and was behind Zhou’s A♣4♣ as they saw the flop land 7♣9♥7♦.

“Can we have a 10 please?” Salter asked with the hope of improving to a double gut shot straight draw but the Q♠ arrived on the turn. Instead Salter had picked up a single gut shot straight draw and would win if he could find a king, jack or ten.

Salter’s request for a ten was answered as the 10♠ rolled off to complete the board and give Salter a straight.

“It’s hard to kill me, I don’t die” Salter said as he raked the 1,600,000 chip pot.

12:15am: Luo doubles through Yap

Xixiang Luo was down to around 10 big blinds but he found a double up through Wayne Yap.

Luo was all in preflop with A♣10♠ against Yap’s 4♥4♦ and he managed to spike a ten to take the lead on the 10♥6♣9♥ flop. No four would appear on the K♠ turn or J♣ river and Luo moved up to 1,400,000 in chips.

11:55pm: Play resumes

Our final five players have returned to the action.

Here’s their current chip stacks;

Wayne Yap – 3,835,000
Quan Zhou – 3,540,000
Louis Salter – 1,705,000
Jack Salter – 1,270,000
Xixiang Luo – 1,050,000

11:45pm: Time for a break

Players have stepped away from the table for a scheduled break.

11:40pm: Wei Zhang eliminated in 6th place (HK$467,000)

Players are flying out the door now. We’ve already lost four here on this final table with Wei Zhang the latest casualty.

As has been the trend recently the money was all in preflop and again the two players were flipping.

Quan Zhou: 10♠10♣
Zhang: A♠K♦

The 10♥J♠3♣ saw Zhou improve to a set but Zhang still had live outs to Broadway. That was until the J♦ paired the board to signify that Zhang was drawing dead.

Zhang was out of his seat and shaking the hands of his tablemates by the time the 4♠ river arrived.

mpc24 hr wei zhang.jpg

11:30pm: Ya Hui Xu eliminated in 7th place (HK$382,000)

And then there were six.

Ya Hui Xu has been ejected in 7th place after his pocket ace failed to hold.

All in preflop with A♥A♦ Xu had been called by Quan Zhou with Q♠Q♣ and Xu looked good for a double up. He faded danger through the J♣8♣7♠ flop but the Q♦ left him dead to two outs and prompted a huge outburst from Zhou.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Zhou screamed while fist pumping furiously.

The 8♥ appeared on the river with the set of queens holding to see Xu eliminated.

mpc24 hr Ya Hui Xu.jpg

11:20pm: Zhou doubles through Jack Salter

Jack Salter just took a big hit to his stack when Quan Zhou doubled through him.

The pair got all the money in preflop and saw they were flipping for a 2 million chip pot.

Salter: 8♣8♥
Zhou: A♥Q♣

“I’ll take a chop. Put all diamonds out there” said Salter.

The Q♦3♦2♥ flop left Salter chasing an eight to scoop the pot before the J♦ arrived on the turn.

“Let it snow!” Salter began singing but the Q♥ completed the board and the pot was shipped to Zhou.

11:05pm: Level 21 begins, blinds are 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante

10:45pm: Vikram Nanda eliminated in 8th place (HK$340,000)

It wasn’t long until we lost our second player with Vikram Nanda exiting in 8th place.

Nanda found himself all in preflop and behind against Louis Salter.

Nanda: J♣10♦
Salter: A♣K♣

There was no help for Nanda on the 6♠4♦5♦Q♥Q♠ runout and he headed or the payout desk to collect HK$340,000.

MPC24 HR Vikram Nanda.jpg

10:30pm: Wei Zhao eliminated in 9th place (HK$297,000)

It took less than an orbit for us to lose our first player from the final table.

Wei Zhao started with a super short stack and he couldn’t run it up after Quan Zhou sent him packing.

Zhao moved all in for less than four big blinds when it folded to him in the cutoff and Zhou called to put him at risk. The crowd laughed as the cards were tabled with Zhao holding 9♦4♦ to Zhou’s 7♥2♠.

The laughs grew louder as the flop landed 2♥10♦7♣ to make two pair for Zhou. The A♥ turn meant Zhao was drawing dead before the J♥ completed the board.

Zhao leaves us in 9th spot for HK$297,000.

mpc24 Wei Zhao.jpg

10:20pm: Final table begins!

It’s time for the High Roller final table!

Wayne Yap is leading the way into our final nine.

Here’s where the players are sitting and how much they’re stacking.

Seat 1: Louis Salter – 2,140,000
Seat 2: Wayne Yap – 2,195,000
Seat 3: Vikram Nanda – 695,000
Seat 4: Wei Zhao – 260,000
Seat 5: Quan Zhou – 2,165,000
Seat 6: Xixiang Luo – 1,635,000
Seat 7: Jack Salter – 1,155,000
Seat 8: Ya Hui Xu – 645,000
Seat 9: Wei Zhang – 510,000

MPC24 HR final table.jpg

9:25pm: Yum exits; Final table set!

The final table has now been decided here with the elimination of Ryan Yum.

Yum got his stack in preflop with 8-9 but was dominated by Louis Salter’s Q-9.

Despite improving to a pair of nines on the river, Yum’s kicker was no good and he hit the rail in 10th place for HK$255,000.

The final nine players have now commenced a 45-minute dinner break before returning to play down to a champion.

9:15pm: Aaron Lim eliminated

Aaron Lim had been left with a short stack after doubling up Jack Salter and he moved his chips all in from under the gun with K♣10♦.

It folded around to Jack Salter in the big blind and he snapped it off with the dominating A♦K♦.

The board ran out 5♥6♠J♥A♥8♠ and Salter held to send Lim packing.

9:00pm: Jack Salter doubles through Aaron Lim

Jack Salter had been nursing a short stack for a while and moved his last 295,000 all in from under the gun. Aaron Lim was next to act and he decided to move all in over the top for 665,000.

The rest of the table folded and the two active players tabled their hands.

Salter: A♦9♠
Lim: K♠J♣

Salter was in front and stayed that way as the cards came A♥10♥4♠2♥4♦.

“You’re lucky” Xixiang Lu said to Salter after the hand, “I folded ace-queen.”

8:45pm: Level 18 begins, blinds are 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante

8:30pm: 10-minute break

Our final 13 have left the action momentarily for a scheduled break.

8:25pm: Robert Yao bubbles, 13 remain

Players are now in the money here after a cooler sent Robert Yao home on the direct money bubble.

Yao raised from under the gun to 60,000 and Xixiang Luo called to see a flop of K♣7♣2♠. After a check from Yao, Luo had a stab at it for 70,000 and was met with a call. The J♥ turn went check-check and when the river brought the 8♥ Yao moved all in.

Luo quickly called with 8♣8♦ for a rivered set and Yao tabled 2♥2♣ to show he’d been two-outered on the river.

Yao leaves us in 14th place as our final 13 guarantee themselves at least HK $233,000.

mpc24 high roller bubble robert yao.jpg

Bubble boy – Robert Yao
8:15pm: Jack Salter wakes up with nines

The action folded around to Quan Zhou in the small blind and he moved all in covering shortstack Jack Salter’s 135,000. Salter called to put himself at risk and showed 9♠9♣. As play was hand for hand he was told to flip his hand back over but not before Zhou flashed him the 3♥.

“I’m pretty lucky to find this spot” Salter said to tablemate Aaron Lim while he waited for the all clear to table his hand.

Finally Zhou showed 3♥2♠ and would need a lot of help to send Salter home and burst the money bubble. The 9♥K♠7♣, however, meant Zhou was already drawing dead to Salter’s set of nines. Salter improved to quads on the 9♦ turn before the 10♥ river rolled off and he stayed alive and earned some much needed chips.

7:50pm: Level 17 begins, blinds are 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante

7:40pm: Louis Salter still climbing

Louis Salter has had a good level. After eliminating Nan Tu not long ago he was at it again just now, this time sending Henrik Tollefsen home.

After a raise to 50,000, Tollefsen opted to push his last 540,000 into the middle. Salter asked for a count before making the call, and with the initial raiser out of the way the cards went on their backs.

Tollefsen: A♦K♥
Salter: J♠J♦

It was a coinflip but Salter’s jacks would hold on the 5♥5♠8♥7♣3♦ runout to eliminate Tollefsen. Salter now has 1.8 million in chips.

7:25pm: Tu dominated and out the door

It folded around to Nan Tu on the button and he raised to 50,000 in chips. When it got to Louis Salter in the big blind, he moved all in with enough to cover Tu’s remaining 400,000.

Tu thought for a moment but called off with A♣J♣ to see Salter had him in bad shape with A♠Q♣. The 6♠5♣Q♥ improved Salter to top pair and all but ended it there. Tu needed running cards to stay alive but they wouldn’t come on the 6♥ turn and 5♠ river.

Tu leaves us as Salter climbs to 1,200,000.

7:10pm: Level 17 begins, blinds are 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante

7:00pm: Espina eliminated

Sergio Espina was just sent to the exit five places from a payday after running into Vikram Nanda’s pocket kings.

The hand began with Nanda opening to 45,000 under the gun before Espina moved all in. Nanda snapped it off and players tabled their cards.

Espina: A♦Q♣
Nanda: K♥K♣

Espina needed help to stay alive but the 9♠Q♥9♦8♣8♦ runout wasn’t enough.

Espina was eliminated while Nanda moved up to 820,000 in chips.

6:45pm: Nan Tu doubles through Jack Salter

“I’m all in” announced Jack Salter after the action folded around to him in the small blind.

Salter had enough to cover Nan Tu’s 170,000 in the big blind but Tu woke up with pocket aces and called it off immediately.

Salter: J♥8♠
Tu: A♠A♦

The K♣9♦6♣4♥6♠ brought no help for Salter and Tu double up.

“Nice hand” Salter said with a smile after the pot had been raked away from him.

That hit knocks Salter down to 265,000 in chips.

mpc24 jack salter.jpg

Jack Salter
6:30pm: Play resumes with 18 left

We’re down to two tables now. Here’s where our final 18 are sitting and how they stack up.

Table 18
Seat 1: Ryan Yum – 730,000
Seat 2: Elliot Smith – 835,000
Seat 3: Yuguang Li – 310,000
Seat 4: Robert Yao – 290,000
Seat 5: Xixiang Luo – 740,000
Seat 6: Quan Zhou – 1,200,000
Seat 7: Ya Hui Xu – 680,000
Seat 8: Aaron Lim – 440,000
Seat 9: Wei Zhang – 420,000

Table 19
Seat 1: Nan Tu – 140,000
Seat 2: Henrik Tollefsen – 340,000
Seat 3: Vikram Nanda – 650,000
Seat 4: Louis Salter – 810,000
Seat 5: Wei Zhao – 180,000
Seat 6: Sergio Espina – 240,000
Seat 7: Wayne Yap – 2,200,000
Seat 8: Dong Zhao – 620,000
Seat 9: Jack Salter – 340,000

6:20pm: 10-minute break

Players have stepped away for another 10-minute break.

6:05pm: Zhou gets there

Quan Zhou just gained a big boost to his stack after winning a coinflip to eliminate an opponent.

The two got the money all in preflop and Zhou had A♥Q♦ against 10♥10♦.

Zhou bricked the J♦2♦5♣ flop but the 6♦ turn and 4♦ river brought him a runner-runner flush.

“Yes!” Zhou cried with an accompanying celebratory fist pump as he locked up the pot and eclipses the 1 million in chips mark.

5:50pm: Davies done for

US pro Scott Davies’ High Roller is over after a rough beat sent him hurtling out of the tournament area. He got all the money in preflop holding the best hand in poker but unfortunately couldn’t hold.

Davies: A♥A♦
Opponent: Q♥Q♦

The 10♣10♠Q♠ flop dealt a big blow to Davies’ chances and while the 10♥ turn gave him one extra out to quads with an ace kicker, the 3♥ river bricked off to see him eliminated.

5:35pm: Level 15 begins, blinds are 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante

5:25pm: Zhang hits the rail

Wayne Zhang jumped straight into this High Roller after finishing runner-up in the Red Dragon last night but he has fallen by the wayside after a three-way all in.

Zhang moved the last of his chips in from under the gun with K♦J♥ and was called in two spots by players holding A♦A♥ and 8♠8♣. Zhang couldn’t take the a the board came A♠9♣4♣10♣3♦ and he headed for the exit.

5:10pm: We lose one to Lim

First-ever two-time APPT Champion Aaron Lim has eliminated Tony Cheng after a preflop confrontation.

Cheng made a button jam for 173,000 before Lim moved all in over the top. The big blind folded and the two players flipped up their hands.

Lim: K♣Q♦
Cheng: A♦2♠

Cheng looked good to double up on the A♠K♥3♠ flop and while the 4♦ turn changed nothing, the Q♠ arrived on the river to improve Lim to two pair and confirm Cheng’s exit from the tournament.

Lim now sits with 536,000 in chips.

4:55pm: Level 14 begins, blinds are 6,000/12,000 with a 1,000 ante

4:45pm: Zhang eliminated

Yang Zhang finished 7th place in the Red Dragon last night, but he won’t be repeating another deep run here tonight after being eliminated by former High Roller champion Yuguang Li.

Li made a preflop raise to 20,000 before Zhang moved all in for his last 128,000. Li made the call and the cards went on their backs.

Zhang: A♠J♠
Li: K♠Q♠

Zhang was in front until the J♥2♠K♦9♣4♥ saw Li spike a pair of kings to send Zhang packing. Li moves up to 430,000 in chips.

4:30pm: Tu bombs it

Nan Tu just took a pot from Xixiang Luo with a sizeable river bet.

The preflop action saw Tu raise to 22,000 from the cutoff before Luo opted to defend his big blind. The flop landed K♦7♣J♠ and both players checked to the 8♥ turn.

Luo then took the betting lead, making it 32,000 to go. Tu made the call and the dealer revealed the 8♥ river card. A check from Luo warranted Tu to slide forward 103,000 in chips.

Luo loaded up a call and looked like he was about to commit to it but in the end he threw his hand in the muck. Tu adds that pot to his 360,000 behind.

mpc24 nan tu.jpg

Nan Tu
4:15pm: Play resumes; payout information

Players are back in their sets and cards are in the air after the first 10-minute break.

Now that the tournament is locked out the numbers have been finalized. We have a total of 114 entrants – crushing the previous tournament record of 75.

That means that 13 players will see a return on their investment. Here’s how those payouts look;

1st – HK$2,292,720
2nd – HK $1,528,000
3rd – HK $934,000
4th – HK $722,000
5th – HK $552,000
6th – HK $467,000
7th – HK $382,000
8th – HK $340,000
9th – HK $297,000
10th – HK $255,000
11th – HK $255,000
12th – HK $233,000
13th – HK $233,000

4:05pm: First break

Players have commenced their first break of the day. Play resumes in 10 minutes.

3:55pm: Yap finds a straight

Wayne Yap just came from behind to crack an opponent’s pocket aces in a recent hand. Yap was all in preflop with 10♠10♣ and had the player holding A♥A♣ covered.

The cards fell 3♥9♥Q♣K♦J♥ and Yap found himself a runner-runner straight to eliminate his opponent.

That lucky runout for Yap brings his stack up to 640,000.

3:35pm: Kobylynski caught out

Xixiang Luo brought it in for a raise to 17,000 on the button and Artem Kobylynski defended his big blind. The flop came down 7♣K♣6♥ and Kobylynski check-called a bet of 22,000.

Both players checked on the J♠ turn before the 10♣ river rolled off.

Kobylynski took his time studying the pot before leading out for 38,000. Luo asked to see Kobylynski’s stack and when he saw 58,000 he went into the tank.

After a few moments of deliberation Luo tossed in a call and Kobylynski winced before sheepishly flipping up 8♦6♠ for bottom pair. Luo tabled 10♦5♦ for slightly better and raked in the pot.

3:20pm: Level 12 begins, blinds are 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante

3:15pm: Zhou springs the trap

Steven Zhou just took down a pot against Scott Davies with a well-timed check raise.

On a flop of J♠8♦6♦ Zhou checked his option to see Davies bet 25,000. It was then that Zhou came back over the top for more than half his stack with a reraise to 77,000.

“How much do you have?” Davies asked.

Zhou moved his hand to reveal the 50,000 behind and Davies went into the tank.

Davies contemplated for about two minutes before ultimately throwing his hand away.

3:00pm: Zhao runs into aces

Dong Zhao will be thankful that his opponent was short stacked after he lost a few chips against pocket aces.

The flop fell 6♥Q♦8♣ and Zhao led out for 15,000. He was played back at with an all-move for 40,000 and Zhao called it off with a gut shot straight draw.

Zhao: J♠10♠
Opponent: A♠A♦

Zhao needed a nine or running cards to scoop the pot but he couldn’t get there as the 7♥[ turn and 10♥ river completed the board.

2:45pm: Level 11 begins, blinds are 3,000/6,000 with a 500 ante

2:40pm: Bad river sends Celina Lin packing

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin was super short-stacked and moved in for her last 19,000 with ace-jack. Wing Cheong Chong made the call with a suited 4-5 to put the Team Pro at risk.

Lin would avoid any danger until the river spelled disaster on the Q-2-2-8-4 run out. Chong paired his four and Lin was eliminated from the tournament.

mpc24 high roller celina lin.jpg

2:35pm: Ramakrishnan scores a double

Rajkumar Ramakrishnan recently earned a double up after finding himself all in preflop against Zhen Wang. Ramakrishnan had the best of it with pocket kings and was looking to fade an ace and keep his tournament alive.

Ramakrishnan: K♥K♦
Wang: A♥J♦

The community cards fell 4♦9♣5♣3♠9♥ and Ramakrishnan survived, knocking Wang down to 57,000 in chips.

2:15pm: Stacked field

As to be expected for our Red Dragon High Roller a stellar field has filled the room here at PokerStars LIVE Macau.

Among the action are the reigning High Roller champion James Chen, ACOP Main Event runner-up Thomas Ward, as well as Team PokerStars Pros Yaxi Zhu and Celina Lin.

Also in attendance are Michael Egan, Jack Salter, Louis Salter, Aaron Lim, Henrik Tollefsen, Geoff Mooney, Raiden Kan, Scott Davies, Yuguang Li and Alex Ward.

2:00pm: Level 10 begins, 2,000/4,000 with a 500 ante

MPC24 HK$80,000 High Roller final day kicks off soon

The Red Dragon Main Event may have concluded last night but now it’s time for the HK$80,000 High Roller! We had 103 entries yesterday and with late registration still open for the first 40 minutes today that number could climb even higher.

Of those 103 there are 62 guaranteed to return today. They’ll play it out today until a champion emerges. As late registration isn’t locked out yet we don’t have a first place prize set but the prize pool currently stands at HK$7,969,360.

Last night’s Red Dragon runner up Wayne Zhang jumped straight in the High Roller field after his 2nd place finish. He’ll be looking at back-to-back deep runs in Macau. We’ll highlight other notable names among the field as soon as play is underway.

The action kicks off at 2pm so stay tuned!

mpc24 high roller.jpg


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