MPC23: Liu tops Day 1b

September 06, 2015

Bigger, busier and more exciting – Day 1b of the MPC23 Red Dragon delivered!

A new batch of players headed into PokerStars LIVE Macau today for the second of four Day 1 flights in this feature event. The 135-player field eclipsed yesterday’s 108 runners and numbers are expected to climb further with each passing flight.

Players battled it out across 12 40-minute levels and only 28 made the cut. They’ll join the 21 qualifiers from yesterday, as well as those who survive Day 1c and Day 1d, on the official Day 2 on Wednesday.

When all was said and done it was China’s Zoe Liu who emerged as chip boss. Liu had a stack of 131,700 at the conclusion of play, just behind Day 1a’s leader Saehoon Lee who bagged up 158,900.

MPC23 Zoe Liu.jpg

Zoe Liu leads Day 1b
Right behind Liu are second and third place holders, India’s Chandra Mohan and Taiwan’s Fubo Fu Bang Huang. Mohan finished the day with 129,900 while Huang is hot on his heels with a stack of 120,000.

MPC23 Red Dragon Day 1b Top Ten

Zoe Hui Liu (China) – 131,700
Chandra Mohan (India) – 129,900
Fubo Fu Bang Huang (Chinese Taipei) – 120,000
Chen Zhang (China) – 103,700
Victor Chih Yen Chen (Chinese Taipei) – 102,300
Jung-wei Huang (Chinese Taipei) – 92,200
Sam Chuan Aik Nee (Malaysia) – 88,700
Ting Hang Baton Fung (Hong Kong) – 87,000
Jean Auberval (France) – 86,200
Sam Keng Lon Cheong (Macau) – 84,600

Click here for end of Day 1b chip counts

The 28 lucky ones will be back for Day 2 but others couldn’t outlast the night. The 2014 WSOP APAC Main Event champion Scott Davies left us early this afternoon when a cooler saw an opponent river a superior full house.

mpc23 scott davies.jpg

Scott Davies on Day MPC23 Red Dragon 1b
Reigning Asia Player of the Year Pete Chen had a good start to Day 1b but after a big hit when an opponent flopped a straight versus his set he couldn’t regain momentum. He joins the other 106 players on the rail tonight.

For the 28 who bagged up chips it’s a couple days of well-deserved rest before returning to fight it out once again on the official Day 2. Fields in the next two flights are only expected to grow so we’ll see if tomorrow’s player count surpasses today’s 135.

Day 1c kicks off at 2:00pm local time Monday so be sure to stay with us from all the action from right here in Macau!


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