MPC22 High Roller: Final day updates

March 14, 2015

Stephen Chidwick eliminated in 2nd place (HK$1,048,000), Yuguang Li wins… Again! Champion of the High Roller & the Red Dragon Main Event!


It’s all over and there is a sense of deja vu at PokerStars LIVE Macau as for the second time in two days Yuguang Li has been crowned the champion!

First he defeated 987 players to win the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event and now he has defeated a tough field of 67 players, and ultimately Stephen Chidwick heads-up, to win the HK$80,000 High Roller!

The final hand of the tournament saw Li open the button for 250,000 and Chidwick shove all in for a little over 2.5 million. Li called and turned over Q♦3♦, while Chidwick was looking happy with his K♠K♥.

It wasn’t over yet, however, and Li loved the look of the A♦8♠7♦ flop as it gave him the flush draw. Then, on the turn, Li hit the 2♦ and with a burst of emotion, screamed out in glee as he had made the flush and locked up the tournament.

Chidwick got out of his seat as the dealer turned over the 10♠ river and with that, was eliminated as the runner-up. For that effort, Chidwick pocketed HK$1,048,000.

Congrats to Yuguang Li!

He takes home another trophy and adds HK$1,647,000 to the HK$1,848,000 he won just last night.

MPC22 High Roller – Results (HKD)

1st: Yuguang Li – $1,647,000
2nd: Stephen Chidwick – $1,048,000
3rd: Andrey Kotelnikov – $699,000
4th: Huihan Wu – $549,000
5th: Shashank Rathi – $399,000
6th: Ziyang Zhao – $349,000
7th: Devan Tang – $299,160

Thanks for tuning into our coverage of the HK$80,000 High Roller! That’s the last of our live updates from the 22nd edition of the Macau Poker Cup. It was already a memorable event, but with Yuguang Li winning the High Roller just 24 hours after winning the Main Event, this is definitely one for the ages!


Champion, Yuguang Li celebrates his victory

12:55am: Level 22 begins, blinds 60,000/120,000 (10,000)

12:50am: Double back to Yuguang

And yet again the tables have turned.

This time Stephen Chidwick shoved the button and Yugaung Li snap-called off his stack of 1.9 million and tabled K♥J♦. Chidwick, meanwhile, had the A♦10♠.

Li was his usual jovial self, celebrating as the dealer turned over a J♣7♠5♠ flop to put him in the lead. He got even more excited when the dealer turned over a J♠ until his rail pointed out that Chidwick now had a flush draw.

The 2♥ river ended up safe for Li and so it was his turn to double.

12:45am: Chidwick finds the double

Yuguang Li had the button and opened it up to 200,000. Stephen Chidwick then moved all in for 2,250,000 from the big blind. After around a minute, Li made the call.

Chidwick had A♣Q♠, at risk against Li’s J♦8♦.

The 7♠K♦2♥ flop was safe for Chidwick, while the 6♦ turn gave Li the flush draw.

The river, however, was a safe K♠ and so the double went to Chidwick.

The tables have turned back in Chidwick’s favour.

12:35am: Change of pace

The pace of the tournament has slowed now that the stacks have evened out.

This seems to be the result of Stephen Chidwick changing gears. Earlier he was using his stack to pound on Yuguang Li, but after Li found a double up, Chidwick has slowed it down and is now limping the button more often and seems to be waiting Yuguang out.

12:20am: Yuguang’s big call to double

Yuguang Li had the button and raised it up to 200,000.

Stephen Chidwick shoved, with Li having 2,245,000 behind.

Li called to put his tournament life at risk and tabled 10♠9♠.

He was racing against Chidwick’s 3♥3♦.

Li was up on his feet and got very excited when the dealer spread out a 8♦7♠9♦ flop to take the lead. The excitement grew even stronger on the 9♥ turn and their were fist pumps and high fives galore when the board was completed with a K♥.

Just like that, the tables have turned, with Li having 4.55 million to Chidwick’s 2.2.

12:10am: Level 21 begins, blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000)

12:05am: First one goes to Chidwick

Stephen Chidwick has taken down the first hand of heads-up.

It started with Yuguang Li opening the button to 190,000. Chidwick called and the two players then checked the 9♠K♣Q♣ flop to see a 10♦ dealt on the turn. This time Chidwick led for 175,000 and Li called.

The 2♣ river would see Chidwick lead for 400,000 and after a few moments, Li called.

At showdown, Chidwick tabled A♠3♠ for the nut flush.

Li, meanwhile, didn’t seem to realise Chidwick had the flush as he showed his Q♣2♥ for two pair. The dealer pointed out the flush and Li shook it off as the pot went to Chidwick.

Li is down to around 1.9 million, while Chidwick has 4.9 million.

12:00am: Cards back in air

The two players are back from their break and the cards are in the air.

There are five minutes remaining in the current level – 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante.

11:55pm: Break and heads-up counts

It’s Stephen Chidwick and Yuguang Li heads-up for the MPC22 High Roller title!

Who would have thought when Yuguang Li was crowned the Red Dragon Main Event champ yesterday that he would be here again?


He’s got a tough opponent in international pro Stephen Chidwick, however.

The two players are currently on a 10-minute break.

Here is how the chip counts will start when they return.

Yuguang Li – 2,515,000
Stephen Chidwick – 4,195,000

The players are guaranteed HK$1,048,000 with HK$1,647,000 up top.

11:50pm: Andrey Kotelnikov eliminated in 3rd place (HK$699,000)

Just like that we are down to heads-up!

Andrey Kotelnikov ended up in 3rd place taking home HK$699,000.

Kotelnikov’s final hand saw Stephen Chidwick open the button to 160,000. Kotelnikov then moved all in from the big blind and Chidwick snap-called to put him at risk.

It was a flip with Kotelnikov’s 10♦10♠ against Chidwick’s A♠Q♥.

The 2♦3♦8♠Q♠K♥ board gave Chidwick the pair and enough to send Kotelnikov home and usher in heads-up play!


Andrey Kotelnikov – 3rd place

11:45pm: Huihan Wu eliminated in 4th place (HK$549,000)

Not too long ago Huihan Wu was left with just three antes and despite finding a quick triple up, he has now been eliminated in 4th place, collecting HK$549,000.

Wu’s final hand saw him all in for 90,000 on the button. Yuguang Li called the extra chips from the small blind, while Andrey Kotelnikov put in the extra 10,000 from the big blind.

Wu then watched on as Kotelnikov and Li checked it down.

At showdown, Yi showed Q♠6♠, Kotelnikov’s cards went into the muck and the all-in Wu tabled 10♦4♥ before heading to the rail.


Huihan Wu – 4th place

11:35pm: Huihan left for dead

Huihan Wu has been left for dead.

It started when he was in the big blind. Yuguang Li opened the cut off to 165,000 and Wu was the lone caller as the dealer spread out a 9♥10♦8♦ flop. Wu checked here and Li bet 150,000. Back on Wu and he raised to 325,000. Li then moved all in and Wu called.

The stacks weren’t counted yet, but at this point it looked like the chips were very even.
Wu had 7♥6♣ for a flopped straight, while Li had J♣10♣ for top pair and a larger straight draw.

The Q♠ on the turn would give Wu the straight and the A♦ river changed nothing and so the chips were counted out.

Wu ended up having 30,000 more than Li.

Three antes and a chair.

11:20pm: Andrey finds double

Andrey Kotelnikov has found a handy double up.

He shoved the small blind for 1.1 million and Stephen Chidwick snap-called from the big blind and turned over 7♥7♣ – ahead of Kotelnikov’s K♥8♣.

The K♠A♥2♦ flop gave Kotelnikov the lead and with no danger on the 6♣ turn or the 5♠ river, meant he had doubled up.

Kotelnikov is on around 2.3 million, while Chidwick is still relatively healthy on 1.8 million.

11:10pm: Level 20 begins, blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000)

11:05pm: Big Li and Wu battle

Yuguang Li and Huihan Wu have just battled in a relatively large hand.

It started with Li opening to 120,000 of which Wu was the lone caller from the big blind.

On the 5♥3♣9♦ flop, Wu check-called a bet of 125,000 and then both players checked the 6♣ turn. The river was a 5♠ and this time Wu led for 200,000. Yi then raised it up to 500,000 and it was back on Wu. He took a long time before moving all in, having just a little less than Yi.

Yi instantly folded and the chips went to Wu.

10:55pm: Shove time

There hasn’t been many intricate hands played out lately. In fact, there has been a lot of preflop shoving and folding. Yuguang Li has been the most aggressive shover. He’s managed to pick up plenty of blinds and antes and is no longer short stacked.

The average stack at the moment is only 25 big blinds, so it perhaps isn’t too surprising there has been a lot of shoving. The blinds will be going up shortly and if we don’t lose a player before then, the average stack will be 20 big blinds.

10:45pm: Chidwick active

Not too surprisingly Stephen Chidwick has been the most active of the four remaining players. He’s managed to chip up to around 2.5 million in chips and counting.

One recent pot that went to Chidwick began with Andrey Kotelnikov raising the small blind to 140,000. Chidwick called out of the big blind and the dealer turned over a A♦8♣Q♣ flop. Kotelnikov led for 150,000 here and Chidwick called. Both players checked the 2♣ turn and the board completed with a 6♦. This time Kotelnikov check-folded to a bet of 200,000 from Chidwick.

10:30pm: Level 19 begins, blinds 30,000/60,000 (5,000)

10:25pm: Four-handed count update

Here are the approximate stacks of the players during four-handed.

Stephen Chidwick – 2,200,000
Andrey Kotelnikov – 1,850,000
Huihan Wu – 1,750,000
Yuguang Li – 900,000

10:20pm: Shashank Rathi eliminated in 5th place (HK$399,000)

Another player down and there are four players remaining!

It was Shashank Rathi who fell in 5th place.

Rathi got his chips in preflop with A♠K♥ and was flipping against Huihan Wu with 9♠9♣.

The 2♥9♥8♦3♥5♦ board was nothing but heartache for Rathi and so he was eliminated with a HK$399,00 score.

The four remaining players have now locked up HK$549,000.


Shashank Rathi – 5th place

10:00pm: Ziyang Zhao eliminated in 6th place (HK$349,000)

Ziyang Zhao was extremely short stacked when he got his last chips in from the small blind following an open from Yuguang Li in the cut off. Shashank Rathi put in some extra chips from the big blind to get involved in the hand and Zhao would then watch on as Rathi and Li played out the hand.

Li and Rathi checked the 4♦J♣5♥ flop and the 9♠ turn and then on the 6♠ river, Rathi moved all in. Li quickly folded and Rathi showed 7♣3♥ for a rivered straight.

Zhao simply smiled as he tabled his A♥K♠ and made his way home in 6th place collecting HK$349,000.


Ziyan Zhao – 6th place

9:50pm: Level 18 begins, blinds 20,000/40,000 (5,000

9:40pm: Chidwick flexes muscles

Stephen Chidwick was under the gun when he opened to 60,000. A flurry of cards went into the muck from every direction of the table until Andrey Kotelnikov was the lone caller from the big blind.

On the Q♣Q♥J♣ flop, Kotelnikov check-called a bet of 75,000 before both players checked the 8♥ turn. On the 9♠ river, Kotelnikov led for 125,000 and Chidwick took a long time before raising to 350,000. Kotelnikov instantly folded and the chips went into Chidwick’s substantial stack.

9:25pm: Devan Tang eliminated in 7th place (HK$299,160)

Just moments after returning from dinner and Devan Tang has hit the rail in 7th place.

Tang was the short stack and shoved the button with K♦9♠. Shashank Rathi looked down at Q♣Q♦ in the small blind and made the call to put Tang at risk.

“I hope you hit a queen,” Tang joked to Rathi.

Flop: Q♠8♥4♣


“Ten!” Tang said with a smile.

Turn: 10♦

Tang now had a straight draw!

River: 7♥

All over for Tang with HK$299,160 for his time.

Six remain with HK$349,000 now guaranteed.


Devan Tang – 7th place

9:20pm: Dinner over, back to play to winner

The dinner break is over!

The seven remaining players are all in the money, but each of them will be looking to get their hands on the MPC22 High Roller trophy and the HK$1,647,000 top prize.

There are just around 30 minutes remaining in the current level – blinds 15,000/30,000 with a 5,000 ante.

8:25pm: Thomas Ward bubbles to bring on dinner

The bubble has burst!

Thomas Ward shoved for 415,000 with 10♣10♦ and Red Dragon champ Yuguang Li found a call with A♠Q♥.

Ward walked over to his rail, barely watching as the dealer spread out a Q♣J♥4♥ flop.

Li, meanwhile gave a celebratory cry and a fist pump.

The 8♠ turn and 3♠ river didn’t help Ward and so he was the official bubble boy.

The seven players have now locked up HK$299,160!

With that, it’s dinner time. Play resumes in 45 minutes – around 9:15pm local time.

8:15pm: Level 17 begins, blinds 15,000/30,000 (5,000)

8:10pm: Short stack double

The short-stacked Ziyang Zhao has found a double up on the bubble.

Zhao shoved for 80,000 from the button after Andrey Kotelnikov had opened to 55,000 from the cutoff. Kotelnikov put out the few extra chips to call and sheepishly tabled 8♣6♣. Zhao, meanwhile, was in great shape with 10♥10♠.

The 3♠9♥4♠7♣6♦ gave Zhao a bit of a sweat, but he ultimately found the double he needed as the money bubble continues!

8:00pm: Chidwick wins big off Tang

Stephen Chidiwick is now up to 2.2 million and Devan Tang is one of the short stacks.

It started with Chidwick opening to 50,000 from under the gun. Tang three-bet to 100,000 from middle position and once the rest of the table was out of the way, Chidwick made the call.

On the 2♠9♥4♥ flop, Chidiwck check-called a bet of 75,000 and then check-called a bet of 200,000 on the J♠ turn. The 10♠ river would see Chidwick and Tang both check and at showdown, Chidwick scooped the pot with A♠J♥.

7:50pm: Final table draw and cards flying

After a few minutes break to get the final table ready, the cards are now back in the air.

Here is how the final eight stack up.

Seat 1: Yuguang Yi – 900,000
Seat 2: Andrey Kotelnikov – 1,550,000
Seat 3: Stephen Chidwick – 1,870,000
Seat 4: Ziyang Zhao – 133,000
Seat 5: — Empty —
Seat 6: Devan Tang – 620,000
Seat 7: Shashank Rathi – 470,000
Seat 8: Huihan Wu – 670,000
Seat 9: Thomas Ward – 410,000

There are just around 20 minutes remaining in the current level – blinds 12,000/24,000 with a 4,000 ante.


The MPC22 High Roller final table

7:40pm: Double elimination to bring final table & bubble

There needed to be just one more elimination before the final table was set.

Instead, there was a double elimination meaning we are at an eight-handed final table and with seven players making the money, we are also on the bubble!

The double elimination hand began with Huihan Wu opening to 50,000 from the cut off. Zongyao Zhang then three-bet all in for 129,500 from the button. It was now on Stephen Chidwick and he moved all in, having everyone covered. Masayuki Hakoda was on the big blind and called off his stack of less than 100,000 while Wu got out of the way.

With that, the cards were turned over.

Chidwick: 9♠9♦
Zhang: K♣Q♦
Hakoda: A♣6♥

The J♣7♦8♣2♥5♥ board meant Chidwick’s nines stayed ahead and with that, Zhang and Hakoda were eliminated!

The eight players are now on the bubble.

Here is a reminder of the payouts.

1st – $1,647,000
2nd – $1,048,000
3rd – $699,000
4th – $549,000
5th – $399,000
6th – $349,000
7th – $299,160

Once the bubble is burst, the players will be going on a 45-minute dinner break.

The final table is now being readied, cards back in air soon.

7:35pm: Tran eliminated and final table bubble

We are now on the final table bubble after Linh Tran hit the rail.

Tran’s final hand saw him three-bet all in for 250,000 after Shashank Rathi had opened to 50,000. The action folded around to Red Dragon champ Yuguang Li in the big blind and he got his stack of 465,000 in the middle. Rathi folded and and Tran was at risk with 9♥9♠ against A♠K♠.

The 10♥10♠K♥ flop gave Li the lead and with a 4♣ turn and a 3♣ river, it was all over for Tran.

There are now two five-handed tables. One more elimination and we make the final table. Remember it is the top seven who make the money.

7:30pm: Back to play to final table

The 11 players are back in their seats.

Blinds aere now 12,000/24,000 with a 4,000 ante.

7:20pm: Break time for 11 as Wong is out

Nick Wong has been eliminated during the last hand before the break.

His final hand began when Stephen Chidwick opened the button to 40,000. Wong three-bet to 96,000 from the small blind and when it was back on Chidwick, he shoved, with Wong having around 500,000 behind. Wong called and found he was in trouble with his A♣Q♣ against Chidwick’s A♠K♠.

The 10♠7♦7♥K♣K♦ board didnt help Wong and so his tournament was all over.

Chidwick now has around 1.5 million as the players are now on a 10-minute break.


Nick Won gone from the MPC22 High Roller

7:18pm: Two more doubles

There has been another two quick double ups.

First it was Huihan Wu doubling up with J♣10♥ all in preflop against Zongyao Zhang’s K♥10♠. Wu was on 600,000 after this, while Zhang was down to 340,000.

Then it was Linh Tran doubling up to around 250,000.

Tran was all in preflop with 9♥9♠, which trumped the A♥10♦ of Thomas Ward.

7:15pm: Zhao doubles through Tran

Ziyang Zhao held A♦J♠ when he got his short stack all in preflop against Linh Tran’s 10♣10♦. The board ran out 3♠J♥2♣9♠3♥ and the double went to Zhao.

Tran is now very short-stacked with just over 100,000.

Zhao is up to around 400,000.

7:12pm: JP gone, Chidwick firing

JP Kelly has just been eliminated at the hands of Stephen Chidwick.

The hand started with Chidwick opening the cut off to 40,000. Kelly three-bet shoved for 230,000 from the button and Chidwick made the call.

Kelly had A♣J♥, ahead of Chidwick’s K♦Q♦.

The 5♥6♠Q♥9♣5♣ board, however, would see Kelly sent to the rail.

Then there were 12.

7:10pm: Liang railed

The eliminations continue at a rapid pace.

The latest to fall to the rail was Liang Yu.

He was short stacked and all in with A♠10♥ against Shashank Rathi’s J♠J♣.

The 4♦Q♥Q♣9♣Q♦ was of no help to Yu as he was eliminated.

That’s two players in a row that Rathi has sent home.

There are now 13 players remaining.

There will be a break when we reach a final table of nine.

7:05pm: Boskovic next home

The MPC22 High Roller is down to 14 players.

It was Dejan Boskovic who found the rail when his short stack was all in preflop with 6♣4♣ and he was unable to improve against Shashank Rathi’s A♦3♠ on a 9♣A♣K♦8♥A♠ board.

7:00pm: Double time for Chidwick

Stephen Chidwick was all in preflop for his last 277,000 holding A♥9♥.

His opponent, Nick Wong, had the 5♦5♥.

The K♥3♠J♠9♦8♦ board was what Chidwick needed as he scooped the double up.
Wong was once over a million in chips and now he is down to around 500,000.

6:50pm: Hu gone, Kotelnikov back to seven-figures

When Andrey Kotelnikov opened to 40,000 from under the gun, Yuan Hu would three-bet all in for 460,000. Kotelnikov made the call and Hu was at risk.

It wasn’t good news for Hu as his 9♠9♥ was up against Kotelnikov’s K♣K♥.

The 4♥7♦Q♦10♦5♥ board wasn’t what Hu needed and so he hit the rail.

There are now 15 players remaining.

6:40pm: Level 15 begins, blinds 10,000/20,000 (3,000)

6:30pm: All the lucky tens for Ward

Thomas Ward was up on his feet ready to leave the tournament when he had three-bet shoved preflop from the button with A♥10♦ and ran into the A♦A♠ of big stack Nick Wong.

Then the dealer spread out a 10♣8♣10♥ flop and Ward was ready to sit down again.

The turn was a safe 6♣, while just for good measure, the river was a 10♠.

Ward was all in for 275,000 and after those four tens is now very healthy up over 550,000.

Despite this hand, Wong still has what looks like the chip lead.


Thomas Ward was happy to find so many tens

6:20pm: Wu shoves on Tang

Huihan Wu and Devan Tang took to the turn of a 8♠Q♣4♣K♣ board. Tang led out with a bet here and Wu shoved for an extra 116,000. Tang went deep, deep into tank, taking several minutes before opting to let his cards go.

6:10pm: Big river in three-way all in

Red Dragon champ Yuguang Li was in the cut off when he shoved for 148,500.

Shashank Rathi was next to act, from the button, and shoved for 254,000.

Once the small blind was out of the way, big stack Andrey Kotelnikov opted to call to put both players at risk.

Li: 9♣9♥
Kotelnikov: A♦Q♥
Rathi: K♥K♠

Rathi was out in front but the J♣A♣Q♣ flop gave Kotelnikov two pair and the lead.
The 8♥ turn was a blank, but the K♣ river was the card that would get the table excited.

It was the perfect card for Li – it gave him the flush and while it wasn’t perfect for Rathi, it was enough for him to win the side pot off Kotelnikov and stay alive.

Li is now up to around 570,000. Kotelnikov is still strong on 750,000 and Rathi has around 230,000.

6:00pm: Level 14 begins, blinds 8,000/16,000 (2,000)

5:50pm: Chen charges home, Wong building stack

Chao Chen has been eliminated and so 16 players remain.

Chen’s chips went to Nick Wong.

Chen was at risk preflop with 10♣10♦ and ran into the K♣K♦ of Wong. The A♠3♠8♣8♦Q♦ board was no good to Chen so it was on the rail.

Wong’s stack is nearing 1 million.

5:40pm: Andrey over a million

Andrey Kotelnikov has just moved over 1 million in chips.

The hand that got him over the seven figures began with Shashank Rathi opening the button to 25,000. Kotelnikov three-bet to 77,000 out of the big blind and Rathi made the call.

On the 6♠9♣2♠ flop, Kotelnikov led for 75,000 and Rathi called.

The 5♠ turn would see Kotelnikov bet again, this time 110,000. Another call and the board completed with a K♠.

Both players checked here and Kotelnikov showed Q♣Q♦ to take down the pot.

5:25pm: One done back from break

We didn’t catch the action but it appears Leon Hsu has hit the rail during one of the very early hands back from the break. That means there are now 17 players remaining.

5:20pm: 18 back for Level 13

The 18 players are back from their break.

Level 13 sees blinds at 6,000/12,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Here is a reminder of the payouts (HKD):

1st – $1,647,000
2nd – $1,048,000
3rd – $699,000
4th – $549,000
5th – $399,000
6th – $349,000
7th – $299,160

5:10pm: Final two tables and break time

The players have just made it to their new seats and are now on their first 10-minute break of Day 2 of the MPC22 High Roller. Here is how the tables look.

Table 21

Seat 1: Shashank Rathi – 380,000
Seat 2: Linh Tran – 175,000
Seat 3: Andrey Kotelnikov – 730,000
Seat 4: Yu Liang – 110,000
Seat 5: Dejan Boskovic – 210,000
Seat 6: Ziyang Zhao – 250,000
Seat 7: Leon Hsu – 160,000
Seat 8: Nai Yuan Hu – 500,000
Seat 9: Yuguang Li – 350,000

Table 22

Seat 1: Masayuki Hakoda – 400,000
Seat 2: Devan Tang – 600,000
Seat 3: Huihan Wu – 270,000
Seat 4: Zongyao Zhang – 540,000
Seat 5: Chao Chen – 350,000
Seat 6: Stephen Chidwick – 325,000
Seat 7: JP Kelly – 275,000
Seat 8: Nick Wong – 740,000
Seat 9: Thomas Ward – 130,000

Remember, it is the top seven players who make the money.

5:00pm: Chidwick sends double to Rathi

While the tournament clock was paused for the re-draw Stephen Chidwick played a lengthy hand out on a 4♥K♣6♠5♦J♥. We picked up the action on the turn with Rathi checking to Chidwick who bet 30,000. It was back on Rathi who moved all in for 170,500.

Chidwick tanked for quite a while, then called. It was Chidwick with K♦Q♥ for top pair against Rathi’s turned two pair with 6♣5♣. With that, Rathi heads to the final two tables with a big stack, while Chidwick is still relatively healthy with over 300,000 in chips.

The two table redraw will be posted shortly.


Shashank Rathi doubles at the MPC22 High Roller

4:55pm: Ko eliminated & re-draw

Yuki Ko has hit the rail and that means we are re-drawing for the final two tables.
Ko was short stacked and all in with A♣5♥ against Red Dragon champ Yuguang Li’s A♦K♣. The 7♦7♥6♦K♠4♦ board run out was no good to Li and so he was eliminated.

With 18 players remaining, the tournament clock has been paused as there is a re-draw for the final two tables.

4:50pm: Dongwen done, down to 19

Dongwen Liu has been eliminated leaving the tournament with 19 players.

Liu’s final hand saw him all in preflop holding A♣Q♥ against Huihan Wu with 10♦10♠.

No help on the 9♦7♠J♠8♦J♥ board and Wu was sent to the rail.

4:45pm: Three-way all in brings one out, one triple

There was recently a big three-way all in on Table 22.

It was Chao Chen with A♣9♠, having both Stephen Chidwick with 10♥10♦ and Georgii Belianin with A♠2♣ covered.

The 4♥9♣K♥6♦7♥ board meant Chidwick had effectively tripled his stack to 550,000 in chips, while Belianin was on the rail.

Just prior to this big hand, Yuichi Sumida was eliminated which means we are down to 20 players. According the structure, there will be a redraw when two tables of nine remain.

4:30pm: Double for the Dragon champ

Recent Red Dragon Main Event champion Yuguang Li has doubled up through Shashank Rathi.

Li shoved the cut off for 111,000 holding [a]8♦ and Rathi called from the big blind with 2♠2♦.

The board ran out 5♦A♣7♥3♦5♣ and Li moved to around 250,000.

Rathi, meanwhile, is down to 180,000.


Yuguang Li looking comfortable

4:20pm: Level 12 begins, blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000)

4:19pm: Teng sent packing

Victor Teng started the day with a double but has now hit the rail.

Teng shoved for what looked like 125,000 and Andrey Kotelnikov called from the big blind.

It was Teng with A♣K♥ flipping against Kotelnikov’s 7♥7♦.

The 6♦3♥2♣J♥9♣ board was no good to Teng and so he was eliminated.

Raymond Wu was also recently eliminated so we are down to 22 players.

4:15pm: Abrol next out

Anju Abrol – the lone female to begin today – has been eliminated.

Abrol got her chips in preflop with J♠J♦ and was up against Andrey Kotelnikov’s A♠Q♥.
The 7♠K♦7♥A♥7♣ board gave Kotelnikov the full house and so Abrol was on the rail!

4:10pm: Down to 25

Former Red Dragon champion Tom Alner and Kevin Song have both been eliminated from Day 2 of the MPC22 High Roller. That means we are down to 25 remaining players!

4:00pm: Same seat omen

Yesterday, Yuguang Li defeated a field of 987 players to win the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event and today he is playing Day 2 of the HK$80,000 High Roller.

That’s amazing in itself but what if we told you Li was sitting in the exact same seat of the exact same table that he sat at the final table of the Red Dragon yesterday.


3:55pm: Big hand for Wu

A recent big hand began with Leon Hsu opened to 16,000 from middle position. Huihan Wu then three-bet to 47,000 from the hijack before Devan Tang cold four-bet to 80,000 from the cut odd. Hsu quickly got out of the way, while Wu tanked. Eventually he moved all in for 187,000 total and Tang called to put Wu at risk.

It was Wu looking good with K♠K♦ against Tang’s A♥Q♥.

The K♥9♦2♣ gave Wu a set of kings and with a 6♦ hitting the turn, he had locked up the pot. The river was inconsequential 6♣ and with that, Wu had doubled. Luckily for Tang he has had a productive day and so is still one of the big stacks in the room.

3:45pm: Teng’s turn to double

Australia’s Victor Teng is now up to 155,000 after starting the day with around 70,000.

Teng doubled up through Shashank Rathi.

Teng had A♣9♥ in the small blind against Rathi with A-6.

The 5♣J♥4♦10♦3♥ board run out was good for Teng and so he scooped the pot.


Victor Teng on the move on Day 2 of the High Roller

3:40pm: Level 11 begins, blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000)

Just prior to the level going up and we are down to 27 players – the final three tables.

The two players to most recently hit the rail were Tonghui Quan and Joel Feldman.

3:35pm: Double for Tran

Linh Tran was on the button when he three-bet jammed for 85,000 after Dongwen Liu had opened to 12,000 from under the gun. Liu tank-called and tabled his A♣2♥ which was good news for Tran who had K♦K♠.

The board ran out 2♠J♠3♦7♣5♥ and the double went to Tran.

3:25pm: Two more on the rail

The eliminations continue as we are down to 29.

Maxim Lykov and Jian Zhang were the two players to recently hit the rail.

Zhang got his short stack in good holding A♣9♣ against big stack Dejan Boskovic with 10♠9♠.

Unfortunately for Zhang, the K♦2♠3♠A♠3♦ board gave Boskovic a flush and so Zhang was eliminated from the tournament.

3:15pm: Another one down

Nan Hong has hit the rail and with that we are down to 31 remaining.

Hong had his short stack in preflop with K-J and was flipping with Yiyang Zhao’s 2♠2♣.

The Q♠10♥4♥ gave Hong even more outs, but he missed the 8♦ turn and the 10♦ river and so he sent the pot to Zhao and hit the rail.

3:10pm: Two down quickly

Raiden Kan and Matthew Perrins have quickly been eliminated to leave us 32 players remaining in the MPC22 HK$80,000 High Roller.

We didn’t catch Perrins’ elimination, but we saw Kan’s.

He was all in preflop holding K♠J♥ against Devan Tang’s 5♠5♦.

The board ran out 9♦A♦Q♣8♣6♠ and with a fist-pump from Tang, Kan was on the rail.


Raiden Kan eliminated on Day 2

3:00pm: Cards in the air at the High Roller

The cards are in the air on Day 2 of the MPC22 High Roller!

Blinds kick off today at 3,000/6,000 with a 500 ante and levels last 40 minutes each.

Structure can be found here.

We are playing down to a winner, so expect quite a long day.

MPC22 Red Dragon continues with High Roller climax

Welcome back to PokerStars LIVE Macau!

While Yuguang Li was busy winning the Red Dragon Main Event on Friday night, the HK$80,000 High Roller kicked off with 67 runners. Now it’s time for 34 players to return to the felt and fight it out for the title.

Japan’s Masayuki Hakoda is the chip leader to kick off Day 2, while Dejan Boskovic, Devan Tang, Nick Wong, Stephen Chidwick, Joel Feldman, Raymond Wu and Victor Teng are just some of those still in contention.

Click here for full Day 2 counts and seating draw

It’s the top seven players who will make the money and on Day 2 we play down to a winner. Below is a look at the full prize pool information.

MPC22 High Roller – Payouts (HKD)

1st – $1,647,000
2nd – $1,048,000
3rd – $699,000
4th – $549,000
5th – $399,000
6th – $349,000
7th – $299,160

The cards will be in the air from 3:00pm local time and right here on this page is where you will find live updates of the MPC22 High Roller… Stay tuned!


Need lots of these to win the MPC22 High Roller


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