MPC22: Eric Fung wins Baby Dragon

March 02, 2015

‘PokerStars LIVE Macau’ kicked off Macau Poker Cup 22 this past weekend and completed three of the sixteen Official Asia Player of the Year events on the 17-day schedule.

Those three events drew totals of 740 players and awarded HK$2,381,108 in prize money.

“It’s a solid start and the numbers are up on the previous Macau Poker Cup,” said recently named APPT Tournament Director Rex Cheong. “Things will really ramp up this week as we approach the Red Dragon main event next Saturday.”

The opening weekend featured the Baby Dragon event which was won by Hong Kong’s Eric Fung.


Eric Fung

The HK$6,000 buy-in tournament drew 289 players creating a prize pool weighing in at HK$1,513,782. Fung took home HK$359,282 for his victory.

Sunday’s Day 2 began with 47 starters with Taiwan’s James Chen, Japan’s Masato Yokosawa, and Sweden’s Mikael Rosen amongst the chip leaders.

All three would make the final table but Yokosawa and Rosen would finish in sixth and seventh place respectively.

Meanwhile, Fung took a different path as he began the day with one of the shorter stacks and fought his way to the final nine.

At the end it would be Fung heads-up against Chen for the Baby Dragon title. The final hand saw the players go all-in pre-flop with Fung’s 2.5m chips easily covering his opponent’s 440k.

Fung had a dominating A♦J♠ against Chen’s A♣4♠ and there would be no miracle as the board ran 10♥A♥8♥2♣9♦.

Fung’s victory is the 27-year old student’s first career tournament win.


1. Eric Fung (Hong Kong) HK$359,282
2. James Chen (Chinese Taipei) HK$230,700
3. Yuan Qi (China) HK$147,600
4. Zhengsheng Zhong (China) HK$117,300
5. Adrian Yeap (Singapore) HK$88,600
6. Masato Yokosawa (Japan) HK$71,900
7. Mikael Rosen (Sweden) HK$56,800
8. Chih-hsiang Chuang (Chinese Taipei) HK$45,400
9. Yue Hin Lam (Macau) HK$36,300

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March 2 @ 7pm: HK$2,000 Deepstack PLO (re-entry)
March 3 @ 7pm: HK$1,500 NLH
March 4 @ 7pm: HK$3,000 NLH
March 5 @ 7pm: HK$4,000 NLH 6-max
March 6 @ 7pm: HK$5,000 Megastack (500k GTD)
March 7 @ 6pm: HK$12,000 Red Dragon (5m GTD) – Day 1A

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