MPC22: Day 1A live updates

March 07, 2015

1:50am: Day 1a over with Danny van Zijp likely leader

After 11 levels, Day 1a of the MPC22: Red Dragon Main Event is all over!

Approximately 25 players have made it through the night and it looks like Danny van Zijp is the chip leader with a 137,500 stack.

We will have confirmation of the surviving players, along with all end-of-day chip counts and a recap of the day’s action posted on the PokerStarsBlog as soon as possible!


Chip leader, Danny van Zijp

1:40am: Five more hands

The tournament clock has been paused with 15 minutes remaining and the players have been told there will be five more hands dealt at each table before calling it a night.

1:35am: Lucky Jacks for Xiao

It was looking like we were about to declare Lawrence Neil as the new chip leader when he held A♣A♦ and had two players all in, one with 8♣8♠ and Ke Xiao with J♣J♦.

The 7♣K♥J♥4♥4♦ board, however, meant Xiao had hit a set of jacks to triple up, while the player with pocket eights was eliminated.

With that, Xiao is up over 60,000 in chips, while Neil will be looking to add to his faltering stack during the late stages of the night.

1:25am: Dutch leader

Danny van Zijp has emerged as a chip leader during this last level of the night. He’s up well over 100,000 and looks like he has a little more than Yang Zhang.

There are quite a few other players with stacks over 90,000 so it’s certainly going to be a tight race for the end-of-day lead.

1:15am: Four tables for final level

The final level of the night has just begun which means there are just 40 minutes remaining on Day 1a of the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event.

There are exactly four tables of 9 remaining – 36 total players.

1:10am: Level 12 begins, blinds 800/1,600 (200)

1:05am: Guo takes a hit

One of the chip leaders, Huidong Guo, has just taken a bit of hit to his stack.

Guo held A♣A♠ and had a short stack all in with Q♠10♣.

The board ran out with two tens and so Guo send the player a double up.

12:55am: Big river for Rajeev

“Yeeeeeeeeeah!” came the cries from Rajeev Raut after a massive hand against Lawrence Neil.

We picked up the action of the hand in question with a A♠3♥2♦ flop out on the felt.

Neil and Raut committed 2,300 each here and then on the turn Raut check-jammed after Neil had led for 4,800. Neil called it off and put Raut at risk.

It wasn’t looking good for Raut as it was his 6♥3♦ for two pair against Neil’s 3♣3♠ for a set of threes.

Then the dealer turned over a 6♦ river and Raut had made a bigger full house to double up.

As he raked in his chips, moving his stack to 70,000, Raut tried to give the dealer a quick fist bump.

12:40am: Late Big Stacks

Liam O’Donoghue and reigning Beijing Cup champ Yang Zhang are currently fighting it out for the chip lead during the final two levels of Day 1a of the MPC22: Red Dragon Main Event. O’Donoghue has around 90,000 in chips, while Zhang is up towards 100,000.

12:30am: Final two levels begin

The players are back from their break and the cards are in the air for the final two levels of the night. Blinds are now 600/1,000 with a 200 ante.

12:20am: Final break of the night

Just around 40 players have been sent on their final break of the night.

In 10-minutes time they will return and play two more levels.

12:15am: Guo sends Sparrow flying

Sparrow Cheung has just been eliminated at the hands of Huidong Guo.

Cheung was all in preflop with 10♥10♦ against Guo’s A♦J♦.

The 2♠K♣8♦ flop was safe for Cheung, but the J♠ turn put Guo in the lead.

When the dealer completed the board with a 8♠, it was all over for Cheung!

Guo is still the chip leader with over 80,000.


Sparrow Cheung elimianted on Day 1a of the Red Dragon

11:55m: Chen chipping up

Another player has popped onto our raider as one of the chip leaders during the late stages of Day 1a of the MPC22 Red Dragon Main Event. This time it’s Gary Chen with a big stack of 70,000 in chips.

11:45pm: Adi No More

The lone Team PokerStars Pro in today’s field was Aditya Agarwal. We say “was” because Agarwal is no longer in the tournament. We didn’t catch the hand, but Twitter tells the story:

11:40pm: Level 9 begins, blinds 500/1,000 (100)

11:35pm: More for Guo

Huidong Guo has continued to win chips.

The most recent pot to go to Guo saw him over-jam with K♠K♥ from the small blind after an early position player had moved all in with A♠7♠. The rest of the table was out of the way and with a 9♦4♠3♦6♥2♠ board being spread on the felt, one player was eliminated, while Guo was up to 50,000 in chips.

11:25pm: Kim the leader

It looks like Jaehun Kim is currently the leader with around 80,000 in chips.

Apparently Kim recently held 8-5 and managed to send home a player with pocket kings.

If he keeps winning hands like that you can expect to see Kim hold onto the lead until the end of the day.

11:15pm: Guo’s time to shine

Huidong Gu has just scooped a fairly dramatic hand to eliminate a player and find himself with around 40,000 in chips.

We didn’t catch all the action, but we did hear a bit of a commotion on Table 11 before we wandered over and saw that Guo held A♦K♥ against K♣K♠ on a J♣3♦A♣A♥K♦ board. Both players had made a full house, with Guo’s strong enough to send the player home.

11:05pm: Triple up for Aditya

Team PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal was down to just 8,000 when he managed to find a triple up.

The hand began with Agarwal shoving the hijack with K♦8♦. The player on his direct left, in the cut off, made the call holding A♣4♠, while the big blind also called and he tabled A♦[4a].

Agarwal wasn’t in the worst shape and ultimately found a 10♠10♦K♣8♥2♥ board to move back over 20,000 after a roller coaster of a few levels.

11:00pm: Level 8 begins, blinds 400/800 (100)

10:55pm: Three-way all in

There was recently a three way all in over on Table 12.

We arrived at the aftermath of the massive hand.

There was a A♥4♦K♦6♦A♠ board on the felt and Aussie Brian McAllister was eliminated with A♦9♦ for the nut flush, while another was eliminated with A♣Q♥ for trip aces.

It was Ziyang Zhao with K♣K♥ who scooped the big pot as his full house was too strong.

10:40pm: Some stacks

Here are approximate stacks of some of the players during Level 7.

Lawrence Neil – 45,000
Manuel Blaschke – 40,500
Mikal Blomlie – 29,500
Yuri Ishida – 24,000
Howard Hunchak – 23,000
Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – 20,500
Aditya Agarwal – 18,000


Lawrence Neil has had a good day at the felt so far

10:30pm: Adi loses some

Team PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal lost some chips recently.

He played out a hand against one opponent to the river of a Q♥7♥10♠4♥K♥ board.
Agarwal was the aggressor preflop, with both players checking the flop before Agarwal led for 1,400 on the turn after his opponent checked.

On the river, Agarwal’s opponent led for 3,800 and after some thought Agarwal let his cards go.

Agarwal is back down under 20,000 after being over 30,000 at one stage.

10:20pm: Break over, rego locked out

The players are back from their break and that means registration has now closed.

It looks like the official number for Day 1a of the MPC22 Red Dragon is 110.

The approximately 90 players who are currently at the tables, meanwhile, are now playing Level 7 with blinds at 300/600 with a 75 ante.

10:10pm: Second break and registration closing

The players have just been sent on their second break of the day.

Registration will close at the end of this break!

10:05pm: Not Wilson’s day

Ben Wilson, beer in hand, has just told us about his terrible day at the felt.

Apparently he ran into “gutter balls” and “lost the minimum” on two occasions before grinding a stack of 7,000 until he found A-Q and got it all in. Unfortunately he ran into aces and it was all over.

Just one of them days.

10:00pm: Wrong move for Aditya

We arrived to find Aditya Agarwal and two opponents on a J♠A♣5♠ flop.

The player in the big blind position was first to act and he checked it to Agarwal who led out for 1,650 from middle position. The player on the button made the call, and so too did the big blind before the dealer turned over a 7♦.

This time when the big blind checked, Agarwal bet 4,650.

Then the button player moved all in for 8,875.

The big blind folded and the decision was on Agarwal. He didn’t look too excited, tanking for a long time before saying “this is so bad,” as he mucked his hand and took a hit to his stack.


Team PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal took a hit to his stack

9:55pm: Agvaan shoves flop

Murun Agvaan got aggressive on a 2♠K♠5♦ flop against one opponent.

Agvaan’s opponent had led for 2,200 when Agvaan moved all in for around 20,000. The player had just over 7,000 behind and tanked for a long time before opting to let their cards go and send the pot to Agvaan.

9:45pm: Aditya building a stack

Team PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal has had a productive night so far as he’s up over 30,000 during the sixth level of Day 1a of the MPC22 Red Dragon. We haven’t caught Agarwal in any big hands, but we did recently watch him three-bet preflop three times in one orbit and receive no action on each of those hands. If he keeps that up you can expect to see Agarwal with a big stack by the end of the night.

9:35pm: Field size update and rego reminder

There are currently 108 players who have registered so far on Day 1a of the MPC22: Red Dragon Main Event and this is the final level of late registration.

9:30pm: Level 6 begins, blinds 200/400 (50)

9:20pm: Flushy flush for Duc

We arrived at a table to find just under 10,000 already in the middle with a 7♠8♣2♥J♣6♣ board on the felt. It was Duc Bien Nguyen against one opponent – a player who lead for 4,075 on the river. Nguyen then raised it up to 9,500 and after some thought, a call was made.

At showdown, Nguyen tabled A♣7♣ for the nut flush and sent his opponents cards into the muck.

With that, Nguyen is up over 35,000 in chips.

9:00pm: Mariakis on the rail

Australia’s Michael Mariakis was recently spotted heading to the rail. We didn’t catch all the action of his elimination hand, but we do know that Mariakis had pocket threes all-in preflop and couldn’t win a flip against Q-J.


Michael Mariakis wont be the MPC22: Red Dragon champion

8:50pm: Level 5 begins, blinds 150/300 (25)

8:35pm: Blaschke wins plenty

Austria’s Manuel Blaschke recently scooped up a very nice pot against one opponent on a 8♠A♥5♥J♦J♠ board. There was around 5,000 in the middle on the river when Blaschke bet 2,800 and received a call. At showdown, Blaschke tabled A♣Q♦ and his opponents cards went into the muck! With that, Blaschke was up to 35,000.

8:25pm: Zhang looking the leader

Yu Zhang has just moved up over 50,000 in chips and is looking like the current chip leader with around 100 players remaining during the four level of the day.

We recently watched Zhang move over 50,000 in chips when he held A♠A♥ and sent home a short-stacked player all in preflop with K♦Q♥.

8:10pm: Back for Level Four

The players are back from their break.

Level 4 sees the antes kick in at 25, with blinds at 100/200.

Registration is open until the end of the next break in around two hours time.

8:00pm: First break of Day 1a

Approximately 104 players have made their way on their first 10-minute break of the day.

Check back soon for continued action of the MPC22: Red Dragon!

7:45pm: Stack building for Neil

Lawrence Neil has managed to build quite a stack during these early stages of play.
Neil recently scooped up a pot when he held A♥-2x on a Jx-Tx-Q♥K♥3♥ board. Neil was up against one opponent who had raised it on the river when Neil put out a bet.

“Alright, it’s yours if you made the flush,” Neil said he made the call.

Neil’s opponent ultimately mucked, sending Neil’s stack over 30,000.

7:30pm: Straight for Wu

Yichao Wu has made a few final tables of small side events here at PokerStars LIVE Macau, but hasn’t managed to break through with a big victory. The MPC22: Red Dragon would be a great place to start.

We recently watched Wu scoop up a pot against on opponent on a K♣9♥6♦6♣J♣ board. There was a substantial amount in the middle when Wu’s opponent called off a bet on the river. The player would quickly muck, however, when Wu showed Q♠10♠ for a king-high straight.

Wu is up over 20,000 and looking strong.

7:20pm: Level 3 begins, blinds 100/200

7:15pm: Day 1 plan confirmed

It has just been confirmed that 11 levels will be played on the Day 1 flights here at the MPC22: Red Dragon Main Event.

That will mean play ends at around 1:50am local time.

The last level played will be 800/1,600 with players having started the day with 15,000 in chips.


Lots of hands to be played on Day 1a of the Red Dragon

7:10pm: Macau parties and Megastacks in Manila

Chips and cards aren’t the only things littered on the poker tables here at PokerStars LIVE Macau as players also have two little information print outs in front of them.

The first is invite to the MPC22 player’s party that will take place next Wednesday. All the players are invited to this and it’s a great chance to let loose and unwind after some serious grinding at the felt.

The next is a pamphlet promoting the upcoming Manila Megastack 2. The great-value tournament is set to take place in PokerStars LIVE Macau’s sister room in Manila. It runs from March 25 – 28 and more information can be found by clicking here.

7:00pm: Handy pot for Hyun

Hyun Bum Kim has just scooped a nice pot off Benny Lai.

There were plenty of chips in the middle when we arrived on the turn of a 6♥8♠2♣K♦ board.

Kim checked to Lai, who bet 525. Back on Kim and he raised it up to 1,700. Lai eventually got out of the way and the pot went to Kim as he moved his stack to 23,000.

6:50pm: Up to 100 players

Australia’s Geoff Mooney has just taken his seat as the 100th entrant of the night so far.

We remind everyone that registration is open for the first six levels of play. So if you are in Macau and want to jump in the Red Dragon, you have until just around 10:00pm to pony up the HK$12,000 and hit the tables.

6:40pm: Level 2 begins, blinds 50/100

6:35pm: Nice Early Pot for Rathi

Hong Kong’s Shashank Rathi has posted well over US$140,000 in tournament results over his career and every single cent of that amount has been right here at PokerStars LIVE Macau.

Rathi is playing in tonight’s Day 1a flight and has started strongly as he looks to add more Macau flags to his Hendonmob database.

We picked up the action with Rathi going up against Dong Guo on the river of a A♠8♦7♥10♠K♣ board. There was already a substantial pot out there when Guo led for 1,350. Rathi made a quick call, which prompted Gup to tap the table and show his 5♠5♣ for just a pair of fives.

Rathi, meanwhile, turned over his K♠Q♠ and scooped up the pot to move to 25,000 in chips – a great early stack from starting chips of 15,000.

6:20pm: Players in the field on Day 1a

There are currently eight tables set up to start Day 1a of the MPC22: Red Dragon and the tournament clock tells us that there are 75 entrants so far. This will very likely be the smallest Day 1 flight of the week, but we still expect that number to grow throughout the late registration period.

Some of those we spotted at the tables include prominent Japanese players Yuri Ishida and Tetsuya Tsuchikawa , Hong Kong’s Sparrow Cheung and Justin Chan, Australia’s Michael Mariakis.

Also in the field is none other than brand-new Team PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal. This is the first major tournament in Macau since the Indian pro has been a sponsored PokerStars player, so he will certainly be keen for some success.


Team PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal at MPC22

6:05pm: Opening day plans

Here is some of the info you might like to know about how the Day 1 flights of the Red Dragon Main Event are going to run.

Firstly, players start with 15,000 in chips and the blinds start at 25/50.

Levels last 40 minutes on Day 1, 60 minutes on Day 2 & 3 and 75 minutes at the final table.

Late registration is open for the first six levels – four hours of action.

PokerStars LIVE Macau head honcho Danny McDonagh tells us that at least 11 levels will be played on the Day 1 flights and a maximum of 12. With a start time of 6:00pm, that means the day will finish somewhere between 2am and 3am.

This blogger will now be heading out to the tournament floor to see who he spots in the field.

Welcome to the first Day 1 of the MPC22: Red Dragon

It’s good to be back at PokerStars LIVE Macau!

And why are we here you ask? For the MPC22: Red Dragon Main Event, of course!

Tonight (Saturday) is the first of four Day 1 flights on offer throughout what is looking to be another record-setting Red Dragon. We introduced the entire event in a blog entitled – ‘Firing up for more Red Dragon records’. Click on that title and give it a read!

The cards will be in the air from 6:00pm local time and right here at the PokerStarsBlog is where you can find full live updates. Be sure to follow along tonight on this page, and all week on the blog, as another Red Dragon champ is crowned!


The PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room


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