MPC20: Bold victory for Mongolia

January 21, 2014

Mongolia. Poker.

The two words aren’t exactly synonymous with each other.

In fact, we are quite certain there have never been any major tournament victories by a player from Mongolia. At least not that we can recall or find on the wide world web.

Until now.

Six days ago a Mongolian poker player by the name Buyanjargal Bold was just one of 995 players in the PokerStars LIVE Macau poker room.

Now Bold is the last one standing as he will go down in history as the winner of the record-breaking MPC20 Red Dragon and the first player of Mongolian decent to achieve such a feat.


APPT President Danny McDonagh congratulates Buyanjargal Bold

Bold was a poker dealer in Berlin for around a year and half and that’s where he learned to play this great game that we all love. He certainly learned enough to overcome a monster field here in Macau and is now HK$1,492,000 richer for the experience.

When Bold was crowned the champion he told us he had “no plans” for his new riches, “except to buy a new car.”

To be more specific: “I drive a BMW now, but I want a Porche Panamera.”

Not many players know what they are going to do with the money they win in a poker tournament, but Bold had it down to a car and even as specific as the model of the car.

It’s that kind of decisiveness that helped Bold win the tournament. He always seemed so sure on each betting, folding and checking decision and in the end proved too strong for
his competitors


The Mongolian poker rail at MPC20 Red Dragon

When the final table began it was Australia’s Victor Teng who had the chip lead and it would stay that way until an eventual three-handed deal was made. Before we get to that though, we need to pay tribute to the six other players who didn’t make it that far.

It took just 25 minutes for the first player to be eliminated at the final table and it was the short-stacked Jianhong Liu who would take home the minimum final table payout of HK$143,000. Liu got all his chips in holding K♠10♣ on a 10♣Q♦8♦3♥7♦ board and unfortunately ran into the flopped straight of Hu, who held J♣9♥.


Jianhong Liu was the first one out at the final table

One of the biggest stories heading into the final table was that Terry Fan was a chance to win his second MPC Red Dragon title. Not only that, Fan took down the previous record field-size for this event (891 – April, 2013) and was now in contention to take down the new record event. However, Fan’s story would come to an end in 8th place when his pocket fours couldn’t win a race against Percy Yung’s Big-Slick.


An Avocado and an eighth place for Terry Fan

Chip leader Victor Teng was still cruising with a big stack at this point and his stack only got larger as he woke up with K♥K♣ during a hand when Xiao Lin shoved with K♦8♦. No help for Lin and we were down to six players.

Early into six-handed action and Fei Xie became the newest nurser of a short stack. Eventually he shoved his chips in the middle with A♦4♣ and ran into Percy Yung’s A♣Q♥. Next to go, much to the demise of his rowdy rail, was India’s Akash Malik. It was a bit of a cooler for Malik as his final hand would see him hit a set of fives and run into the turn flush of Victor Teng.


Akash Malik was out in sixth

Teng was still in control with five players left, but Percy Yung won a couple of big pots and Buyanjargal dealt the fatal blow to Richard Hu in 3rd place and so the gap closed a little. However, Teng did still have quite a chip lead during three-handed play and it was at this point that the players discussed a deal. Agreements were made, with the prize money being split up as below and with HK$243,000 set aside for the eventual champion.

Victor Teng (6,825,000 in chips) – HK$1,498,000
Buyanjargal Bold (4,385,000 in chips) – HK$1,244,000
Percy Yung (3,505,000 in chips) – HK$1,159,000

With all the money business out of the way, it was back to the poker business and following the deal it was Buyanjargal Bold who really picked up the pace and despite his chip lead, it would be Victor Teng who would be the next player to the rail, albeit with more cash than his competitors.

Teng’s final hand began when the Aussie opened to 250,000 from the button. Percy Yung three-bet to 570,000 and then Teng moved all in for around 4 million. Yung had Teng covered when she snap-called and turned over A♠A♦. Teng held just A♥Q♣ and wasn’t able to improve from there.


Teng out in 3rd – There still hasn’t been an Aussie MPC champion

Heads-up began with Percy Yung having an almost two-to-one chip lead over
Buyanjargal Bold, but it didn’t take long for that to change as Yung fell on the wrong side of a cooler. Yung and Bold took to a 7♦3♣5♣ flop, with Yung holding 5♦3♦ and Bold holding 7♥5♠. Somewhat inevitably, all the chips went in the middle and Yung’s smaller two pair was sent to the muck and the chip situation was swapped around.

Yung eventually found herself extremely short and unfortunately instead of having the title of “champion” should would finish with the titles of “runner-up finisher” and “last lady standing” as she would lose the last hand of the tournament when she jammed the button holding K♥9♣ and ran into Bold’s A♦8♦. Bold hit an ace on the flop and with a safe turn and a safe river, was crowned the champion, while Yung was eliminated in 2nd place.


Percy Yung joins the bittersweet runners-up club

We would like to congratulate Mongolia’s Buyanjargal Bold for winning the largest-ever MPC20 Red Dragon Main Event! It was a huge effort and he deserves all the recognition, the beautiful Red Dragon trophy and certainly the HK$1,487,000 first-place prize.

MPC20 Red Dragon – Final Table Results
1st: Buyanjargal Bold – HK$1,492,000 (Includes HK$100,000 ACOP seat)*
2nd: Percy Yung – HK$1,159,000*
3rd: Victor Teng – HK$1,498,000*
4th: Richard Hu – HK$597,000
5th: Akash Malik – HK$430,000
6th: Fei Xie – HK$334,000
7th: Xiao Lin – HK$263,000
8th: Terry Fan – HK$191,000
9th: Jianhong Liu – HK$143,000
*Denotes three-handed chip-chop deal


It’s not only Buyanjargal Bold who deserves recognition here as the team at PokerStars LIVE at the City of Dreams have once again proved that there is still areas of the poker market that can continue to go from strength-to-strength.

Particular congratulations to APPT President Danny McDonagh and Fred Leung for all their hard work in managing to host a tournament with 995 players – a freezeout tournament mind you, with no re-entries, repechages, rebuys or any of that nonsense.

Thanks also go out to Ken and Long at KennethLimPhotography for the great pictures throughout the week!

That’s all from us here in Macau! Danny McDonagh and even the PokerStars Blog will be back in the region soon to bring you all the action from the 2014 Aussie Millions! That’s right, if you hadn’t heard the news, the Aussie Millions is now part of the APPT and so we will be feltside in Melbourne from February 2nd. By all accounts it’s going to be the biggest Aussie Millions ever, so don’t miss it!


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