MPC Red Dragon Day 2: Level 12-13 (Blinds 1,200-2,400, Ante 400)

January 19, 2013

5.00pm: Break Time

The approximately 93 remaining players have been sent on their first ten-minute break of the day!

4.40pm: The Rich Get Richer

Our chip leader at the start of the day, Vyacheslav Kuzmin, has had a huge start to the day. We recently wandered past Kuzmin’s table and found that a couple of seats were empty and Kuzmin was busy rearranging a stack of over 250,000 in chips. The rich get richer!

4.25pm: Tan Gets Unlucky

Jay Tan is one of the notable names in this afternoon’s Day 2 field, but will need to do get a bit luckier than her recent exploits if she wants to make it through the night. We recently watched Tan go to the river against one opponent on a Q♠Q♦9♣A♦9♥ board, with action flying on all streets before Tan’s opponent went to showdown with 10♥9♥ – enough to send Tan’s cards into the muck.


Jay Tan is going to need to do some work on Day 2

4.10pm: Raymond Wu Winning More

Both Team PokerStars Pros have been doing well today, with Raymond Wu winning a recent hand that played out like so. Wu opened the pot to 4,800 and the player in the big blind made the call. Both players opted to check the flop and it was on to the 3♣ turn. Wu’s opponent led for 4,300 here and Wu made the call as a 9♠ landed on the river. This time Wu’s opponent opted to check and Wu bet 6,500. That was too strong for the player as he cards went into the muck and the pot went to Wu. With that, Wu is travelling along very nicely with a stack of just under six figures.

4.00pm: Level Up, Blinds 1,200-2,400, Ante 400

3.50pm: Vivian Winning Some Needed Chips

Unlike her fellow Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu, Vivian Im started the day with a below average chip stack. Luckily Im has managed to win a handy pot to now sit with a much healthier stack and a better chance to join Wu with a deep run here in the MPC: Red Dragon Main Event.

We recently arrived at Im’s table with an early position Lingling Teng opening to 2,000. Wenlong Jin then called on her left, before the small blind called. Im was in the big blind and three-bet to 6,600, which only received a call from Teng. On the 6♦4♦2♥ flop, Im checked and Teng bet 6,500. Im quickly responded by moving all in for an extra 16,000. That bet was too strong for Teng as she let her hand go and sent the pot to the Team Pro.


Vivian Im has started the day strongly

3.30pm: Lau the Early Mover

Of all the players who started at the tables today, Malaysia’s Marcus Lau has arguably been the most successful. Just around half an hour ago Lau had an average stack, but now sits as one of the chip leaders with around 130,000 in chips. If he continues that kind of momentum, we will see him deep in this tournament for sure!

3.20pm: Move to Nine-Handed

The day started with ten-handed tables, but with a quick flurry of eliminations, has been able to move to nine-handed tables. There are currently 140 players remaining.

3.15pm: Chang Moves Up and Up

Tony Chang has had a good start to the day, recently eliminating the Philippines’ Jose Drilon to see his stack soar well over 100,000 in chips. The hand in question saw Drilon moving all-in preflop holding A♥6♦, and Chang calling holding 10♠9♠. Drilon was looking good to double-up, but a 10♥3♠J♠4♥7♣

3.05pm: Play Down to Two?

Danny McDonagh has just announced to the room that “we don’t have to play down to a final table today, maybe just down to two tables.” With 157 players starting the day, that will still take plenty of time to achieve, but will certainly chop off the tail end of the night.

3.00pm: Rip Open the Bags

The returning players have ripped open their bags and are currently being dealt the first hands of the day. Today we start the action at Level 12, with blinds at 1,000-2,000, with a 300-chip ante. Levels have increased from 40 minutes, to one hour in length, so the players who hope to make it to the final day will need to be prepared for another late night. Check out who’s in the field, here on the Day 2 seating draw page.

Let’s Make Our Way Down to Nine

The second day of a poker tournament. So close, yet so far. Today will see 157 players return to the PokerStars Macau poker room at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex for Day 2 of the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event. The last two nights of poker have started late, and finished early the next morning, but today the action kicks off at 3.00pm.

Some big names of Asian poker are still in contention to go all the way, with Team PokerStars Pros Raymond Wu and Vivian Im just a couple of the players eyeing off the HK$1,133,000 first-place prize. However, first they will have to break through the money bubble at 65 players, and that’s expected to happen sometime late in the afternoon. Of all the returning players today, it is Vyacheslav Kuzmin who has the best chance of making the money, with his 175,500-chip stack towering over his competition.

Be sure to join the PokerStarsBlog throughout the day as we start making our toward setting a final table of nine. It’s going to be quite a long day, so strap yourself in for some great poker action!


The winner of the MPC: Red Dragon will be one step closer to etching their name on the Asia Player of the Year trophy


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