MPC Red Dragon Day 1b: Level 1-4 (Blinds 100-200, Ante 25)

January 18, 2013

10.30pm: The Asia Champ is No More

Winning the Asia Championship of Poker Main Event back in November was worth a massive HK$3,547,500 to Xing Zhou, but unfortunately he wont be adding any more cash to his resume this weekend.

We recently watched Zhou’s demise begin on a J♣3♦A♥ flop. By the time we arrived at the action, Kim Gap Young was raising a bet from Zhou to 2,000. Zhou then popped it back to 3,500 and Young made the call. When a Q♥ landed on the turn, Zhou moved all-in for 5,050 and Young quickly called and tabled his 3♠3♣. Young was in trouble holding A♣5♠ and would find no help when a meaningless 9♦ completed the board on the river. With that, Zhou is gone, while Young is prospering!

10.10pm: Back to Action

the players are back from their break and ready to keep playing poker! Late registration is now closed and we will have confirmation on the amount of entrants and the prize pool as soon as it is made available.

10.00pm: Break Number One

The players have been sent on their first 10-minute break of the day!

9.55pm: Bryan Rakes One In

Poker looks so much easier when getting a massage. At least Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang makes it seem that way. We recently arrived at Huang’s table to find him raking in a pot on a 9♥Q♠4♦J♥5♦ board against one opponent. Huang was busy tabling Q♣J♠, with the two-pair strong enough to send his opponent’s cards in the muck and scoop up the pot. Huang currently sits behind a very healthy early stack of around 25,000.


Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang – friend to mere poker bloggers

9.40pm: In Steps the Champ

In one of those “he needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway” situations, we must tell our audience that poker royalty has entered the building! A 10-time World Series of Poker champion and one of the most recognisable faces in the history of poker, Johnny Chan, is currently gearing up to take to the tables here on Day 1b of the MPC: Red Dragon Main Event. One nervous table is about to have a tough opponent to contend with!

9.30pm: Plenty of Action at PokerStars Macau

Danny McDonagh has just got on the mic and let everyone know that we currently have around 270 “unconfirmed” entrants. He also wanted to inform all the player that anyone who survives tonight will have to come back at 3.00pm tomorrow, while those that are eliminated can come back at 5.00pm and/or 8.00pm and take part in one of the two Red Dragon side events taking place tomorrow. The first event, at five, is a HK$20,000 buy-in two-day tournament and will surely host a large field. The event beginning at 8.00pm is also a two-day event, but features a more affordable HK$6,000 buy-in. The poker never ends here in the PokerStars Macau poker room at the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex.

9.20pm: Level Up, Blinds 100-200

9.05pm: No Singing for Dan

Dan Sing is a Kiwi from Auckland, New Zealand, but has had plenty of success at the tables of PokerStars Macau. However, he hasn’t had a great start to the night here as we recently watched him lose quite a sizable pot.

With a limp by the player to his direct right, Sing promptly raised it up to 300. Two players
opted to call, including the big blind, as the dealer would turn over a 4♥7♦A♣ flop. The action was checked to Sing here, who bet 600. Two folds would prompt the original preflop limper to call and a Q♠ would hit the turn. This time both players checked and a 2♥ completed the board on the river. When the limping player bet 1,200, Sing would quickly get out of the way and send the pot in the wrong direction. With that, Wong is down just above 10,000 in chips.

8.50pm: Numbers Game

The tournament clock is telling us that 250 players have currently registered for today’s Day 1 flight, but we would guess that there are quite a few more than that currently at the tables. Regardless, it is a very solid turnout here on Day 1b of the MPC: Red Dragon Main Event and this event is now on target to become the second largest Red Dragon Main Event ever. The record is currently held by the February 2012 event which had 635 runners, while February of 2011 hosted 509 players. Stay tuned to find out exactly how many players are in this year’s field!

8.40pm: Level Up, Blinds 50-100

8.30pm: Kan Knows Best

Quite often when there is a straight on the board, the action will get checked down. We recently arrived at Raiden Kan’s table to find a 8♣10♥7♠9♦6♠ board and with Kan first to act against 4 other opponents. There was only 500 in the pot at this point, but that was doubled when Kan led out for a bet of 500. The rest of the players involved in the hand kind of laughed as each and every one of them let go of their hands and sent the pot to Kan. Readers will recall that Kan has had plenty of success at PokerStars Macau, winning the Macau Poker Cup Championship in October for a cool HK$1,250,000. Let’s see if Kan can see some similar success this weekend!

8.20pm: Who’s Around the Tables on 1b

The frantic flurry to find a seat has died down and we have started to spot plenty of familiar faces at the tables. This includes the likes of Team PokerStars Pros Bryan Huang, Celina Lin and Vivian Im, along with Macau regulars Darren Judges, Dan Sing, Sparrow Cheung, Juicy Li, Jacky Wang, Kim Gap Young, Akira “Clutch Hero” Ohyama, recent ACOP Main Event champion Xing Zhou, 2011 Asia Player of the Year Hung-Sheng Lin, and Macau Poker Cup Championship victor Raiden Kan

8.05pm: How Today Will Roll

Just like last night, Day 1b will play 11 levels lasting 40 minutes each. That will bring us to around 3.30am on Saturday! Players of course start with 15,000 in chips and the first blind level is 25-50. Now, off we venture to see some of the faces we recognise at the tables here in the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex.

8.00pm: Time to Play

The players are scrambling into their seats, and with an introduction from TeamPokerStars Pro and two-time Red Dragon champion Celina Lin, the first cards are being dealt here on Day 1b of the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon Main Event!

Second and Final Day 1 Flight Set to Begin

Welcome back to the Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex for continued action of the Macau Poker Cup: Red Dragon. The media desk is filling up with zombies who have emerged from a sleepy slumber after finishing up Day 1a at 5.00am this morning, but despite the early finish, we are ready and eager to see a massive field of players take to the felt.

Last night saw 253 players pay the HK$11,000 buy-in and by the end of the night only 70 players were bagging up some chips. At the conclusion of Day 1b it was Vyacheslav Kuzmin who was the chip leader, with his 175,500-chip stack setting the pace for tonight’s proceedings. We are hopeful that Day 1b will surge past the 300-player mark as we march towards a very solid overall field of over 600 players. Make sure to tune into the PokerStarsBlog throughout the night. All the action kicks off from 8.00pm local time!


The PokerStars Macau poker room awaits the Day 1b competitors


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