Monte Carlo: Obrestad hits royal flush

April 30, 2009


The tournament has finished for the day and the process of bagging and tagging has begun. As Thomas Kremser announced that there would be seven more hands prior to the finish, I camped myself around the table featuring the half million stacks of Annette Obrestad and Johannes Strassmann.

The young Norwegian was habitually minimum raising hands, taking down the majority of pots, though any possibility of a million chip pot between the two was distinclty remote. they did play a pot together but Strassmann took it down on the flop.


Annette Obrestad earlier today

Obrestad does not surrender pots easily, demonstrated when she flat-called a check-raise from 11,000 to 35,000 on a A♠8♥3♦ board, before both checked the 8♠ turn. On the river 4♥, the big blind checked once more before folding to a 38,000 bet, Annette showing a deftly played 10♣9♣. The big blind claimed he passed A-3 which drew a “wow,” from the internet star.

The best was yet to come. Obrestad raised from the small blind to 12,000 with the big blind making the call. She bet 16,000 on the K♣J♥4♠ flop, which was called, before having a 27,500 bet raised to 82,500 on the 10♥ turn. A speedy call followed, before she checked the Q♥ river to her opponent. After some deliberation he checked behind, as Obrestad said quietly, “royal flush.” The big blind threw his Q♣9♥ into the muck face up as she flipped over A♥K♥ for the stone cold nuts.

“I can’t bet it though!” she said afterwards, “my first ever royal flush…in live poker anyway.”


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