Moneymaker Tour: Casino Arizona dresses up for the occasion

November 01, 2018

So I just got to the poker room at Casino Arizona for this leg of the Moneymaker PSPC Tour. I thought we had been welcomed with open arms on all the stops, but they’ve gone beyond the call. A significant percentage of the dealers and staff were in costume, all for Chris’s special event.

It was so cool that we here at the PokerStars blog decided to run a captioning contest for some of the photos we got. We will create a panel of judges (to be determined) who will pick the three best captions that we receive. The winners will each receive an $11 tournament ticket. If you’re not eligible to receive a tournament ticket for any reason, we’ll come up with some alternate prize we consider fair. We promise that both our judging criteria and alternate prize selection will be no more arbitrary than the judging of the Run It Up Reno karaoke contest.

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Review the pictures below. Pick the one for which you can create the best caption.
  2. Send a tweet @pokerstarsblog that includes the hashtag for the picture you’re captioning, along with the caption and your StarsID.
  3. The decisions (no matter how provably arbitrary) of the judges (no matter how qualified they may or may not be) are final.
  4. Despite this not being a family blog, any entries not appropriate for a family blog will be ignored.

[Late edit] I just got a call from the blog editor. He said something about a pagan celebration around this time each year. Said that the costumes are probably not proximate to the Moneymaker PSPC Tour coming to town. Whatever – the contest still stands.










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