MicroMillions 5: masi1951 comes back big to win Event #93 ($2.20 NLH)

July 28, 2013

After all the unique and interesting twists added to the MicroMillions schedule sheet, it was nice to see a standard No Limit Hold’em event show it’s head on a busy Sunday.

A nice crowd of 14,714 players entered the third tournament on the final day of MicroMillions. They created a $29,428 prizepool with 2,205 spots being paid and $3,689.84 to the winner.

The average stack remained relatively deep throughout the entire tournament with an average betwen 30 and 40 big blind during the crutial parts of play.

It took the field nine hours to play down to the final table but that would only take 30 minutes to determine a champion. Serp PRO MO was the unfortunate player to be eliminated on the final table bubble when A♥J♥ could not hold up to the K♦9♣ for NutFlash1978.


Final Table Chip Counts:

Seat 1: Geldi28 (14,664,400 in chips)
Seat 2: masi1951 (3,811,713 in chips)
Seat 3: stormin xx (21,015,924 in chips)
Seat 4: amaze1801 (4,898,417 in chips)
Seat 5: zsack (6,500,432 in chips)
Seat 6: toskatomas (4,669,224 in chips)
Seat 7: sharkh0 (4,155,353 in chips)
Seat 8: friido777 (7,973,100 in chips)
Seat 9: NutFlash1978 (5,881,437 in chips)

Blinds: 150,000/300,000 with 37,500 ante

amaze1801 three-bets big, eliminated in 9th

amaze1801 began final table with one of the smaller stacks and could not be happy to have chipleader stormin xx to the immediate right. The players went on their hourly break after just one hand of play then amaze1801 pushed all-in on the first hand back.

Action folded around to stormin xx in the small and opened for a min-raise before amaze1801 three-bet shoved for 4,810,917 total. stormin xx called but would need help to get the tournament down to eight players.

stormin xx: K♥Q♦
amaze1801: A♠6♠

The help presented itself right in the windown on the Q♣9♥5♣ flop and locked it up with the K♣ turn. stormin xx picked up the first knockout on the final table and amaze1801 was sent to the rail in 9th place for $176.56.

NutFlash1978 runs in a monster, eliminated in 8th

Three hands later it was time for someone else to take on stormin xx and this time it was against a big hand.

NutFlash1978 shoved from under the gun for 5,643,937 and it folded to stormin xx who min-raised to isolate. This time stormin xx wouldn’t be the one needing help to win the hand when the cards were revealed.

stormin xx: A♠A♣
NutFlash1978: J♠J♦

NutFlash1978 was in a lot of trouble and it only got worse on the A♥7♣5♣ flop making stormin xx a 99.9% favorite for the knockout. The necessary runner runner Jacks failed at the first shot with the 4♠ river and stormin xx added the extra dagger but hitting the case Ace on the river to quad up.

The hand gave stormin xx 33 million of the 73 million in play with still seven players in the game. NutFlash1978 ran into a monster and was elminated in 8th place for $264.85.

zsack gets sacked, eliminated in 7th

It was another half dozen hands before there was another big pot brewing and this time everyone stayed away from the big stack.

toskatomas limped from under the gun, a most unusual final table move, with stormin xx calling in the small blind and zsack checking the option in the big blind. stormin xx checked after the 9♣4♠3♥ flop and zsack bet out 800,000.

toskatomas called the bet and stormin xx took the rest of the hand off. zsack bet another 800,000 on the 9♠ river and toskatomas raised all-in having zsack covered by just a few chips.

zsack most likely thought trip nines with 9♦7♣ was the best hand but was wrong after seeing toskatomas’s 4♣4♦ for the flopped set and turned boat. zsack was looking at seven outs on the river for a bigger boat but missed them all on the 6♠ river.

zsack made a big hand that wasn’t big enough and was knocked out in 7th place for $514.99.

sharkh0’s presto no good, eliminated in 6th

stormin xx may have taken a break from knocking out players for one elimination but continued to mix it up until another chance presented itself.

stormin xx raised it up from early position and sharkh0 three-bet all-in for 3,367,853. stormin xx called and they were off to the races.

stormin xx: A♠8♠
sharkh0: 5♠5♣

Sometimes coin flip don’t feel like 50/50 and stormin xx was probably feeling that way again when the flop came out A♥Q♠4♠ to move ahead in the hand. The hand was over after the J♣ turn and 4♦ river did not provide a five. sharkh0 ran into a chipleader running hot to be done for the day in 6th place for $794.55.

Geldi28 runs into a boat, eliminated in 5th

Chips moved back and forth between players with friido777 picking up a much needed double just before the field shrank by one.

Everyone folded to Geldi28 in the small blind and moved everything in for just under 2,500,000. Second place chip holder masi1951 called the bet in the big blind and it was another pre-flop battle.

masi1951: K♣10♣
Geldi28: Q♦3♥

masi1951 moved further ahead in the hand on the J♣10♠6♣ flop and Geldi28 was left hoping to hit an open-ended straight draw after the K♦ turn. Instead of the needed ace or nine, the river brought out the K♥ for the rivered boat and Geldi28 was sent packing in 5th place for $1,088.83.

friido777 gets hit on the river, eliminated in 4th

friido777 hit a big double up earlier but the stack dwindled over several smaller hand until moving all-in on the button for 7,546,200. Huge chipleader stormin xx called off the bet from the big blind once again looking for help.

friido777 was ahead in the hand with A♣9♦ against J♥10♠ and stayed that way on the 8♥4♠2♣ flop and the 5♣ turn. Things suddenly went south for friido777 when the J♠ popped on the river to give another pot to stormin xx.

friido777 played well but was done in 4th place for $1,383.11.

toskatomas runs into the heater, eliminated in 3rd

Seat 2: masi1951 (19,676,439 in chips)
Seat 3: stormin xx (51,329,249 in chips)
Seat 6: toskatomas (2,564,312 in chips)

stormin xx was now holding a 51-22 ended over the other two players and playing a lot of hands. stormin xx min-raised from the small blind before toskatomas min-raised right back from the big blind.

stormin xx called to see the Q♥6♥5♠ flop and bet out 1,200,000 which was enough to put toskatomas all-in. Somehow stormin xx found a way to coin flip with 7♣5♥ because toskatomas was holding 4♦4♣.

The flop all but doomed toskatomas but the 2♣ added a few outs. It was not meant to be as stormin xx added the 5♦ to the hand for another elimination and toskatomas was knocked out in 3rd place for $1,971.67.

masi1951 completes comeback to win MicroMillions Event #93

stormin xx – 53,968,561
masi1951 – 19,601,439

With such a big disparity in the chip stacks, it was reasonable to think the heads-up portion would end quickly. Reasonable, correct, but also finishing contrary to expected outcome.

The two played back and forth for 10 hands without any major pots until masi1951 open-shoved for 18,251,439 and picked up a call. masi1951 was ahead with A♦8♣ against Q♦J♣, fell behind because of the flopped Queen, but double-up with the A♠ river. The hand virtually tied up the chipcounts and now it was a game.

stormin xx was ahead by a little over two million before the penultimate hand of the tournament just about settled the matter. stormin xx opened to 2,400,000 from the button and masi1951 responded by moving all-in.

stormin xx quickly called with A♥K♥ and was well ahead of K♠J♠. The joy was short-lived as masi1951 could not have asked for a better flop than the Q♦10♥9♣ that was spread out.

The A♦ on the turn left stormin xx with just three Jack outs for a chop to stay in the game. The K♣ made stormin xx a useless two pair and gave masi1951 the massive lead.

The tournament was over on the very next when stormin xx took a shot with the short stack and J♦3♣ but could not overcome the A♦[4d of masi1951. stormin xx lost a big chiplead and was knocked out in 2nd place for $2,569.06.

masi1951 began the final table with the smallest stack but completed the comeback to win MicroMillions Event #93 and $3,689.84.

MicroMillions 5 Event #93: $2.20 No Limit Hold’em:
14,714 entrants
$29,428 prize pool
2,025 places paid

1. masi1951 (Germany) $3,689.84
2. stormin xx (Australia) $2,569.06
3. toskatomas (Greece) $1,971.67
4. friido777 (Latvia) $1,383.11
5. Geldi28 (Germany) $1,088.83
6. sharkh0 (Lithuania) $794.55
7. zsack (Austria) $514.99
8. NutFlash1978 (United Kingdom) $264.85
9. amaze1801 (Germany) $176.56


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