MicroMillions 5: Canard12 beats final table in 11 minutes in Event #100 ($1+R NLHE Hyper-Turbo)

July 29, 2013

Lightning, Bugattis, poker agents, all are incredibly quick and potentially dangerous, but none compare to the speed in Event #100.

Blinds last only three-minutes and a field of 10,453 players played down to a champion in just 156 minutes.

That included a 30-minute re-buy period where players re-bought 38,722 times and purchased 6,103 add-ons to create a $54,172.44 prize pool.

The player who survived the quick-fire madness was Canard12, who took down the event for $7,742. There were 1,349 players that joined Canard12 in making some money, with a mincash being worth $9.20.

But only eight other players could fit at the final table.

Their bubble — like everything else in the tournament — was incredibly quick.

twosaxongun was down to a micro stack and was anted all-in from under the gun. Blinds were 800K/1.6M with a 320Kante and Canard12 raised to 4.8 million. There were no callers and Canard12 won with ace-queen to twosaxongun’s three-six offsuit.

Then we got down to our final table and it was done in 11 minutes.

Eleven minutes.

That’s a jump from $379.20 to $7,742.25 in just a few YouTube videos.

The turbo final table


Seat 1: jbrown8777 — 19,839,786
Seat 2: rafik295 — 865,112
Seat 3: Virus3232 — 17,505,467
Seat 4: zagnem — 2,398,114
Seat 5: JONAH J — 7,818,266
Seat 6: MESTERMANDEN — 4,234,174
Seat 7: OLIVAR_78 — 3,930,340
Seat 8: Mr.J.LuCha — 6,353,649
Seat 9: Canard12 — 16,745,092


Two hands, one elimination.

It was another automatic all-in as blinds were 1M/2M and rafik295 got hit with the big blind. Virus3232 raised to 4 million form under the gun and everyone else folded.

Virus3232 turned over pocket nines to rafik295’s A♥2♦ and then Virus3232 hit a set on the turn.

Virus3232 = 20,730,579
rafik295 = Out in 9th = $379.20


Next hand, zagnem’s automatically all-in from the big blind and only jbrown8777 called. jbrown8777 called with 6♦8♠ and was up against zagnem’s 9♦3♦.

Flop gave jbrown8777 a six, zagnem got a three on the turn and the river gave jbrown8777 another six.

zagnem got $595.89 for finishing 8th and jbrown877 went up to 26.9 million.

Taking the lead

Then there was a series of double ups in which Canard12 took the lead.

Canard12 moved all-in for 13.2 million from the button and jbrown8777 called from the small blind. Canard showed pocket jacks and jbrown877 turned over kings.

Canard12 hit a straight and was up to 32 million while jbrown8777 dipped to 12.9 million. Then there were a few more double ups before JONAH J’s A♠4♠ got outdrawn by Mr.J.LuCha’s 4♣7♥.

JONAH J was automatically all-in and finished 7th for $1,083.44 when Mr.J.LuCha hit a seven on the flop.

More eliminations, more chips

Canard12 then chipped up a bit more and brought the tournament down to five players.

Blinds were up to 1.5M/3M and jbrown8777 moved all-in for 5.7 million from under the gun. Canard12 called from the big blind and was flipping with pocket fives against jbrown8777’s A♠Q♠.

The board fell in Canard12’s favor and jbrown8777 was out in 6th for $1,625.17.

The next hand gave Canard12 more chips and the tournament less players.

MESTERMANDEN moved all-in for 7.2 million with pocket queens and Canard12 called from the small blind with A♥9♥.

Canard12 hit an ace on the river and MESTERMANDEN finished 5th for $2,166.89.

Swift victory

Canard12 had a dominating lead with 60.3 million and our future champion’s closest contender was Mr.J.LuCha, with 7.6 million.

Canard12 won the tournament quickly.

Four hands after MESTERMANDEN’s elimination, Virus3232 was automatically all-in from the big blind and Canard12 called from the small blind.

Virus3232 had pocket aces and Canard12 cracked them with K♦4♥ when the board fell 7♥J♦4♣K♠2♥.

Virus3232 finished 4th for $2,708.62 and Canard12’s lead increased to 74.7 million.

OLIVAR_78 was down to 3.4 million and Mr.J.LuCha only had 1.5 million, which automatically went all-in the next hand.

Canard12 called with J♦3♦ and once again outdrew the better hand. Mr.J.LuCha showed pocket fours and was eliminated in 3rd for $4,033.13 when the board came 10♦Q♠9♥7♦8♥.

Then OLIVAR_78 was automatically all-in the next hand and — once again — the at-risk player had the better hand with A♠10♠.

Canard12 showed K♦4♥ and won the tournament after hitting two pairs on the 2♦4♠3♣K♥8♦ board.

OLIVAR_78 finished 2nd for $5,688.10 while Canard12 took the top prize and won the last event of the MicroMillions 5 for $7,742.25.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #100 ($1+R NLHE Hyper-Turbo) results:

Entrants: 10,453
Re-buys: 38,722
Add-ons: 6,103
Prize pool: $54,172.44
Places paid: 1,350

1. Canard12 (Canada) — $7,742.25
2. OLIVAR_78 (Brazil) — $5,688.10
3. Mr.J.LuCha (Netherlands) — $4,033.13
4. Virus3232 (Argentina) — $2,708.62
5. MESTERMANDEN (Denmark) — $2,166.89
6. jbrown87777 (Canada) — $1,625.17
7. JONAHJ (United Kingdom) — $1,083.44
8. zagnem (Brazil) — $595.89
9. rafik295 (Poland) — $379.20

And there goes the final event of MicroMillions 5. It was a profitable series of events for several players and millions of dollars were awarded. For a full list of results for MicroMillions 5, the final leader board and all other MicroMillions information, check out the MicroMillions homepage.

We hope you enjoyed the series, until next time.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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