MicroMillions 5: Bokito23 last standing in Event #95, ($2.22 NL Hold’em, Hyper-Turbo, HU)

July 28, 2013

Just don’t look at the lobby — that’s the best advice one could give any of the 16,384 runners who were vying for top prize in the $20,000 guaranteed for Event #95, a HU Hyper-Turbo shootout. A massive 2,048 players got paid, which is to say players who made the money had won their first three rounds and still had eleven to go before being crowned champion. That task be as it may, someone had to win, and it was Bokito23 who persevered the gamut to a four-figure payday and increased their buy-in by more than a thousand times in prize money.

As has been the case throughout the series the prize pool nearly doubled the guarantee, settling in at $35,717.12.

The Final Four

Bokito23 versus Jon777777777

Bokito23 faced off against Jon777777777 and two crucial pots were played. The first, at the 60-120 level saw Jon777777777 raise to 240 and call a three-bet in position for 600 with 5♦ 5♣. The flop came K♦ 7♦ 8♦ and Bokito23 continued for 1,080 which was called. The turn was the 2♣ and Bokito23 moved all-in for 2,500 into 3,360 which Jon777777777 elected to call with a weak pair and a weak draw. They were in tough against 7♠ 7♥, but they covered and had outs in any non-deuce diamond. The river was the wrong type of improvement, the 5♥, and they were crippled.

Anyone can come back in a HU hyper turbo, but today was not the day for Jon777777777 and his lucky 7s. On hte last hand thye moved all-in for 1,520 at 60-120 with 9♥ 9♣ and were called by the 3♠ 3♦ of Bokito23. The flop came without trepidation, 10♦ J♣ 6♠, but the turn 3♣ flipped the out tracker in the big stack’s favour. The river 4♦ was useless and Jon777777777 was eliminated in fourth place.

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max007lwd versus RodDaPokrGod

The two semi-finalists waited for the 200-400 level to end the affair, which is fairly deep for a hyper-turbo that begins with 5,000 chips a piece. On the fateful hand RodDaPokrGod moved all-in for 3,240 with 4♠ 4♣ and was called by the A♦ Q♠. The lead of the pocket pair ended immediately on A♥ J♦ 5♥ and the board ran out 7♦ 6♥. With that we had our final, thirteen rounds down and one to go.

The Final Table

max007lwd versus Bokito23

The two players facing each other across the table made a deal fairly quickly, $1,935.48 for 2nd place and $2,335.48 for the winner. This was a reduction in variance from the original payouts of $2,612.62 and $1,658.35.

An important pot in the confrontation took place at the 100-200 level. max007lwd min-raise to 400 on the button and Bokito23 continued their aggressive style, moving all-in for 4,280 with A♣ 9♣. max007lwd called with A♠ J♣ and looked poised to win the title. The flop didn’t change that forecast, it was K♥ 5♦ 2♦. The turn Q♦ brought some hope for Bokito23 — any nine to win, any five or deuce to chop. The 5♣ was the river and it was split up. Play on!

In the final hand Bokito23 min-raise to 600 on the button and max007lwd moved all-in with 6♠ 6♦ for 4,590 total. Bokito23 called with Q♦ J♥ and it was a race. The sixes were a 51.8% favourite but would have been a larger one against ace-king (~55%). The flop put an end to any evenness of the contest, it came K♣ Q♠ 9♠. The turn was the J♦ meaning any six would still do, but the river landed with a clunk, the 2♣.

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Congratulations Bokito23 who outlasted a mammoth five-figure field with grit and determination to take home $2,335.48!

MicroMillions 5 Event #55: $2.20 NLHE Results:

9,891 entrants
$19,782 prize pool
1260 places paid

1. Bokito23 (Netherlands) $2,612.62
2. max007lwd (Netherlands) $1,658.34
3. RodDaPokrGod (Canada) $837.56
4. Jon777777777 (Belgium) $837.56
5. Henrikcfc (Portugal) $461.46
6. Singhy18 (United Kingdom) $461.46
7. KYTAKK (Russia) $461.46
8. RooiHond (Romania) $461.46

Gareth Chantler is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars blog.


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