MicroMillions 5: BastiKiefer bests the field in Event #89 ($5.50 NL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo)

July 28, 2013

Event #89 brought some spice to the MicroMillions.

For $5.50 a piece, 2,664 players got a shot at a tournament unlike any other in the MicroMillions. It was standard Omaha Hi/Lo rules except that players got five hole cards instead of four.

This new variant increases the number of hands a player can choose from and definitely increased the action in Event #89.

While 336 players cashed for a minimum of $9.05, only one player could take it down. Today, that was BastiKiefer, who bested the field and took the title along with $1,749.66.

BastiKiefer crossed a lot of hurdles today, including the final table bubble.

Play went hand-for-hand for some time, but the bubble finally burst when play hit 30K/60K blinds with a 7.5K ante.

wertworm raised to 180,000 from the button and MaDTiLt13 called from the big blind. The flop came 7♥4♣J♣ and MaDTiLt13 moved all-in for 469,197.

wertworm called and showed A♣J♠7♦7♣2♠ to MaDTiLt13’s A♥K♥6♠5♦2♦. The board completed with running tens and wertworm hit a full house. MaDTiLt13 was out in 9th for $95.23 and we had our final table.

The final table


Seat 1: gord5652 — 1,081,128
Seat 2: SMayL85 — 689,313
Seat 3: siumatfung — 2,070,885
Seat 4: EcuadorMac — 1,900,804
Seat 5: lulutercia — 1,013,034
Seat 6: Deathrace2k — 1,665,104
Seat 7: BastiKiefer — 1,506,154
Seat 8: wertworm — 3,393,578

wertworm started the final table with the lead and managed to keep it while other players dealt the eliminations.

Blinds were at 50K/100K with a 12.5K ante and gord5652 called from early position. SMayL85 started the final table as the short stack and was quickly chipped down to 58,185. SMayL85 moved all-in and siumatfung, EcuadorMac and Deathrace2K called. BastiKiefer checked the big blind and the flop came 9♠5♦6♥.

Action checked around and a 7♥ fell on the turn. Action checked to gord5652 who bet 100,000. Only EcuadorMac called and a 9♥ completed the board. gord5652 moved all-in for 637,256 and EcuadorMac called.

SMayL85 showed a full house with nines full of fives and a 7-6-5-4-3 low. EcuadorMac showed a 3-7 straight as well as a 7-6-5-3-A low, but gord5652 scooped the pot with nines full of sixes and a 7-6-5-2-A low.

gord5652 was up to 2.1 million, EcuadorMac dipped to 1.3 million and SMayL85 was out in 8th, earning $133.20.

Action picked up as our next elimination came three hands later. lulutercia open-shoved for 745,801 from early position and siumatfung called from the big blind.

siumatfung: A♥K♦J♦4♣3♥
lulutercia: A♠A♣Q♠4♦2♠

The board ran 9♠Q♦6♥6♦10♦ and siumatfung took the hand with a flush. There was no low and lulutercia was eliminated in 7th place, a finish worth $266.40.

Spreading high

There were a few split pots, some quarters but generally, a lot of sharing. One stack that continued to rise was wertworm’s, who also gave us our next elimination.

Blinds were at 60K/120K with a 15K ante and wertworm raised to 240,000 from the hijack. Deathrace2k called from the big blind and the flop came 10♣J♥4♦. Deathrace2k moved all-in for 1.1 million and wertworm called.

A K♦ and Q♦ completed the board and Deathrace2K hit a broadway straight while wertworm had the nut flush.

wertworm was up to 5.6 million while Deathrace finished 6th for $399.60.

wertworm then dealt another elimination the following hand.

EcuadorMac moved all-in for 1.4 million from the button and wertworm called from the big blind.

EcuadorMac: A♠K♥8♦8♥4♠
wertworm: A♥K♦Q♥4♥2♥

The board came 6♦Q♣5♦A♣J♥ and wertoworm took the high with aces and queens to EcuadorMac’s aces.

wertworm also won the low with 6-5-4-2-A to EcuadorMac’s 8-6-5-4-A.

EcuadorMac finished 5th, earning $666.00 while wertworm was up to 7.1 million.

A bust and a deal

wertworm then lost the lead by dipping to 4.8 million and doubling siumatfung up to 5 million. Then BastiKiefer brought the tournament down to three players:

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gord5652 earned $932.40 for finishing 4th and the final three players decided to cut a deal. At the time of the deal, the counts were:

wertworm — 5,410,811
siumatfung — 4,765,338
BastiKiefer — 3,143,851

Based on counts, the players got the following payouts:

wertworm — $1,706.62
siumatfung — $1,668.76
BastiKiefer — $1,549.66

And $200 left for first.

Things didn’t seem to be going in BastiKiefer’s favor, but then our champ doubled up and took out both players in back-to-back hands.

First, with 70K/140K blinds and a 17.5K ante, BastiKiefer moved all-in for 3 million from the button. siumatfung called from the big and players tabled their hands.

siumatfung: 10♣9♥9♣8♠3♥
BastiKiefer: A♦K♥J♣J♦2♣

The board came 6♥J♠8♥3♠4♦ and BastiKiefer doubled up with 6-4-3-2-A and a set of jacks.

Then, four hands later, BastiKiefer took all of wertworm’s chips.

wertworm open-shoved for 4.9 million from the button and BastiKiefer called from the big. wertworm showed Q♦J♦9♣8♥3♠ while BastiKiefer was showing A♣Q♠J♥6♣5♠.

There was a K♥4♠6♥A♦7♠ board and BastiKiefer scooped with 7-6-5-4-A and aces and sixes. wertworm was eliminated in 3rd place for $1,706.62 and play went heads-up.

Heads up

BastiKiefer — 11,453,513
siumatfung — 1,866,487

The heads-up match lasted exactly one hand:

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siumatfung won the agreed-upon $1,668.76 while BastiKiefer became the champion of Event #89 for $1,749.66.

PokerStars MicroMillions 5 Event #89 ($5.50 NL 5-Card Omaha 8) results:

Entrants: 2,664
Prize pool: $13,320.00
Places paid: 336

1. BastiKiefer (Germany) — $1,749.66*
2. siumatfung (United Kingdom) — $1,668.76*
3. wertworm (Canada) — $1,706.62*
4. gord5652 (Russia) — $932.40
5. EcuadorMac (Russia) — $666.00
6. Deathrace2k (Denmark) — $399.60
7. lulutercia (Venezuela) — $266.40
8. SMayL85 (Russia) — $133.20

*Denotes a three-way deal.

That’s it for Event #89. There are still a few more events as the MicroMillions doesn’t end until tomorrow. Check out the MicroMillions homepage for more information and satellites to the remaining events.

Join in on the fun before it’s over.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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