micromillions-thumb-blog.pngTrying to survive a field with 10,000 players is a daunting task, but if you do, it’s a Herculean feat. The MicroMillions makes every event affordable for low-stakes players, which in turn creates massive fields. Some of the MicroMillions events, especially the no-limit affairs, are essentially virtual meat grinders and only a select few are able to scurry across the wastelands of pock-marked battlefield without getting blown to smithereens.

Event #44 $2.20 NL was no different and attracted 9,634 runners, pushing the prize pool towards $19,628, with $2,840.66 was set aside to the eventual champion. The final table featured a battle between Canada and Brazil. The respective countries each had three players among the final nine, but the chat box was infested with fervent Brazilian railbirds shouting, “Vamoooooooooooooo!”

Action slowed down with two tables to go. After a couple levels of play, pocket.fink bubbled off the final table in tenth place when his 4♦4♥ lost a race against psochamp’s A♦7♠.


Seat 1: gonrugby88 (3,214,951)
Seat 2: Naps65 (3,925,132)
Seat 3: brujomaca (1,285,596)
Seat 4: ziggy22555 (3,243,357)
Seat 5: Kalapont (6,700,040)
Seat 6: Analista_Pr (12,930,480)
Seat 7: 06springer06 (5,787,218)
Seat 8: psochamp (7,137,108)
Seat 9: KOKAFINA (3,946,118)

With nine remaining, Analista_Pr held the chip lead with almost 13 million. Analista_Pr was one of three Brazilians at the final table. With three tables to go, Analista_Pr became the first player to pass the 5 million mark. With two tables remaining, Analista_Pr surged over 10 million.

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: brujomaca eliminated in 9th place

It only took six hands before someone bounced from the final table. Naps65 min-raised to 400,000. Brujomaca shoved for his last 1,035,596, and Naps65 called. Naps65’s 8♦8♠ were ahead of brujomaca’s A♦9♦. Naps65 won the race when the board ran out J♥7♥4♣Q♥6♣. Argentina’s brujomaca busted in 9th place and collected $149.32.

WHAT IS AND SHOULD NEVER BE: psochamp eliminated in 8th place

Unfortunately, psochamp got crippled when he ran A♠J♦ into ziggy22555’s A♣Q♣. He moved all-in on the next hand and made a final stand with A♥5♥ in an attempt to double up his 299,051-chip stack. The board ran out 10♣8♦6♠4♥9♦ and psochamp failed to improve. He only had Ace high. KOKAFINA turned two pair with 8♥4♦ and dragged the pot. Psochamp, the first Brazilian player to make exit from the final table, finished in eighth place and won $211.94.

LEMON SONG: gonrugby88 eliminated in 7th place

Analista_Pr coughed up the chip lead after he got flushed out by KOKAFINA. Analista_Pr actually slipped to third overall, while Kalapont seized the lead with 13 million.

Short-stacked gonrugby88 open-shoved all-in for his last 2,655,312. Analista_Pr also shoved from the small blind to isolate. Analista_Pr was ahead with 10♦10♥ against gonrugby88’s Q♦7♦. The board ran out J♣9♣6♦A♠3♣ but didn’t help gonrugby88. Analista_Pr’s pocket tens held up and he chipped up to 8 million. Argentina’s gonrugby88 hit the rail in seventh place and earned $385.36.

HEARTBREAKER: Analista_Pr eliminated in 6th place

Analista_Pr’s K♦10♥ was ambushed by Naps65’s set of nines and the Brazilian slipped to last in chips with approximately 1.2 million. A couple of hands later, Analista_Pr successfully doubled through Naps65 to get some of his chips back and improve to 2.6 million.

Analista_Pr was still in a precarious situation with 4 BBs and made his final stand by open-shoving all-in for his last 2,682,892. Ziggy22555 called from the big blind with 9♣9♠. Analista_Pr took A♦Q♥ to battle in a classic race, but he failed to win the flip when the board ran out J♣4♣3♥10♠5♠.

Analista_Pr held the overall lead for a couple of hours as the tournament reached the final table, but bombed out in 6th place.The Brazilian won $578.04.

With five remaining, Kalapont held the lead with almost 12 million.

LIVING LOVING MAID: Kalapont eliminated in 5th place

Kalapont went from the penthouse to the outhouse during one level. Kalapont lost the lead when Naps65 doubled through him. That was the beginning of the end, because Kalapont hit the rail soon after.

Kalapont open-shoved for 5,556,638 and ziggy22555 called from the big blind.
Kalapont’s A♣2♣ was behind ziggy22555’s 10♣10♥. The board ran out 9♠7♥3♣6♠Q♠. Kalapont failed to improve and ziggy22555 won the pot. Kalapont, the third and final Brazilian at the final table, was knocked out in fifth place, collecting $770.72.

With four players remaining, ziggy22555 lead everyone with 16.6 million, meanwhile 06springer06 was second with 12.2, Naps65 sat on a 9.7 million stack, and KOKAFINA brought up the rear with 9.5 million.

RAMBLE ON: Naps65 eliminated in 4th place

Naps65 opened to 1.6 million. ziggy22555 re-raised all-in for over 11.2 million. Naps65 called off the rest of his stack with 8♦7♦. Ziggy22555 was way ahead with A♦10♦. The board ran out 10♣5♥4♠3♠2♠ and Ziggy22555 won the hand with a Wheel. Naps65 was busto in fourth place but won $963.40 for his efforts.

With three to go and blinds approaching the 500,000/1,000,000 level, only 3 million separated first place from last — ziggy22555 (17.5 million), KOKAFINA (15.9 million), and 06springer06 (14.6 million).

MOBY DICK: KOKAFINA eliminated in 3rd place

Three-handed action was a wild shootout. Chips flew around the table but no one could pull away from the other two opponents. 06springer06 avoided an elimination when he woke up with pocket rockets. 06springer06’s A♥A♣ held up against KOKAFINA’s A♦4♠, and he doubled up to approximately 16 million, but more importantly, he lived to fight another day.

KOKAFINA thought he picked off an overzealous ziggy22555’s all-in bluff preflop. KOKAFINA held a dominating hand — A♥K♠ vs. 6♠5♦ — but the poker gods were shining their love upon ziggy22555, who flopped a five and proceeded to win the pot. All anyone could muster up in the chat box was, “WOW.” Ziggy22555 chipped up to 20 million and took over the lead.

06springer06 attempted to land a knock-out blow against KOKAFINA. Both players were all-in preflop with 06springer06’s 6♥6♦ racing against KOKAFINA’s J♦9♠. Alas, a nine on the flop gave KOKAFINA the lead and he avoided an elimination. At that point, ziggy22555 was out in front with 27 million compared to 10 million each from KOKAFINA and 06springer06.

After a few levels without a bustout, KOKAFINA bowed out in third place. KOKAFINA met his demise when 06springer06 opened to 3.6 million, and he shoved over the top for 6,664,904. 06springer06 called with A♦K♣ and dominated KOKAFINA’s K♥3♣. The board ran out K♠Q♦9♦7♠A♣ and 06springer06 won the pot with two pair. Spain’s KOKAFINA finished in third place and collected $1445.10.


Heads-Up Chip Counts:
Seat 4: ziggy22555 (28,200,308)
Seat 7: 06springer06 (19,969,692)

BRING IT ON HOME: Ziggy22555 eliminated in 2nd place

Two Canadians entered the Octogon. Only one survived. On the 19th hand of heads-up play, a winner was determined.

06springer06 opened to 6.3 million, ziggy22555 shoved for his entire stack of 7,925,308, and 06springer06 called. 06springer06 was ahead with A♦5♥ but pitted against ziggy22555’s K♣7♥. The flop of 6♣5♠2♥ did not help ziggy, but improved 06springer06 to a pair of fives. The K♥ on the turn gave ziggy22555 the lead. Alas, the A♥ spiked on the river. 06springer06 paired his Ace to win the pot with two pair. A stunned Ziggy22555 was knocked out in second place, but won $2071.31 for his sensational runner-up performance.

Meanwhile, Canada’s 06springer06 shipped a MicroMillions event and won $2,840.66 in cash. Not too shabby for a modest $2.20 investment. Congratulations!

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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1st – 06springer06 (Canada) – $2,840.66
2nd – Ziggy22555 (Canada) – $2,071.31
3rd – KOKAFINA (Spain) – $1,445.10
4th – Naps65 (Canada) – $963.40
5th – Kalapont (Brazil) – $770.72
6th – Analista_Pr (Brazil) – $578.04
7th – gonrugby88 (Argentina) – $385.36
8th – psochamp (Brazil) – $211.94
9th – brujomaca (Argentina) – $149.32

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