This is my first post since we had our baby, our new daughter Tereza. Everything went perfectly with the birth, and now she’s over a month old and doing very well.

As we were anticipating Tereza’s arrival, I was a little worried I might run into a conflict. The Pardubice Poker Festival 2014 ran from the last week of July to the beginning of August. That’s the Czech Republic’s biggest poker festival. And so while I went as I’d planned I took part in only two of the events because the festival came at the same time Tereza was due.


Martin Hruby with new daughter Tereza


The Hruby daughters

One of the most fun events of the festival is the Team Championship. Players create teams of three or four then play three small tournaments in which they collect points. The team with the most points wins the trophy, some other prizes, and some cash.

I played in that one and also the Main Event which drew a very large field of 1,438 entries — it was a terrific event. Right after I busted from the Main Event I went straight home to my family. A short time after that Tereza was born on August 16. She was 3.6 kg (almost 8 lbs.) and 50 cm (about 19.5″) at birth, and as I say all went very well.


Martin Hruby arriving home with new daughter Tereza


The Hruby women at home

In Czech culture when a new baby is born, usually right after the birth, the father goes to celebrate with friends. It is said that these celebrations bring good health to all of the family members. So I spent three days celebrating while spending lots of time with my newborn daughter during her first days of life.

By September I was back to poker and getting used to grinding again, participating in many WCOOP events. I’ll soon be playing more live tournaments and cash games too, in Prague in October, and getting back on the Czech Poker Tour. I’m also planning some fishing trips, including going back to Spain to fish with my friends, which will be nice for resting and relaxing.


The Hruby family back home


The irresistible selfie

As I’ve talked about before, those are my two loves — poker and fishing. I live not very far from a river, so each day my wife and I, and our dog, go for a walk by the river. We are taking Tereza along too, and sometimes I’ll fish and she’ll watch me. So perhaps she’ll develop a love for the water and fishing too.


Martin Hruby back at work

My other daughter, who is two-and-a-half, has already learned some of the basics of poker, and she knows that a card with a picture on it — a king, queen, or jack — is a good one to have. So I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually Tereza will be learning poker one day too.

Martin Hrubý is a member of Team PokerStars Pro.


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