Marcelo “CHELitw” Garcia Gonzalez collects all the chips, wins Super Tuesday (6/21/16)

June 22, 2016

This week’s Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournament on PokerStars, saw another big turnout of 361 players create a $361,000 prize pool well exceeding the $300K guarantee. That group would need almost 12-and-a-half hours to find a winner, with Argentina’s Marcelo “CHELitw” Garcia Gonzalez eventually being the one to outlast everyone to claim the victory and a handsome $69,275.90 first prize.


It took just about five-and-a-half hours for the field to be whittled down to 54 players, at which point RODRIGUES491 led the counts as the only player with more than 500,000.

About two-and-a-half hours after that they were down to 18 with RODRIGUES491 having slipped to fall in 38th ($1,985.50) and Bespont the new chip leader with more than 1 million. 

Bryan “bparis” Paris (18th), cmontopdeck (17th), and carozo1959 (16th) were the next knockouts, each earning $3,249. They were followed by Diego “Die Ventura” Ventura (15th), majkl1812 (14th), and drupa-lucker (13th), each of whom took away $3,971. Then bern4udov1c (12th), former leader Bespont (11th), and progre69 (10th) were successively eliminated, earning $4,693 apiece.

With 9TRU the new leader with almost 1.8 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: no control A (Cyprus) — 1,003,738  
Seat 2: Daniel “nagayama0” Nagayama (Brazil) — 1,126,376  
Seat 3: 9TRU (Russia) — 1,798,404  
Seat 4: Jon “luckyfish89” Clark (United Kingdom) — 682,757  
Seat 5: GadMO (Israel) — 765,429  
Seat 6: Ruppert80 (Germany) — 877,664  
Seat 7: agnaton (Israel) — 537,790  
Seat 8: Bryan “Brryann” Ruiter (Netherlands) — 1,494,741  
Seat 9: Marcelo “CHELitw” Garcia Gonzalez (Argentina) — 738,101  

Soon after the final table began, GadMO open-raised all-in from the cutoff for 266,578 (not quite nine big blinds), and after agnaton reraise-shoved from the small blind Bryan “Brryann” Ruiter folded the BB. GadMO had K♥9♠ and agnaton K♣Q♥, and following a 6♣8♠J♠6♦3♦ runout, GadMO was done in ninth.

Less than five minutes later, the blinds were still 15,000/30,000 when leader 9TRU raised to 78,000 from the small blind, Jon “luckyfish89” Clark reraised all-in from the big blind for 544,537, and 9TRU called. Clark had 2♠2♦ and hoped the small pair would hold versus 9TRU’s A♠J♦. But the flop came J♣4♦9♠ to give 9TRU jacks, and after the 3♠ turn and 6♦ river, Clark was out in eighth.

Five more minutes passed, then it was no control A open-raising all-in from the small blind and Daniel “nagayama0” Nagayama calling from the next seat to commit the 297,063 he had left after posting the 35,000-chip big blind. Nagayama had K♣4♣ versus no control A’s 8♠8♦, but the community cards came 6♦2♣3♠9♦J♣ to leave Nagayama unimproved to finish in seventh.


Daniel “nagayama0” Nagayama

Well over an hour went by, with all six players making it to the break that came at the 11-hour mark of the tournament. Then with the blinds up to 30,000/60,000, Marcelo “CHELitw” Gonzalez opened for 133,800 from UTG and watched the table fold around to Bryan “Bryann” Ruiter who called from the big blind. 

The flop came all hearts — 2♥3♥6♥ — and when Ruiter shoved all-in with his last 407,711, Gonzalez called. Ruiter had A♦2♠ for a pair of deuces while Gonzalez had 10♥10♣ for an overpair and flush draw. The turn was the 8♣ and river the K♦, and Ruiter was knocked out in sixth.

About 20 minutes after that agnaton pushed from the small blind for 711,970 (just over 10 bigs) with K♥J♣ and was called by Marcelo “CHELitw” Garcia Gonzalez in the big blind who had picked up 9♦9♥. The flop came 10♥2♥A♦ and turn A♥ to tease agnaton with flush and straight draws, but the 9♠ river gave Gonzalez a full house and ended agnaton’s run in fifth.

Ten more minutes went by, then with the blinds up to 40,000/80,000 it was no control A open-shoving from the SB. By then 9TRU had become the short stack with just over 400,000 to start the hand, and after posting the big blind 9TRU called to reveal Q♣J♦ versus no control A’s A♣10♦. The K♥5♠3♠3♥K♦ board missed both players’ hands, meaning no control A’s ace-kicker to go with the two pair on board was best and 9TRU was finished in fourth.

The remaining three battled onward and were nearly upon the 12-hour mark when Marcelo “CHELitw” Garcia Gonzalez min-raised to 180,000 from the button, no control A three-bet to 480,000 from the small blind, Gonzalez shoved all-in and no control A called with the 1,847,328 left behind.

Gonzalez had 9♠9♣ again while no control A had A♣K♣, and a 9♦Q♠6♥ flop swiftly gave Gonzalez a huge edge with a set of nines. The 8♠ turn made the 7♥ river no matter, and no control A had to settle for third-place prize money.

With that pot Marcelo “CHELitw” Garcia Gonzalez was able to enjoy a big lead to begin heads-up play with 8,136,044 to Ruppert80’s 888,956. Ruppert80 was able to push back, however, and within 10 minutes had gained the advantage. It was around then Ruppert80 addressed Gonzalez in the chat box perhaps to ask about a deal, but Gonzalez typed “sry dude I wanna play” and so they continued on without pausing.

Ruppert80 would only have the lead briefly as Gonzalez immediately grabbed a few pots to regain the advantage, and soon had Ruppert80 all-in and at risk with A♥10♥ versus Gonzalez’s K♠K♦. Three hearts came, however, to save Ruppert80, the double-up giving Ruppert80 a small lead once more. 

Before long, though, it was Gonzalez all-in holding the hand that had done well for him twice before at the final table — 9♣9♦ — while Ruppert80 had A♥10♥ again which had just been a winner shortly before. The board ran out 7♣Q♣5♦5♣4♥ and the nines held, and Gonzalez was back up close to 8 million with a huge edge.

They played 11 more relatively small pots, and having been chipped down below 460,000 (a little over 4.5 BBs), Ruppert80 open-pushed from the button with K♦8♥ and Gonzalez called in a flash with A♠K♥. The board came 6♦6♣6♠, then 4♥, then Q♣ and it was all over — Gonzalez had won!

Congratulations to Marcelo “CHELitw” Garcia Gonzalez for topping another big Super Tuesday field and tough final table to win this week’s first prize of more than $69K.

6/21/16 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold’em) results
Entrants: 361
Prize pool: $361,000
Places paid: 54

1. Marcelo “CHELitw” Garcia Gonzalez (Argentina) $69,275.90
2. Ruppert80 (Germany) $51,442.50
3. no control A (Cyprus) $37,905.00
4. 9TRU (Russia) $28,880.00
5. agnaton (Israel) $20,216.00
6. Bryan “Brryann” Ruiter (Netherlands) $15,342.50
7. Daniel “nagayama0” Nagayama (Brazil) $11,732.50
8. Jon “luckyfish89” Clark (United Kingdom) $8,122.50
9. GadMO (Israel) $5,992.60

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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