Manila Megastack: Day 1b Updates

May 07, 2016

10:45PM: Day 1b ends!

Day 1b ended moments ago with Chinese Taipei’s Shih Chieh Su bagging the largest stack of 367,000 chips.

10:30PM: Tran railed by Kim

Minkyun Kim raised to 8k preflop and Julien Tran shoved his 88k chips. Kim called and it was a showdown. Kim had pocket jacks and Tran with pocket tens. The board bricked and Tran was eliminated.

10:20PM: Thoo eliminates Furnival

The last level is full of shoves at almost every table with short stacks looking to score or bail out. At one table, Daniel Furnival was all in with pocket sixes and was called by Ming Ken Thoo with K♦Q♣. The board ran 3♣10♥3♠A♥J♠ and Thoo thought he was beaten and was happy to hear he had a winning straight.

10:10PM: Level 16

Last level of the day. Blinds up to 2000-4000 ante 500. There are 77 players remaining.

9:50PM: Chang takes on the big stacked Hong
Chia Iin Chang was not afraid to tangle with the big stacked Soojing Hong. She raised to 6500 on the button and Hong called on his big blind. At the flop of 2♠6♥Q♥, Hong checked to Chang who continued and bet 9500. Hong replied with a check-raise to 19,500, but Chang was not going anywhere and she re-raised it to 35,000. Hong gave up his stake on the pot and Chang was shipped a well earned pile. She revealed her A♦Q♥ top pair. She is now up to 200k.

9:40PM: Level 15

Blinds up 1500-3000 ante 500. There are 81 players left in the field.

9:35PM: Garcia’s nines not good to him

Wendell Garcia tried to double up twice with pocket nines but both times the hand just didn’t give him what he needed. In the first pocket nines, he was up against pocket queens and both of them hit a set on the flop. On the next one, Garcia was railed when Yao Hui’s queen-nine offsuit found a queen on the board.

9:25PM: Wu wins two back-to-back, has 280k chips

En-Ching Wu MM5.jpgEn-Ching Wu just landed himself two pots that sent his stack soaring to 280k. In the first hand, he eliminated Remedios Flores with his K♣J♥ landing a straight on the board, but the biggest pot yet to come was immediately after, against Ben Martin. The hand began with Martin raising to 5500, Wu three-betting to 13k, then Martin answered back with a 33k four-bet, and Wu flat-called. On the flop of 5♥9♣J♠ Martin checked, Wu bet 32k, and Martin called. On the turn of 7♥ both players checked and the river card was felted A♣. Martin checked again, Wu bet 52k, and Martin called. Wu opened up A♦Q♥ and Martin mucked giving Wu a massive pot.

9:10PM: Level 14

Blinds up 1200-2400 ante 400. There are 99 players left in the field.

9:05PM: Takarabe’s big slick lands a nut flush

Kenichi Takarabe called a player’s all in and both of them had big slick. When the board ran 3♥6♥9♦4♥K♥, Takarabe’s hand won with the nut flush holding A♥K♣, and eliminating his opponent. Takarabe up to 180k.

9:00PM: Lo climbs to 140k

Tzu Chieh Lo railed a player who shoved with pocket sevens that could not find any support on the board to overcome Lo’s pocket aces. Lo up to 140k chips.

8:40PM: Level 13

Players back from a break and blinds are up to 1000-2000 ante 300. There are 113 players left in the field.

8:25PM: Zhinning Chen railed by Furnival

A preflop raise war led to Zhinning Chen moving all in for 23,800 and Daniel Furnival debated on whether or not to call. He eventually did. Chen had A♦J♣ and Furnival had 8♠8♣. The board bricked and Furnival eliminated Chen. Furnival is up to 62k chips.
8:15PM: Tolon bets to win it
With five players in on a raised pot of 3200 preflop, there was a hefty 18,600 in the middle ready for the taking. On the flop of A♥5♣5♠ everyone checked. On the turn of 5♦, everyone checked again. Then on the river of 2♠, two players checked, Jay Tolon bet 10k, and everyone folded for Tolon to scoop the pot.

8:00PM: Level 12

Blinds up 800-1600 ante 200

7:45PM: Pontyan pushes with the ladies

With blinds increasing quickly, the pots are getting much bigger. In this hand, heavy preflop action began with Pontyan raising to 3100, called by Thomas Larsen, then a shove all in by the big blind player Iskan Saisuwan for 12,500 chips. Even before action was directed at Pontyan, he already slid his chips in the middle and was all in for 32,800. This sent Larsen tanking for a bit, and he could afford it, but he eventually opted to fold. At the showdown it was Saisuwan with K♠10♣ and Pontyan with Q♦Q♠. The board ran very low and Pontyan was awarded the pot while railing one in the process.

7:30PM: Level 11

Blinds up 600-1200 ante 200

7:20PM: Ysmael climbs to 125k

William Ysmael - MM5.jpgWilliam Ysmael claimed a big pot in a hand against Natawat Sripirom. Catching the action only on the turn, there was 8200 chips swimming in the middle and a board of 3♦9♠A♥9♦. Sripriom bet 4800, Ysmael called, and Mike Takayama folded. On the river of 10♣, Sripirom checked to Ysmael who bet 4500 to which Sripirom replied with a check-raise all in for an additional 33,800 for Ysmael to call. After assessing the board, Ysmael called. Sripirom had 10♦8♥ but it wasn’t good enough against Ysmael’s A♠7♠. Ysmael scooped up a massive pile and climbed to 125k chips while railing one in the process.

7:00PM: Level 10

Blinds up 500-1000 ante 100

7:00PM: De Caro cracks Buck’s aces

De Caro MM 5.jpgStefano De Caro gambled with his J♠10♦ on a board of 4♥5♥7♥10♣ and moved all in. He faced Kenneth Buck who had A♥A♣. The river card of J♦ improved De Caro to two pairs and he avoided elimination. He is now back to starting stack.

6:45PM: Tse Ian Lee shoves for the pot

Tse Ian Lee claimed another nice pot to add to his growing arsenal. The hand began with Jude Kumar limping in, Julius Lagman raising to 2800, the cutoff player calling, and Lee on the big blind re-raising to 9k. Kumar folded, Lagman called, and the CO folded. At the flop of 3♠3♥9♣, Lee quickly shoved and won the pot with Lagman folding.

6:30PM: Level 9

Blinds up 400-800 ante 100. Late registration / re-entry is now closed.

6:20PM: Happy double up for Agrawal

Lakun Agrawal earned himself a happy double up that could have been a triple up. During the hand, he raised to 2600 and was called by two players. At the flop of 3♣10♠Q♣, the small blind player, Shih Chieh Hsu checked to Agrawal who went all in for 23,350 chips. The cutoff player (the other player in the hand) thought the bet was 2500 and slid it out in front until he was corrected. When he realized it was much more than that, he took the chips back and tanked for a long time. He eventually folded but still had to give up the 2500 mistake. Action back to Hsu who called. Agrawal had A♥Q♠ for top pair and Hsu with A♠10♥. The turn of 5♥ and river of 4♥ sealed the win and Agrawal doubled up and more. He is now at 59k chips.

6:10PM: Tse Ian Lee claims back-to-back pots
Tse Ian Lee - MM5.jpg

In the first hand, he three-bet all in Hsing Hsiung Tay’s 1300 bet for a total of 15,825 for Tay to call. He did and it was a showdown. Tay had A♣K♣ and Lee had A♥9♠. The board ran 6♦2♠8♥10♠9♥ and with a pair, Lee won a double up.

Next hand had Tay moving all in on top of a player’s raise to 1300, and quickly Lee followed with his 33k stack. Everyone folded leaving it up to the two of them to battle it out again. Tay had A♦4♦ and Lee had 9♥9♠. The board bricked and Lee’s pocket pair held up. Lee climbed to around 43k while Tay was eliminated.

5:50PM: Level 8

Blinds up 300-600 ante 75. This is the last level to register / re-enter. There are currently 240 entries.

5:40PM: Hui takes control of the pot

Hui Yao - MM5.jpgYao Hui is showing some muscle out there, taking full control of a pot to bring him back to starting stack. The hand began with Tzu Chieh Lo raising to 850, Hui calling, then Sautsuki Ochiai late position three-betting to make it 3200 to get in the action. Lo folded and Hui called. On the flop of J♠5♠Q♥, Hui checked to Ochiai who continued and bet 3400. Hui answered with a check raise to 7200, and he was called. On the turn of J♦, more betting ensued with Hui sliding out 5600 worth of chips, and Ochiai called. On the river of 8♣, Hui was all in for 10,650 chips, and won the pot without a call from Ochiai.

5:20PM: Level 7

Blinds up 200-400 ante 50

5:15PM: Chia Iin Chang with a dominating boat

Chang MM5.jpgFull houses are in the house today with some getting paid and some getting burned. In this hand, action folded all the way to the blinds. The small blind player raised to 1k then was re-raised to 5200 by the big blind player Chia Iin Chang. The sb called and it was off to the flop of 6♥A♣5♠. Both players played it cool and checked. On the turn of 10♦, action changed up with the sb player betting 4500, Chang taking her time and then moving quietly all in, and the sb snap-called without getting a count. Sb had 10♥10♣ for a set, but Chang had better with A♥A♦. The river of 6♠ gave them both a full house with Chang with the dominating hand. She now has 55k chips.

5:00PM: Hii Kiong Wang triples up his short stack

With only 6675 chips, Hii Kiong Wang scooped up a double up with his K♠Q♠ on a board that ran 9♥Q♦8♠5♠K♦.

4:50PM: Level 6

Blinds up 150-300 ante 25

4:45PM: Straight is good for a double up to Phu Danh Nguyen

It was an action packed hand with Phu Danh Nguyen earning himself a big double up. It began with five player in on a raised pot preflop. With 3450 already in the middle, the dealer spread the flop of K♠2♣5♣. Action was checked by In Sin on the big blind, Gerald Casey checked as well, the John Riad in mid position bet 1300. He was called by Nguyen, the button player, and Sin, while Casey bowed out. On the turn of 4♦, the pot grew even more with Sin and Riad checking to Nguyen who bet 6k. He was called by the button player. On the river of J♣, Nguyen didn’t bother counting and moved all in for a total of 16,850. The button man struggled to make a decision until the one-minute clock was finally called on him. He called and then mucked when Nguyen opened up A♥3♥ straight. Nguyen now sits with just over 54k chips.

4:30PM: Tech can’t push out Minwoong Jeon

Catching the action only at the turn, the pot of 5950 was in the middle with John Tech and Mingwoong Jeon staring down a board of 8♦3♦6♦6♠. Tech bet 1800, was check-raised to 3600 by Jeon, and Tech called. On the river of 2♠, Jeon checked again, Tech bet 5600, and Jeon flat-called. Tech mucked and Jeon won without a showdown of cards. Jeon now with around 40k chips.

4:20PM: Level 5

Blinds up 100-200 ante 25

4:15PM: Fernandes pays Shin’s higher full house

Jae Wook Shin MM5.jpgWhat a crazy sick hand between Jae Wook Shin and Jayde Fernandes! Action began with Shin raising to 600, was called by the button player Edmund Eng, and then re-raised by Jayde Fernandes to 2000 on the small blind. Action went back to Shin who four-bet to 5200, Eng folded, and Fernandes called. On the flop of 8♥K♠8♣, both players checked. The turn of 9♦ had Fernandes check to Shin who bet 4700, Fernandes check-raised to 11k, and after a minute, Shin called. On the river of 2♥, Fernandes opted to check, Shin went all in for an additional 10,250 for Fernandes to call. Before Fernandes called he said “if you have kings, I’m paying”. Sure enough, Shin opened up K♦K♣ to win the pot with his higher full house against Fernandes’s 9♥9♠. Shin now has around 50k chips.

3:50PM: Furnival eliminates Kang

Hyunyeong Kang got booted out of the table when his 6♦6♥ three-bet shove all in with 8100 chips was called by initial raiser Daniel Furnival who held A♥K♥. The board ran 10♣2♠2♥A♠5♣. Furnival is up a little, sits with around 34k.

3:40PM: Level 4

Blinds up 100-200

3:35PM: Nagpal bets hard to Quijano

Atul Nagpal earned himself a good pot in this hand. He first limped in from the utg seat, then action folded all around to the button player Anacleto Quijano who called. Action moved to the small blind Yong Wee Cham who raised to 1250. Both Nagapal and Quijano called for a nicely brewed pot in the middle. On the flop of 9♦A♠6♥, Cham checked to Nagpal who laid out 3k, Quijano called, and Cham folded up. On the turn of 6♦, Nagpal bet 6k, and that was enough to win it with Quijano not putting up a challenge.

3:30PM: Acfalle believes in his big slick

Frank Acfalle went up against Heiko Kilmanschewsky in this hand and played him tough the whole way. Acfalle raised to 1275 from mid position and Kilmanschewsky called on the big blind. At the flop of 8♠2♣4♠, Kilmanschewsky led out for 2k, Acfalle raised to 4500, and Kilmanschewsky called. On the turn of 4♦, Kilmanschewsky bet out first again and laid out 2500 to which Acfalle answered with a raise as previous. Kilmanschewsky called the 5k raise. Then on the river of 7♥, Kilmanschewsky switched up and checked while Acfalle dropped a yellow chip in worth 5k. This was enough to win the pot with Kilmanschewsky quickly folding. Acfalle revealed his A♣K♥ hole cards and Kilmanschewsky told him it was good because he had a missed draw. Acfalle has just over 33k.

3:15PM: Field and prize pool update

There are currently 185 entries posted which means the P6M guarantee has been surpassed. Combined with yesterday’s flight, the prize pool is at P8.8M and increasing.

3:00PM: Ming Yuan Lee earns a decent pot

Ming Yuan Lee kicked off the hand with a raise to 325. To his left, Jordan Gomes made the call but Kim Enriquez three-bet the raise to 1275. When action swung back around to Lee, he called, and so did Gomes. On the flop of 2♣7♣A♦, Lee bet 2600 which was enough to win the hand as both Gomes and Enriquez quickly folded. Lee is now up to 33k.

2:40PM: Level 2

Blinds up 50-100

2:30PM: Hui climbs to 50k chips

We are just in the first level and already, China’s Yao Hui has hurt a player’s stack. Catching the action only on the river bet with a board of 6♦Q♦3♥8♥9♣ and a pot of 12k in the middle, Hui bet 8k and his opponent, Shyh Chyn Lim took some time to decide but eventually called. Hui revealed his pocket queens for a set. He climbed to around 50k chips.

2:20PM: Kyung earns a pot against Isayama

After a series of raises and re-raises preflop, the pot grew to 2400 with three players in the hand. The flop read Q♥6♣8♣, acting first was Jude Kumar who checked to Ko Isayama who bet 1100. Beside him was Sim Jae Kyung who raised it up to 2275. Kumar folded but Isayama called. On the turn of 2♠, Isayama checked to Kyung who continued and bet 2700. Isayama flat-called. Then on the river of 7♠, both players checked and Kyung won with his A♠Q♣ against Isayama’s A♣kc]. Kyung now at around 37k chips.

2:10PM: Day 1b begins

Cards are in the air for Day 1b of the Main Event! There are 80 players already in their seats with more working their way in. We will have updates throughout the day on the action at the felt.

Level 1 blinds begin at 25-50. Starting stack is 30,000. Blind duration is 30 minutes.

Good luck to all!


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